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Please refer to the Price & Booking Details tab below for pricing options that may apply to this course. The roles of administrative professionals, secretaries and PAs and EAs in business are continually evolving. Marion Fox is a training and development consultant with 30 years’ experience in training staff from both public and private organisations. Her impressive list of clients include major national and global corporations and public sector organisations at all levels of government.
Her workshops are based on practical experience, adult learning principles, behaviour and skills relevant to the participants. Marion has designed this course for experienced executive assistants wishing to build upon their already considerable professional skills and knowledge. FACEBOOKKonnect Learning 4 weeks ago Women in Leadership is fast approaching just a short month away 6-9 June.
The devolved government for Scotland is responsible for most of the issues of day-to-day concern to the people of Scotland, including health, education, justice, rural affairs, and transport. The Scottish Government was known as the Scottish Executive when it was established in 1999 following the first elections to the Scottish Parliament. Last year Saville Consulting conducted research on the comparative validity of well known personality questionnaires.
Please be aware that no questionnaire is capable of fully correcting for distortion in responding. If you want a high quality hardback version of the new comprehensive Wave Manual, then Saville Consulting Wave® Professional Styles Handbook, is the one for you.
Saville Consulting Wave® Professional Styles has set new standards of excellence in assessment. The Handbook is hard backed with over 500 pages, many of them with easy to understand graphical illustrations. The 2005 (standardisation) norm for Wave Professional Styles was based on a sample of 1153. For varying levels of management responsibility, the majority of normative differences are non-existent to small. Organisational consistency may be the most important consideration in choosing the right norms.
Work Strengths is the first in a powerful suite of behavioural screening questionnaires, which maximise validity and are built around the Wave performance model. Work Strengths offers a cost effective approach to volume recruitment and can be aligned against one or several role specifications. Full length versions of Analysis Aptitudes (V, N, D) are soon to be available as Invited Access (IA) tests. Also developed using IRT, two new versions of Swift (IA) will soon be released, Swift Executive-R and Swift Aptitude-R. Timothy's experience includes work in several multi-national organisations over three continents. The Competency Potential score is therefore the more predictive one to look at if you want to measure competencies and predict success on the job. This course will empower administration and assistant staff with the skills to become more efficient, productive and professional. She works for a number of specialised industry bodies, including The Australian Institute of Management and The Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia, KMPG, Holding Redlich and Hewlett Packard. She has a special interest in working with senior executives and personal assistants in order to foster continuous improvement.

It will provide a framework for ongoing professional development and performance excellence. In this edition we cover some important upgrades to Wave and Focus, including improved scoring of the Competency Potential Profile to account for acquiescence, and the release of new norms. Wave and Focus are unique, however, in pinpointing where the distortion is likely to have occurred. The new version will be the default version for Bureau users from now on, unless you are transitioning. With groundbreaking validity, up-to-date job relevance, multi-dimensional assessment and new user features, it is the gold standard of personality testing.
All the technical details of test construction, reliability, validity, normative data and demographic trends that you would expect of the very best manual, are easily accessed here.
There is a significant change in the norms from the original standardisation group of 2005, which we have been using up until now. This is because the original 2005 norm group had a higher proportion of professionals in it and the new norms are more managerially loaded and therefore more representative. There is very little meaningful difference between the International norms and the Australian norms, with the respective norms for virtually all Dimensions being within 1 Standard Error of Measurement of each other.
With internationally reviewed items, strong validation with job performance, excellent sampling, and a global village, there remains less and less need to consider differential norms.
Some people believe that the quality of a norm group depends on a very large sample size - literally the more the better. Reporting is flexible and can be aligned with the recruiting organisation's competency framework. He will have prime responsibility for technical advice on our test portfolio and is also available for consultancy support on a range of projects. In the past, Simon has worked in the recruitment industry and comes to us from the well respected Voice Project under the auspices of Macquarie University.
Timothy looks after our clients in Canberra and also assists with the growing client base in Sydney and Melbourne.
He now calls Canberra home, but manages client relationships in both Sydney and Melbourne as well.
More recently she has spent the majority of her time bringing up her four children, as well as managing a small business and working in volunteer positions. Instead of using just one primary style, competencies are frequently underpinned by secondary styles which also load positively on each competency score.
In the above example, low initiative ('Dynamic') would detract from the overall 'Decision Making' score.
The Psychometric Profile on the other hand, showing the individual's behavioural style, gives you insights into how the competency prediction comes about. We update you on a behavioural screening questionnaire called Strengths as well as a number of new on-line aptitude tests. The new scoring simply changes the impact of Acquiescence responding on reports derived from competency potential scores.
But the Handbook has much more, including interpretation guides and case studies of high achieving elite performers from business, sport, science and the arts. The norms are more differentiated and we strongly recommend upgrading to the new norms as soon as it is convenient.
They will be the default norms for the new version of scoring, so when you convert to the new version of Wave or Focus the new norms are automatically available. The most notable difference is that Australian norms are about 1 Sten score lower on the Dynamic, Enterprising and Striving Dimensions, which will inflate scores compared to international counterparts.

In summary, however there are small increases in dimensions like Strategic, Purposeful, Directing and Empowering associated with higher levels of management responsibility. There, Simon consulted in all aspects of employee survey work including design, administration, data analysis, reporting and presentation of findings to senior management. With previous experience working for other test suppliers, and a focus on long-term client support and education, Timothy is at the front end of Saville's approach to market. It will provide additional diagnostics to assist with your placement, engagement, coaching and development decisions.
We welcome three members of staff and we have another in the series "Getting the Most from Wave". Overall this change increases the spread of scores on the Competency Potential page and reduces the impact of acquiescence for those scoring high or low on this response scale. By using these additional pieces of information, you can improve the quality of your interpretation of the Competency Potential Profile.
Please note that scores on the two different versions for Expert Reports, Types Reports and Entrepreneurial Reports will not be comparable. Output reports are explained in full and guidance on applications and recommended uses is provided. Many clients may therefore prefer to use the new International Norms to assist them to remain competitive in the global market, rather than switch to Australian norms. Our database for Wave and Focus contains many tens of thousands of cases from around the world.
The Saville Competency Potential Profile on the other hand links the 108 facets of behavior from the Styles questionnaire to independent ratings of performance on 36 competencies by direct validation research. This is achieved by taking greater account of the respondent's relative rankings (ipsative scores). However, once you have a large enough sample, it is the representativeness of each group that counts rather than the total number in the group. With over 70 up-to-date references from the literature, the Wave Handbook is the quintessential resource document for every assessment specialist.
Work Strengths is for graduates, team leaders, and trainees, but can also be used for managers and professionals. For example, an individual's stated talent, motive and preference for 'Purposeful' behaviour is the primary style predictor of their competence for 'Making Decisions'.
There are a large number of educational groups and organizations by which University of Ottawa is affiliated.
Work Strengths will retail for $30 +GST per head, but will attract a minimum volume of 500. The international tuition fee for all postgraduate courses starts from $11,300 to $17,700 per year excluding the cost of textbooks. Carleton University specializes in fields of engineering, business management and humanities.
A large number of different organizations and groups affiliate the Carleton University because the quality of education provided here mark up the university as top class. Carleton University is best for international students because the tuition fee including all university funding makes it affordable. At the end including all fees and funds for different constituents, the tuition fee closes at $11,977.50 per academic year.

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