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Good eye contact helps your audience develop trust in you, thereby helping you and your message appear credible.
So it is a wise business communicator that makes a point of attempting to engage every member of the audience by looking at them. Now, this is of course easy if the audience is just a handful of people, but in an auditorium it can be a much harder task. Equally, it can be a fine balancing act if your audience comprises of just one or two members -- spend too much time looking them in the eyes and they will feel intimidated, stared at, 'hunted down'. That is, look at the other person in blocks that last four to five seconds, then look away. When focusing on individual members in a large meeting or auditorium, try and geographically spread your attention throughout the room. Most of us, when talking with our friends, use our hands and face to help us describe an event or object - powerful nonverbal aids.
We wave our arms about, turn our hands this way and that, roll our eyes, raise our eyebrows, and smile or frown.
Our audience of friends is no different from our business audience — they all rely on our face and hands (and sometimes legs, feet and other parts of us!) to 'see' the bigger, fuller picture. It is totally understandable that our nervousness can cause us to 'freeze up', but is is in our and our communication's best interests if we manage that nervousness, manage our fear of public speaking, and use our body to help emphasise our point.
I found that by joining a local Toastmasters International club I was rapidly able to learn how to 'free up my body' when presenting to others. Ever watch great presenters in action — men and women who are alone on the stage yet make us laugh, cry and be swept along by their words and enthusiasm? This is 'nervous movement' and your nervousness will transmit itself to your audience, significantly diluting the potency of your communication and message.
So move about the stage when you can — not just to keep the men in the audience happy, but to help emphasise your message!
There are two kinds of 'posture' and it is the wise communicator that manages and utilizes both.
And every one of the positions we place the various elements of our body in tells a story—a powerful, nonverbal story.
A strong, upright, positive body posture not only helps you breath easier (good for helping to calm nerves!) but also transmits a message of authority, confidence, trust and power.
If you find yourself challenged to maintain such a posture, practice in front of a mirror, or better yet join a speaking club like Toastmasters International.
You can have great body posture but without internal mental and emotional posture your words will sound hollow to your audience. For example, the used car salesman at 'Dodgy Brothers Motors' might have great body posture and greet you with a firm handshake, a steady gaze and a friendly smile.
His body will start betraying his real, underlying intentions and you'll start to feel uncomfortable around him, even if you can't figure out why.
But, if that same used car salesman had a genuine desire to help you find the right car for you, and he puts your needs before his own, then his words and actions will remain congruent (in harmony) with his underlying intentions and you will trust him, even though you might not be able to identify why.
I have met salesmen and women who don't actually make the money they claim to make in their 'fabulous business opportunity', and while their words are practiced and polished, and their body posture is 'perfect', their words ooze like honeyed poison frm their lips and I remain unconvinced. It's all about making sure that your words and your intentions are underpinned by truth and honesty. From persuasive memos to complaint letters, sales letters to executive summaries -- these exceedingly useful guides help you to write clearly and in an appropriate format, style and tone.

Nonverbal communication in a business setting requires not only recognition of these elements, but confidence in meeting their challenges. It's the first in a series of reports I'm writing on how to master the various key elements of social media. Each report is an-depth, step-by-step process that explains in clear, plain English how to master a particular social media tool and help your business communicate better for better business results.
Each report is easy to read, easy to implement and easy on the pocket -- just $79 per copy.
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
Finally, if this site or any of the articles have been of any help to you, perhaps you'd like to say 'thank you' by throwing a few pennies my way. A 12-step plan to take you from Twitter newbie to Twitter supremo and grow your business in the process.
You’ve probably always wanted to improve your writing skills in your workplace, but perhaps there wasn't a training course around to help you.
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Helping to Raise Money for Children's Specialized Hospital East Air Employee, Michael Nepola is helping save lives and raise money for Children's Specialized Hospital. East Air Expands its Presence in Rome, Italy NEW JERSEY a€“August 27, 2009a€”East Air Corporation is pleased to announce that it has opened a new office in downtown Rome near the Piazza Del Popolo, to be led by Carlo Mearelli, an aviation industry veteran. If they find that someone isn't 'looking' at them when they are being spoken to, they feel uneasy. That is, don't just focus your personal gaze (as distinct from when you are scanning the room or looking at sections of the room) on selected individuals from just one part of the room. We instantly notice it, whether we want to or not, assessing the movement for any hint of a threat to us. It also helps explain why men in particular are almost 'glued' to the TV when there is any sport on.
But if in his heart he is seeing you as just another sucker then sooner or later his internal conflict between what he says and what he really thinks will cause him to 'trip up'. Consequently their words ring hollow to me and their books, cds, dvds and training materials remain unpurchased.
It's about not trying to pass yourself off as an expert when all you've ever done is read a book on the subject. Because all of us, no matter how polished a presenter we might be, are at the mercy of our body and its ability to 'tell the truth' in spite of what our lips might utter. Each book has numerous examples that show how to overcome writer's block, organize messages for maximum impact, achieve an easy-to-read style, find an efficient writing system and much more.
Now in its third edition, it is still being widely cited and is receiving lots of favourable comments.
Now that video is becoming more and more important, I can't imagine online life without it. Approval East Air Corporation has been approved to be a supplier to ST Aerospace Mobile Inc. We are very proud to be called "mature, dedicated and successful organization" by a third party auditor. Glueckler Award Front and center - East Air's Vice President of Quality Assurance and Operations, Mr. With practice you will be able to develop a 'feel' for how long you have been looking into your audience member's eyes and intuitively know when to look away and focus on another person or object. Unless you are specifically looking to interact with a particular person at that moment of your presentation, select your individual eye-contact audience members from the whole room.

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