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While it may seem obvious that business coaching and life coaching are different, its important to understand both the differences AND similarities if you want to get a fix on what your client really needs. Even as a business coach, you still have a responsibility to a client to understand ALL the factors that go into making his business successful or not.
As either a business coach or a life coach, you are involved with your client AND his or her business. The difference between the two is this: a business coach approaches the problem primarily as getting the business straight so as to positively affect the life of the client.
Microsoft's Imagine Cup brings students together from across the world each year, in effort to use technology to solve the world's toughest problems.
Students are using Microsoft's Kinect for Xbox 360, Windows 8, Windows Azure and Windows Phone in their Imagine Cup projects. The Worldwide Finals will take place in Sydney, Australia, between June 6 and 10, where the winners of local, regional and online competitions will share their visions for how technology can shape the future. More than 1.65 million students from 190 different countries and regions have participated in the competition during its 10-year existence. Team Greenway, from Germany's Bielefeld University and University of Hanover, developed a navigation system for cars in metropolitan areas that significantly reduces carbon dioxide emissions. Team FlashFood, from Arizona State University, created a system connecting prepared food with people who are hungry.
Team Stethocloud, from Australia's University of Melbourne, created a cloud-powered stethoscope that attaches to a smartphone and can be used to detect pneumonia early.
Team Technology Lanterns, from Qatar University, created a navigation aide for the blind and visually impaired, which they believe has the potential to one day replace braille.
Business coaching is most effective when we learn new skills and more forward from an effective strategy. Business Coaching Orange Count perience from those who know how to manage business processes and marketing strategies.

Understand your market and customers better, and develop messages that motivate your target market into new clientele.
Know and easily understand your business’s numbers so you can make better decisions that lead to increased profits and improved cash flow. Improve cash flow and do a simple cash flow budget so you’re always on top of your cash situation and avoid unpleasant cash flow surprises. This dual focus may sound difficult, but think about this: when you help your client to succeed, you will inevitably benefit the business as well. The life coach, on the other hand, approaches the same problem from the standpoint of getting the CLIENT straight so that the business will also prosper. With just 10% of cars registered with its system, Greenway reroutes traffic to minimize commute times and car emissions. Restaurants and caterers, once certified by FlashFood, use a mobile app to register the amount of food in pounds, meals or plates. As the number one early childhood killer, pneumonia is often not caught or treated until it's too late.
Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe. Amazing results occur when a winning game plan is implemented with structure, accountability and a high expectancy for results.  With business coaching, you will gain a whole renewed sense of purpose, as well as discovering opportunities withing your business. As a C-level executive with over 25 years of business and marketing achievements, I bring a clarity and accountability that you seek.
As someone who has achieved results, I expect that are collaboration will bring excess amounts of profits and new business over a the life of your business. Greenway users insert their route into a mobile app and are notified of their most efficient route. A volunteer driver then comes to pick up the food and deliver it to a nearby shelter or food bank.

By connecting a stethoscope to a smartphone — with the Stethocloud app — parents can record their children's breaths to a server that recognizes abnormal breathing patterns.
The team also created visual tags that can be recognized by a camera worn on the head, to inform the user what they are approaching.
If you can't make it to South America, you can join in the discussions on Facebook and Twitter. Unlike other popular navigation systems that identify traffic backups, Greenway calculates the ideal amount of cars to be redirected, as to not simply displace a traffic jam from one road to another. Hungry individuals can sign up to receive a text message alert, informing them of their meal on the way.
Stethocloud could have the potential to replace a trained medical doctor's diagnosis and save millions of children's lives each year.
Rather than feeling around on a wall for braille signs, a blind or visually impaired person would gain knowledge of their surroundings through the camera and tags' assistance. Working with an executive who has been pressured into coaching by his boss or human resources department is an uphill battle, though it’s not impossible.
Nothing in life is assured, but if we apply ourselves intelligently and with diligence, great results will occur. Since there is no fixed amount of time to work together, I best determine this with you once we have established your goals and what level of production and profitability we want to generate for your business. The team envisions this working well in cities with income disparity as well as in cities in developing countries with a significant presence of international hotels.

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