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Private Sector Development Training Programmes are International Training Programmes funded by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida).
Business Continuity Management (BCM) is a subset of risk management, focusing on threats and vulnerabilities that could negatively impact an organisation’s operations. Our team consists of experienced business and technology professionals who assist organisations in ensuring timely resumption and delivery of essential business activities in the event of a major disruption. Through our tailored, efficient and effective approach, our Business Continuity Management methodology delivers measurable value by providing governance principles around key business resources required to support delivery and recovery of your most critical activities.

Our typical approach to review and develop a Business Continuity and IT Disaster recovery plan, consists of multiple phases with various decision points. The objective of BCM is to make organisations more resilient to threats and to ensure organisations can resume or continue operations under abnormal or unfavourable circumstances. However, adequate BCM practices can help organisations identify crisis situations in an earlier stage and recover more rapidly, which can lead to competitive advantages. Adequate BCM involves management of the overall business continuity programme through awareness, training, exercises and reviews, to ensure the business continuity plan(s) stay(s) current.

Paramount to the success of BCM is the alignment of the IT Disaster Recovery Plan with the Business Continuity requirements.

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business and management degree online

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