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Melbourne-born ROB BORG came to Sydney in 2006 to launch his business coaching business people, so to speak. You've been living in Sydney for the last few years - do you have favourite restaurants or cafes that you'd love to recommend to people?? Main restaurant is La Ricetta in Enmore and I also love Essen Restaurant – meals are great, service is brilliant.
Before living in Sydney you grew up in Melbourne - what's the best thing about living in Melbourne in your eyes?
If you were having a dinner party at home, first question is, if you could invite anyone in the world, who are the 6 people you'd invite? Definitely my wife, then it would have to be Nelson Mandela - I'd better hurry up with the invitation, Tony Robbins, Hawks champ "Dipper" (Robert Dipierdomenico), Rafael Nadal, and Mariah Carey! A white wine goes well with a seafood dish, and I must confess - I'm not a beer man at all. As a life coach and business coach, what would you say are the three biggest issues facing modern Australians? Self-belief, resistance to change, and the diminishing of collective potential due to an over-emphasis in our culture on real estate - high prices both for buyers and renters is affecting their ability - and time - to develop business ideas and genius. I'm loving coaching corporate people on ways to improve their performance, also the sales training is proving popular, I've also been developing a Knowledge Supa Centre website where people can source the finest materials for self-help, relationships and professional and personal help, and I enjoy one-on-one coaching sessions too helping people move forward in their lives. This goes on with the self belief thing I was talking about a little earlier, so the main focus is is a program called The Secret to Taking Control of Your Life.
From a professional perspective our 90 minutes Skills and Development workshops is the focus here.
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Do you remember the last time someone asked how you were, yet they didn’t listen for the answer? Authenticity, or being ourselves, is the greatest gift we can give ourselves and the world.
The more authentic we are, the more we grow in self awareness, the more we achieve what we are meant to achieve. You may be saying here, ‘Wait a second Rob – what exactly is a healthy self image anyway? Exercise: Write a description of yourself, including any opinions you may have never shared with others.
Now that you have written your description, read it again, as though it were written by someone else, about someone you have not yet met.
If you didn’t get a promotion, it could be that the person who got it had slightly different experience or skills.
We have been given a wonderful opportunity called life, but how many of us are truly making the most of this awesome gift?

Making the right decision at that most crucial moment can be the difference between winning and losing, joy and disappointment, or success and failure. How we make decisions will in turn allow us to seize the opportunity and achieve the best possible outcome for ourselves. My ideal client is someone from 18-55 who is seeking dramatic positive results with their Business, their career, their health or their relationships. Sean has a comprehensive counselling, coaching and training background, and is comfortable setting standards for high performance. In 2009 Sean became a published author, his book "Inside Neuro Linguistic Programming" is thought to be one of the most comprehensive books on NLP published this decade. Sean is an internationally recognised expert in human psychology, behaviour and change and as a Master Practitioner and Trainer of NLP, he continues to develop and present NLP Trainings Nationally. With a strong background in working with business unit leaders at all levels and influencing key stakeholders, his dedication to excellence and constant improvement proves valuable when working with clients to develop and grow their businesses. As an accomplished presenter and trainer Sean has been able to help thousands of people over the years to achieve their personal goals, develop their relationships and to grow spiritually. Through out his career Sean has been committed to his clients and ensuring that they are able to achieve what ever goals they set them selves faster and easier than they have ever thought possible. At BizAdvice, we help you to redefine your goals and enhance your ideas by approaching them with the right attitude. We’re leaders in our own field and help businesses around Australia to become leaders, too. Backed by a team of enthusiastic and knowledgeable coaches, we’ll provide you with strategic suggestions and advice to help you expand your company. To excel in the many landscapes of business, it’s critical that companies big and small acknowledge the rising opportunities making their way into their market.
BizAdvice’s exceptional Melbourne based coaches make sure you’re actively overseeing every aspect of your company, enabling you to engage with the needs of employees, clients and stakeholders. As your business grows, we’ll work one-on-one with you to provide you with ideas, guidance and other business coaching services geared towards better developing your corporate concepts.
By the end of our mentoring program, your business coach will have have answered all of your initial questions.
His company Lifetime Dynamics specialises in a number of things: training sales professionals, executive coaching and mentoring, life coaching, career help, business coaching, NLP and Time Line Therapy. Rob was able to put a plan in place for me to achieve my weight goals as well as inspire me to achieve goals in all other areas of my life. Our unique culture, underpinned by our core values of safety and wellbeing, integrity, achievement, teamwork and loyalty, is embodied in our people and is a significant aspect of our competitive advantage.Our people are our most valuable asset.
Additionally he is the author of numerous published articles, as well as co author of the Australian NLP Association's Personal Development Series.
Are you in need of advice and motivation to help you spark inspiration and motivation within your team?

By helping you to discuss sensitive workflow management and your overall strategies, our business advice team puts you on the right path to achieving your objectives.
Our business coaches will help you to refocus on what’s important, and allow you to engage effectively with your goals for the future. By ensuring you remain relevant and capable of pulling in a steady profit, you corporate presence will meet set targets and objectives. Selected carefully for their unique skillsets and professional accomplishments, our business coaches provide guidance and support for companies in any industry. We don’t tell you what to do or how to do things, but instead help you to better understand the circumstances at hand. Just describe your coaching goals and we'll send you a list of great coaches with the right fit for your specific needs.
Moreover, each BizAdvice business advisor is handpicked for their former experiences as General Managers, Managing Directors and Chief Executives Officers. However, industry leaders often overlook the overall health and prosperity of their business. Offering advice to various levels of management, we’re able to equip you with the necessary skills and mindset to hit the ground running. Our coaches allow you to effectively implement strategies that will see your business through to success. He's betrayed Melbourne and we love to hear that, apart from one last loyalty that we'll begrudge him for now - a love of the AFL and his favourite club, the Hawks. He showed me the right path in firstly setting myself the challenge then putting the right steps in place to help me successfully achieve my goals.
We believe in the principle of equal opportunity in employment for all people, regardless of any personal attributes such as gender, sexual preferences, marital status, pregnancy, family responsibilities, race, political or religious belief, disability and age.
They understand the ins and outs of businesses and have ensured the success of some of the most renowned companies in Australia. Your advisor will have you taking on challenges with determination and a positive approach, resulting in endless possibilities for you to embrace.
As a team, we work alongside you to develop processes that benefit both you and your company’s beliefs and objectives.
But here in ultra-corporatised Sydney, you'll most often find Rob standing in front of a crowd of business people eager to feast on his every insight so they can achieve greater success in tough economic times.

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