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If we are to achieve a richer culture, rich in contrasting values, we must recognize the whole gamut of human potentialities, and so weave a less arbitrary social fabric, one in which each diverse human gift will find a fitting place.
According to the US Census Bureau, the convergence of several trends --declining births, retiring baby boomers, and expected business growth--will create more jobs than there will be workers to fill them in the next decade. Capitalize the potential of intercultural diversity and compete effectively in the market, while reaching a level of empowerment which goes beyond inclusion. Enhance trusting relationships, improve teamwork and create greater efficiency for your agency, business or organization.
We can help you to effectively communicate with your internal and external stakeholders in a culturally appropriate and sensitive fashion. The implementation stage of your PR plan will need to outline the various communication methods or channels to the key stakeholders.
The results should be measured against the objectives, which should have been written in quantifiable terms to see how closely the actual result for each objective has matched the intended result. A rule of thumb is to use multiple channels of communication frequently enough to lead to behavior or attitude change. Each target audience will need to be reached through credible and accessible channels of communication. An example of a change communication plan for the introduction of an employee incentive and performance management program is shown below covering the period leading up to the launch.
Wherever possible, the implementation activities should be tested on a focus group or a suitable sample of other people so that the actions can be fine-tuned when the full-scale activities take place. It is all too easy to fall into the trap of applying a convenient label to the activities that are based on the broad communication process, such as saying the project is a community relations campaign, or it is a government relations project. If the logistics of the communication program are too large to be handled effectively by in-house PR staff, it may be necessary to use public relations consultancies to assist with the effort.
The implementation phase requires decisions to be made about project management of the communication activity. Charting the planned stages of a project can be an extremely valuable technique to ensure the project is running to time and all necessary actions are taking place when they should. Gantt charts showing the scheduled start and finish of each part of every PR project can be used to help ensure projects are running on time. A Gantt chart is constructed with a horizontal axis representing the total time span of the project, broken down into increments (for example, days, weeks, or months) and a vertical axis representing the tasks that make up the project. Automated Gantt charts store more information about tasks, such as the staff assigned to specific tasks, and notes about the procedures. A PERT chart is a project management tool used to schedule, organize and coordinate tasks within a project. A PERT chart presents a graphic illustration of a project as a network diagram consisting of numbered nodes (either circles or rectangles) representing events, or milestones in the project linked by labeled vectors (directional lines) representing tasks in the project. Tasks that must be completed in sequence without requiring resources or completion time are considered to have event dependency. The PERT chart is sometimes preferred over the Gantt chart because it clearly illustrates task dependencies. Native ads—ads that reside seamlessly within content, giving the appearance of editorial material—have become increasingly prevalent as consumer adoption of mobile technology has skyrocketed. Bhavesh Vaghela, CMO at ResponseTap, says branding today is all about engagement in a personal way. This is especially important in today’s environment, says Vaghela, as marketers try to provide a seamless brand experience, online or in a retail environment. Motorola, in partnership with inPowered and Digitas-LBi, was an early innovator in this arena, merging online and offline content to create consumer engagement and boost brand awareness and preference.
After its release, Motorola’s Moto X smartphone was receiving strong product reviews from outlets such as CNET and The Verge, LaMendola says.
The key differentiator was that consumers could design their own phones with a hands-on tool called Moto Maker. Kenneth Burke works in marketing and communications at Text Request, a B2B texting platform in the Chattanooga, Tenn., area. Claire Abraham, a digital marketing specialist with the Cleveland-based 216digital, agrees. A customer focused business ethos is a proven method to increase the chances of a sustainable and profitable future. The plan is a detailed written document which can be used to promote a single product, of form the annual business strategy. Stage 1: Research and planningUnderstand your customer and the marketing environment, look for opportunities for growth.
Stage 2: Developing your marketing strategyIdentify objectives and choose the right path to exploit opportunities highlighted in the research stage. The marketing plan should provide direction for all relevant members of the organization and should be referred to and updated throughout the year.
Examining both the internal and external marketing environments can identify both opportunities and threats to the business and is a core component of the plan.
A commonly used method of quantifying the macro external environment is with a PEST analysis.
The micro-environment includes factors which are still not directly under the control of the company, but more directly relevant to strategy such as consumer trends, stakeholders, suppliers and competitors. The internal marketing environment includes factors that the business can directly influence. Once you have completed the internal and external environmental audit, you can summarise your findings using a SWOT analysis which can be used to make key decisions.
A 'SWOT analysis' is a useful way of summarizing the results of the environmental audit and presenting the current status of a business.
A vision statement is a more long term, ideal-world statement which outlines where you would like to take the business in the long run. Combined with the mission statement, your objectives should be the key statements that drive your business. Most businesses need to grow, and the Ansoff Matrix (below) is a method of determining the best course of action if growth is your priority.

Once you have determined the product and market you want to be in, the next problem will be setting a price. The marketing mix is a selection of customer focused business elements which work together as a toolkit to market your product or service.
Market penetration strategy – deliberately low pricing in order to enter or control a market quickly.
Place refers to the method of getting your product to the consumer - this could be a dealership or an online shop. Promotion is much more than just advertising - this is the discipline of marketing communications. People refers to all the customer facing staff in your organisation, not just the sales staff. Process refers to the procedures which are followed when delivering a service to a customer.
This element of the marketing mix should also include your customer relationship management (CRM) process, or in other words, how you manage customers through the purchasing funnel. When using the marketing mix, it is important to keep in mind the three generic stages of marketing - segmentation, targeting and positioning. An action plan is core to the marketing process – a constantly evolving document which is cascaded to the relevant people and monitored regularly. The final stage of the action plan is the implementation of measurements and controls and reporting results. The balanced scorecard approach is a widely used method of monitoring overall performance and ensuring daily work is focused on the strategic objectives.
Traditionally, businesses have tracked success based on just one measure – financial results. Now that you have an accurate picture your plan's success it is important to feedback this information in order to fine tune the strategy and update your actions accordingly. The marketing planning process is a comprehensive method for examining your business, your market and the environment in order to develop a strategy to exploit opportunities.
DvidsHubThe Navy SEAL who claims to have shot Al Qaeda mastermind Osama bin Laden on May 2, 2011 and is speaking with Fox News later this week has revealed his identity to The Washington Post. The SEALs have some of the highest-pressure jobs in the entire US military and work under almost incomprehensible physical and mental strain.
In No Easy Day, his book about the raid that killed Osama bin Laden, former SEAL Matt Bissonnette talks about what it takes just to get ready for a combat deployment. The senior SEAL stopped, looked at his new teammate and said:A "Dude, what do you think you need to bring for deployment? What you say and how you say it can make the all important difference in landing that key position or being passed over. It is important to identify measurable actions that each stakeholder group or sub-group needs to take to fulfill the selected goals.
In total, all the component results contained in the plan should add up to successful achievement of the overarching results objectives so that the overall plan is achieved.
In this era of electronic communication there are many more channels available to communicators than in the past, and research has shown that a combination of channels generally provides the most effective result.
For instance, in a government lobbying campaign to gain support from Members of Parliament or Congress, a series of briefings, workshops and working groups may be held with relevant parliamentary or Congressional committees and key government officials. Some of the techniques include face-to-face meetings, telephone contact, group meetings, teleconferences, email, letters, faxes, reports, brochures, and media releases to the mass media, ie all forms of print and electronic media, as well as media conferences. Most PR plans comprise a complex, interconnected range of activities and therefore a label based on one communication process can be a simplistic and limiting approach. External consultants may have expertise that is not available in-house, such as skills in strategy development, issues and crisis management, media relations. The communication strategy document should outline the roles and responsibilities of the members of the project or campaign group. Everyone needs to be clear about who will approve the creative concepts and whose budgets will pay for the activity. In public relations projects, several types of charts are used such as Gantt charts, PERT charts, and to a lesser extent, critical path analysis and sophisticated project management software for more complex work. A Gantt chart is a horizontal bar chart developed as a production control tool in 1917 by Henry L.
The PERT chart, another popular project management charting method, is designed to do this.
PERT (Program Evaluation Review Technique) was developed by the US Navy in the 1950s to manage the Polaris submarine missile program.
On the other hand, the PERT chart can be much more difficult to interpret, especially on complex projects. These ads can take many forms, and marketers are always in search of the next new thing that will enable them to cut through the clutter to deliver an experience that not only will be different, but also will resonate with their audiences and, ultimately, drive sales. Consequently, instead of charging advertisers based on views or clicks, the company charges based on the amount of time that viewers remain engaged with an ad and whether or not they share it with others-from $1.50 to $3 for a 15-second view or share. The main pro is that the concept is still new and, consequently, likely to garner attention. In July, it launched two new models to critical acclaim-the Moto X Play and the Moto X Style. The marketing planning process is at the heart of any truly marketing orientated company, and ensures the customer is at the centre of all key decisions. We have split the marketing plan into three steps, which are easy to follow and equally relevant to both small and large businesses.
The main purpose of the marketing plan is to provide a structured approach to help marketing managers consider all the relevant elements of the planning process. The whole area is usually broken down into the macro, micro and internal environments as summarised in the diagram below. PEST is an acronym which divides the macro-environment into four areas – Political, Economic, Social, and Technological, examples of which are explained below. Use the primary and secondary (first and second hand) market research information at your disposal to describe your customer.

SWOT simply stands for the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats which have emerged from examining the macro, micro and internal marketing environments. It should explain to customers concisely what the nature of your business is and where you are going, and also provide a motivational tool for employees.
The Boston Consultancy Group matrix is a method of determining which to invest in, and which to drop, shown below.
The tactical section of a marketing plan summarises how you intend to use each element of the marketing mix, which can be summarised in seven 'Ps' as shown in the illustration below. Your product based tactics link back to your overall strategy - if your strategy is market penetration (see the Ansoff matrix), then there may be little need to do anything to the product. Examples of physical evidence include a brochure for a holiday tour, customer testimonials for a dentist, or a portfolio for a website design company. Segmentation is the detailed breakdown of your customers into as much detail as practical, targeting then ensures all elements of the mix are tailored to your identified consumer group. Most action plans are relatively short term documents which focus on the coming year, but longer term implications should also be considered. Many models for monitoring the performance of businesses have emerged, many of which address the needs of key stakeholders and allow them to evaluate the overall success of a company. However, the scorecard system views the business from four external perspectives to gain a more relevant approach to performance metrics.
This is a vital process which should be used by almost every company to ensure a profitable and sustainable future.
He was involved in the 2009 raid on the Mearsk Alabama, the event that inspired the film "Captain Philips." And he now says he was one of the SEALs who shot the most wanted terrorist alive.
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These powerful sessions will give you, the international candidate, the US interviewing skills to increase your chances for success by avoiding common communication pitfalls and understanding how to apply American interviewing techniques effectively. For example, if the CEO wants to change the corporate culture, you should discuss first, before developing a communication plan, what observable and measurable behaviors will be different if people respect each other more or have more integrity, etc. However, too often the communication method used is employed for its convenience to the sender rather than its effectiveness in changing the behavior of the stakeholders receiving the message.
Other channels may also include ongoing meetings with political party leaders and other relevant Members of Parliament or Congress. Notice how the communication processes or channels are varied to suit the different target audiences, even though all the recipients are employees in the same organization, and how different channels reinforce key messages.
It is far better, therefore, to work back from the objective of the project or program and use a working title relevant to that. This is especially important where the organizing committee comprises representatives from different areas within the organization or external representatives from a PR consultancy, advertising or marketing agency. As the project progresses, secondary bars, arrowheads, or darkened bars may be added to indicate completed tasks, or the portions of tasks that have been completed.
Charts may be adjusted frequently to reflect the actual status of project tasks as, almost inevitably, they diverge from the original plan. In the diagram, for example, the tasks between nodes 1, 2, 4, 5, 15 and 16 must be completed in sequence. The small numbers between the nodes indicate the time (in this case the number of days) allotted for each task. The company had developed a product that allows advertisers to identify positive content on the internet and convert that content to native ads. Motorola’s campaign capitalized on this and the ability of consumers to play with the various options. In addition to the engagement metrics, a question at the end of each article asked whether viewers were more likely to consider Motorola as a brand option the next time they made a phone purchase. As your understanding of the audience improves, you'll be able to design products which cater for their needs better, and you will be able to communicate with them more directly. However, if you have chosen product development or diversification then a certain amount of research and development, and product design will be needed.
Positioning is the process of ensuring potential and current customers perceive your company in the intended way. This approach encourages open communication throughout the business and allows tracking of performance throughout the year. Once the behaviors reflecting each desired cultural value are defined, the behaviors can be measured before and after the communication plan is implemented.
Frequently used in project management, Gantt charts provide a graphical illustration of a schedule that helps to plan, coordinate, and track specific tasks in a project. The campaign also used traditional media-a full-page ad in the January 2014 edition of WIRED with an interactive print page. On the flip side, she says, newness can be a downfall because companies probably don’t have a specialist in house. If you have a broad customer base, you might need to split your customers into groups (segmentation).
Gantt charts may be simple versions created on graph paper or more complex automated versions created using project management applications such as Microsoft Project or Excel.
The tasks between nodes 1 and 2, nodes 1 and 3, and nodes 1 and 6 don’t depend on the completion of one to start the other and can be undertaken simultaneously.
It can be hard to stand out from the masses, especially when competing with brands such as Apple, Microsoft, and Google-the world’s top three most valuable brands, according to Forbes. Therefore, marketers will need to devote time and money to capitalize on this potential trend. For now, though, the ability to think of creative ways to engage consumers-both online and offline-is helping companies generate awareness, build preference, and, hopefully, boost sales.

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