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The Business and Financial Management Examination is mandatory for all first time applicants for a State of Florida contracting license, regardless of the type of license required. Knowledge of business structure laws and regulations Knowledge of fiduciary responsibilities of officers and directors Knowledge of open vs. In addition to the books specified above by the state of Florida for the exam, Florida Licenses and Corporations, Inc., offers our Work Book, this book will show the student most of the most important articles to be considered in all of the above state approved books. The University’s industry-experienced professors lead modern courses that promote forward thinking within the classroom. Professor King strives to make his course one that connects the dots and fully explains the secrets used in the Silicon Valley startup world. He has spent his career inventing tools to easily create visual representation tools that utilize the methodology of Holistic Problem Solving (HPS). He finds that his course is tailored to give students the usable knowledge needed to understand why companies struggle and the empowerment to learn from the mistakes of others. O SlideShare utiliza cookies para otimizar a funcionalidade e o desempenho do site, assim como para apresentar publicidade mais relevante aos nossos usuarios. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
Choose an organization with which your team is familiar.Develop a research question arising from an organizational dilemma.

Once an applicant has obtained a license, and he is applying for additional licenses, this particular examination is not required to obtain those other additional licenses. The school also offers their students the Construction Calculator and the approved Tabs to place in the different reference books. Faculty have worked hard to build out a program that excels at teaching students the cutting-edge skills necessary to conduct business in the 21st century. Courses like Non-Linear Strategies for Business Success, offered this Summer by Professor Rodney King, highlight this pedagogy. His class utilizes the ideas and standards of modern entrepreneurs to illuminate how individuals can get the most out of their companies. His industry expertise includes working with companies to develop visual business models that show the end-to-end possibilities of a plan. The Professor’s work with HPS focuses on ways to reduce the high turnover rate of Silicon Valley startups.
Students in the class are offered the opportunity to apply their in-class knowledge to hands-on training.
Professor King believes that being able to create a visually viable business model is the best way to prove its scalability and potential for success.
Professor King hopes each student will leave the course with a do-it-yourself attitude that gives students the confidence to see projects through to the end.

Also, check out a recent ITU write-up on Agile Management to learn even more about the business methodologies of Silicon Valley. The classes covering this course and the trade portion (second day) of the exam are covered on a period spanning 13 Saturday classes. He finds that his multi-faceted background gives him a unique perspective on business model development.
The objective of this task is to avoid wasting resources by rapidly and inexpensively learning how to obtain maximum learning while minimizing the risk of launching a scalable business model,” continues Professor King.
It will be administered in one session via computer in the calm atmosphere of one of our convenient testing centers at a time of your choosing. You should be prepared to respond to examination questions on any of the content areas listed. Questions asked and content areas tested on previous examinations should not be assumed to be the only possible questions to be asked or content areas to be tested on this examination. The percentage of questions shown for each content area may vary as much as plus or minus three (3) percent.

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business course sheffield

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