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Premium airline passengers may soon have another option for flying between London and New York, with the announcement that the UK-based company Odyssey Airlines plans to start all-business class flights between London City Airport and New York from 2016.Having secured over A?5 million in funding so far, the firm recently launched an equity crowd-funding platform with the Kickstarter-style funding platform Crowdcube. In a confidential test laboratory in an office park near the Frankfurt airport, a small Lufthansa team holed up for five years, refining one of the German airline's most closely guarded secrets.
Almost two meters long and close to 60 centimeters wide, the V concept is the German carrier's latest weapon in the fierce competition among global airlines. Billions are being spent on research and development, architects, industrial designers and even yacht designers to pack seats with engineering innovations and fancy features.
Travelers in business and first class may represent 10 percent to 15 percent of long-haul seats globally, but they account for up to half of the revenue of airlines like Lufthansa or British Airways, said Samuel Engel of ICF SH&E, an aviation consulting firm. Lufthansa, the world's fourth largest airline in terms of passengers, is investing $4 billion in onboard amenities. The business and corporate travel market is by far the most lucrative one for the airlines.
That growth in business travel has spurred considerable innovation in the front of the plane.
But finding the right balance among space, comfort and seat features to keep paying passengers comfortable is tricky. Now airlines are increasingly trying to fit fully flat beds for business class, though that typically means losing about 10 percent of the business-class seats. Delta Air Lines, United Airlines and American Airlines have also outlined large investments to install new business-class seats. In 2007, after reviewing the available business-class seats on the market, Lufthansa decided to design its own.
Airlines, trying to trim weight to cut fuel costs, have sought to balance out heavier seats in the front, in part, by looking for lighter seats in coach.

In business class, there are typically four buckets of prices, ranging from $2,000, for tickets bought far ahead of time, to $6,000 for last-minute walk-ins. But the seat itself has a limited life, which airlines and designers say is about seven years.
So far, Odyssey has received contributions worth an additional A?414,000 through that source.
It is a new business-class seat, and if you are traveling round trip from Frankfurt to New York, it can be yours for about $5,000.
Just fabricating a single business-class seat can cost up to $80,000; custom-made first-class models run $250,000 to $500,000. But its new business-class seat accounts for roughly a third of that $4 billion investment, said Mr. Business travelers are expected to spend $273 billion this year on airfares, according to a forecast by the Global Business Travel Association, a 4.3 percent gain from 2012. Until about five years ago, the norm was for business seats to provide a lie-flat surface at an angle, said Mark Hiller, chief executive of Recaro Aircraft Seating, one of three large seat manufacturers.
British Airways came up with a design in which half its passengers sit backward, said Peter Cooke, the airline's design manager. It also needs to be comfortable in all those configurations," said James Park, a designer who has worked with Singapore Airlines and Cathay Pacific. It hired a design firm specializing in furniture that had developed a first-class seat for Virgin Atlantic. Cutting one kilogram can save as much as $800 a year in fuel cost per seat, according to Mr. Hauenstein of Delta said that even with fewer seats in its business-class cabin, an airline can make more money by selling similar seats at different prices.

Thereafter, the company will aim to raise an additional A?60 million of financing in 2015.The route will be serviced by modified Bombadier CS100 aircraft, which will accommodate up to 40 business-class passengers. It’s impossible to judge just how much time to leave and we had about 30 minutes of hanging around in the boarding area. There was a separate small seating area for business class but it was full and we were happier standing at the window indulging in some plane spotting!Eventually boarding began and, although it was a little chaotic, we made it on board relatively quickly and were welcomed with a nice, chilled glass of champagne. Currently British Airways offers a business class-only service between London City and New York JFK. The CabinOur pre booking research meant we opted for a flight operating on the newly refurbished Boeing 747-400 with fully lie flat beds. Seating up to 40 passengers, that service launched in May and costs approximately A?4,300 for a return flight.
The hard shells meant our space (or those behind us) was never compromised when we reclined and the cabin was in excellent condition. The seats are great for travelling as a pair but, for single travellers, the window seat does not have aisle access and toilet breaks require climbing over your seat buddy!The seat was comfortable for relaxing. I like to have something to rest my feet on and was delighted to be able to stretch out to the foot rest.
Food and DrinksAfter discovering that the menu had been designed by the three Michelin Star chef Jonnie Boer we were excited for the dinner service. Mains:For mains, the choice included a chicken thigh in tomato sauce, braised beef and a salmon in a green curry sauce.

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business class new york to hong kong

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