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Porter Gale, author of Your Network is Your Net Worth, in a Forbes interview, revealed that much of her success can be attributed to relationships she made throughout the years. It serves as both the content and channel for one’s decisions, ideas, tasks, solutions, plans, and need to belong and solidify your sense of culture and self. One type of communication that is used almost everyday in the corporate world is business writing: from emails, memos, new policies and instructions to huge client presentations, research and development, and marketing campaigns.
Business Writing is a type of written communication, usually with standard structure and style. If you are sending an external communication to a company, determine its vision, its mission, its accomplishments and goals. You can also take a look at the company’s communication style through its public documents and press releases. For the tone, the Purdue University emphasizes the need to be confident, sincere and courteous.
Headings and bullets – Headings are used to underscore the main points, form white space, and make it easy for readers to scan the document. Tables – These are used when subjects or options are being compared or contrasted to one another. Maps, flowcharts, and diagrams – These are for more complex data or connections of data that text alone can no longer detail substantially. Bold face and italics – To emphasize specific points to readers , you can put the words in boldface or in italics. Ideas in your business should flow in a logical manner to keep the whole discussion smooth and all thoughts cohesive. Does your communication proceed in a logical and organized way, moving from general to specific information?

Have you included specific examples, numbers, dates, names and percentages to support your claims? Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
In fact, a Towers Watson study attests that companies that communicate with courage, innovation, and discipline are more effective at engaging employees and producing ideal business outcomes.
Even profit-making and nonprofit organizations in the field of aeronautics, according to a survey by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), are into communication the whole time. A Los Angeles Business journal article explained that billions of dollars are lost due to insufficient writing skills among business people. According to the Capella University, it addresses the needs of specific audiences and has prose and lists for a particular topic that concerns business.
If your letter reflects these things, the company would realize that you care both for its objectives and its situation. If you can answer one or two of them in your letter (sales, marketing, proposal, etc), it will make your document more interesting and more memorable. These tools will avoid the repetition of the company names and categories throughout the text.
State full URLs, names of websites, and authors’ names using a consistent citation method.
This will also give the impression that you have a solid grasp of the evidence for your proposals. This type of correspondence encourages people, especially those in the office, to take actions or follow specific instructions. It happens, for example, when a customer does not understand the email, marketing tool, or proposal by a company because of wrong grammar or awkward style and tone.

For example, if you simply send a letter to employees about attending a conference on a Sunday and reiterating that it is a requirement, a portion of your workforce might resume to work with worries in their heads because they have religious obligations to meet on Sundays.
Gather these data using the company’s website, social media networks, and other corporate paraphernalia. For example, an email can be about a change in a policy, a help manual for a particular program or facility, or changes in the organizational structure. Lines should be convincing and positive to make an impression and hook the recipient to consider or act on the plan. The article adds that customers encountering poorly written materials might form an undesirable impression of how a company runs its business. If you can tailor your letter without touching any religion, culture or sensitive issue in an uncomfortable way, work would be much smoother and solidarity among the people will remain intact. Hence, there is a need to prevent grammatical errors and inappropriate writing in business communication.
For example, if your purpose is to excite and invite the employees to join the annual talent contest of the company as a team-building effort, you cannot bore them with long paragraphs explaining how the activity will help boost their productivity, write too formal sentences, or use heavy office or work jargon.
The purpose tells you to keep your lines light yet still professional, use bullets, and add an exclamation point or two at the end of the memo.

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