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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Delta One International is a leading organization in the provision of a broad range of professional threat, risk and crisis management and mitigation consultancy services. With headquarters in South Africa and satellite offices in London, Berlin and Washington, together with operational associates throughout the Middle East, Near Asia and Africa, DeltaOne International has the capacity to provide in-depth risk mitigation and management services throughout these regions. South Africa has become infamous for being one of the worlds top ranking hot-spots for hijacking - also known as carjacking.
Hijacking in South Africa is often-times violent and can lead to other aggravating crimes - murder, rape, torture and robbery of residence.
Business Continuity Management is a management process that identifies potential impacts that threaten an organisation and provides a framework for building resilience and the capability for an effective response which safeguards the interests of its key stake holders, reputation, brand and value creating activities (Business Continuity Institute (BCI) & BS 25999). BCM is therefore inclusive of disaster recovery, business recovery, crisis management, incident management, emergency management, product recall and contingency planning.
Our security and risk consultants, intelligence analysts and operational specialists, will provide clients with fast and strategic solutions to unexpected events that require experience and leadership. Our memberships to the following professional security, law enforcement and intelligence bodies are indicative of our professionalism by association. Our approach to business continuity aligns with the Business Continuity Institute’s (BCI) Good Practice Guide and BS 25999, the British Standard for business continuity management.

If you run a restaurant your business continuity plans need to ensure you keep your paying clients happy and your premises available. A recent request on LinkedIn for business continuity advice for restaurants and catering outlets went completely unanswered, so we decided to respond by collating the information for this article.  It includes a case study of a restaurant fire, general business continuity advice, some security issues for consideration and links to sample plans.
And, given there are so many  of them, you’d think that Google would have a lot of advice for anyone seeking business continuity for restaurant management, wouldn’t you?  But specifically tailored information is actually quite scarce.  For ease, we’ve collaged a lot of it here in one place.
We also point out that there are business opportunities for restaurants in terms of supportin the business continuity plans of businesses in your area.  If you can provide catering facilities or  a recovery location to a large local business as part of their business continuity plans, you may be able to charge a small retainer for the service or agree a good rate for services that you can provide for them in advance of any issues occurring. Other very specific information to support your efforts is also available.  Though some of the following is created by public service organisations in a particular country, the advice is relevant for nearly everyone. The state of Louisiana in the USA offers advice to restaurants in the state which is particularly useful for those with severe weather issues on their risk registers.  It’s called Do You Have a Gameplan? Their booklet, Counter Terrorism Protective Security Advice for Hotels and Restaurants, provides a lot of information and some rather good checklists. Starbucks share their business continuity planning learning and offer free powerpoint slides.  Read more here.
A ski resort suffered a breakout of E, coli poisoning and recorded their learning.  Read more here. A Wendy’s customer claimed to find half a finger in a cup of chilli and, some say, didn’t handle it very well.  Read more here.

If you’re not sure how to go about this, sign up for our free online course by popping your email address in the box at the top right of this page. And finally, there ‘s a really useful article available with advice and instructions on how to watch what others are saying about you, particularly online, and how to engage with good and bad feedback and reviews in this Open Forum guide. Please note any other resources that you’ve come across in the comments box to share them with others. DisclaimerReliance on information, downloads, material, advice, or other linked or recommended resources shall be at your sole risk.
These services are designed to provide strategic solutions to mitigate and manage risk, thereby minimizing loss, both financially and physically. Our newsletter and free course are automated by the respected, super-secure AWeber system, which stores only your email address.

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business continuity and crisis management definition

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