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You have an inherent fascination with how people operate, both on an individual level and within a group. Q: How necessary are qualifications and training when it comes to professional (corporate) coaching? A: The marketplace is wiser these days and seeks to separate the well-trained and experienced coaches from the fly-by-nights.
Q:What types of jobs can I get after completing coach training such as SACAP’s Postgraduate Diploma, Coaching Fundamentals and Enhanced Coaching? While internal coaches are becoming more popular, at this stage in South Africa it is not very likely that you will find full-time employment with any one company as a coach.
A: Like therapy, coaching is a helping relationship and therefore ‘borrows’ similar skills such as listening, offering a safe space, asking insightful questions, offering feedback and challenging the client where appropriate. While certain solution-focused styles of counselling can be quite similar to coaching, coaching focuses on enhancing performance and development (not healing) and is both solution and future focused. People are whole, so one area of life can affect others and at times in corporate coaching, it may be appropriate to address something personal that might also be impacting on work. SACAP’s Graduate School of Coaching & Leadership has been training the country’s future leaders for over 15 years, empowering them through a rigorous theoretic and practical education, to harness their own potential and thus bring about change in the world that exists around them. On a life journey of their own, graduates are able to apply the learnings – both personal and educational – that they receive at SACAP to bear on the roles they take up in community and business. Most Popular Posts9 Careers You Can Have With a Degree in Psychology - 494 Total SharesStress Awareness Month: 5 Ways to Make Stress Work for You - 290 Total SharesSo you want to be a business coach? Leaders, Owners and Managers are asked to accomplish extraordinary results in today business world.
I am happy to say I did get into a good program and am finally on a path to a career that I hope will be fulfilling. I was going through a few challenging work situations and my brother had been coached by Wayne Kessler so he recommended him to me.

You are able to inspire trust in others and have been blessed with a compassionate ear and the power of motivating others to move forward.
They do this – at least initially – by looking at the coach training received, coaching experience and any professional coaching credentials of possible coaches they may wish to engage with.
Usually an internal coach fulfills this role along with their role that they were initially employed for, e.g. While the coach is the expert in the coaching process, the client is the expert in his or her own life. However, a coach will need to know when it is appropriate to do so based on the already established agreement with the organisation and when to refer if necessary (either due to inappropriate scope, say, or because the client perhaps needs another kind of service, such as counselling).
As such, SACAP’s graduates have always been lauded for their high levels of competency and maturity and are considered an asset in the job of helping others to achieve their very best.
Execution, performance and results are more essential today for executives than ever before. Ask potential coaches how much they made last year and only hire one who earned at least six figures from coaching. Instead of looking for someone who is a good fit for your personality, search for a coach who is a bit edgy and makes you slightly uncomfortable right from the start.
You’re a big-picture thinker with an aptitude for helping others to connect the dots that at first present a grainy image. We’ve taken the most common of these – assembled from current and prospective students – and put them to Karolyne Williams, who established SACAP’s Graduate School of Coaching & Leadership and is Head of Coaching at the college.
An estimate would range from R 800 to R3 000 per hour for pure coaching, but note that this hour charged also covers much time spent on pre and post session work that coach does.
I wanted to switch jobs but had no clue as to what to do and lacked the motivation, which is why I turned to a coach. Wayne listened to my challenges without judgment, helped me see where I was getting in my own way and what skills I needed to work on.

Stanford University’s 2013 Executive Coaching Survey found that two in three CEOs are not using a business trainer, but almost all would be open to one’s advice.
If you are going to trust your own business to someone, then you want to make sure the coach has a proven track record.
You aren’t buying a friend to hold your hand, but paying for someone who will push you outside your comfort zone. A coach may travel 30 mins to get to a client, so already that one hour session actually involves two hours, without any preparation, report writing etc. In contrast, both in therapy and consulting, the approach can often be problem focused and the therapist and consultant are considered the experts. Just ask Tiger Woods about the impact his caddy has on his game… Professional athletes practice daily with experienced coaches to refine their skills and knowledge. Wayne helped me explore what I liked about my previous jobs, helped me to identify my current skill set and transferable skills.
Having said this, there are a range of different counselling and coaching approaches, so this is a generalisation, because it assumes each to be a unified category.
He used some tools to help me figure out potential career options and we narrowed down my main area of interest.
It is important prospective students compare programs, understand their accreditation(s) and benefits and select one that suits their particular needs best. Wayne’s steady, supportive and structured approach helped me gain the confidence I needed, take responsibility, and be more accountable, which made the difference in turning my situation around- so I wholeheartedly recommend him as a business coach.

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