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Our video lectures have been designed in a way to help you understand the core details of business management. Some of the core and crucial ideas which we will talk about in our lectures which will help you in improving your business management expertise include the following.
While there are a lot more topics which we will be covering; these are the ones that will help you set the right foundation upon which you can then fine tune your learning further. We have a series of lectures and well trained videos which is going to help you become adept at business management.
Whether you’ve been working with numbers for years, or haven’t taken a math class since middle school, online accounting courses offer an in-depth, practical and effective way to earn your degree and launch a satisfying career in accounting. With more than 150 schools offering online accounting courses, there’s a huge range of educational options literally at your fingertips. With rolling start dates, virtual classrooms and mobile apps, school is probably more flexible and efficient than you remember. Many colleges facilitate online communities geared toward individual majors or specific interests.
Many online schools offer “stackable” accounting coursework, in which you can start by earning a certificate and progress all the way to the master’s level. Principles of Accounting (series) – Learn about the three most common types of accounting: financial, managerial and cost. Microeconomics – How do decisions made at the “micro” level—by individuals and business managers—affect the supply and demand of goods and services around the world?
Macroeconomics – Understand the forces that drive the ups and downs of the larger economy, from income and employment to government policy. Federal Tax – Here’s the accounting class that covers tax concepts, from gross income to adjusted, deductions to exclusions. A bachelor’s in accounting can help fling open the doors to a wide range of jobs, from government agencies to the video game industry and everywhere in between.
Intermediate Accounting (series) – You’ll gain a thorough understanding of both the theoretical and practical aspects of accounting by diving into balance sheets, financial reports, income statements, cash flow statements and much more.
Business Law – From contracts and crime investigation to estates and ethical dilemmas, learn how the U.S.
Applied Statistics – Also called business math or quantitative analysis, this class will challenge you to apply research and statistical skills to solve financial problems and make business decisions. Auditing – Put your investigative skills to work in this class, where you’ll learn how to evaluate a company’s records from top to bottom, including financial reports, internal controls, and Electronic Data Processing systems. Advanced Taxes – Hone your knowledge of the federal tax system with increasingly complex investigations into partnerships, corporations, estates and trusts. Accounting Information Systems – Learn how to integrate accounting software with the principles of the field. Accounting Electives – Once you’ve mastered the core classes, you’ll choose from a wide range of elective accounting courses that reflect the diversity of the field.

No longer restricted to number-crunching, today’s accounting professionals are highly valued experts who guide decisions at every level of business. If you want to earn your degree but don't think school is possible, our Working Mom's Guide to Going Back to School will answer all your questions and help you find solutions. Program outcomes vary according to each institution's specific curriculum and employment opportunities are not guaranteed. Learning new skills is a great way to expand your mind and get ahead in your career a€” and it's easier than ever with a plethora of online classes just a click away.
A good place to start is with this year's most popular Coursera courses from top universities. Not only will your foundation be set in an apt manner, but at the same time, you are going to get an idea of advanced concepts related to the same.
When you are working on business management ideals, you need to be well versed in the dynamics of human behavior because it is humans who influence your business output. Many are online-only colleges, but dozens of traditional brick-and-mortar universities and community colleges also offer online accounting courses. As you investigate online options for accounting courses, ask schools how they will support your goals. These virtual hubs can be a great way to connect with other accounting students and get help with issues that arise along the way—whether it’s a math question or a resource for working moms. Ask if accounting classes will incorporate popular software, such as Intuit’s QuickBooks, into the program. Typically, you’ll log in once a week to listen to a live lecture and participate (in real time) by keyboarding your comments and questions. If you’re starting from scratch, a two-year associate’s degree (which might require less time if you’ve already earned some college credits) will provide a firm grounding in the basics of accounting. You’ll work with balance sheets, income statements, retained earnings statements and cash flow statements—all of which help to measure the financial health of a business. An introductory course in business statistics will equip you with the skills to evaluate and analyze business data as you create reports, tables and charts. You’ll go beyond individual markets to look at the national and global factors that affect the performance of the economy as a whole. You’ll go beyond simple W2 wages to see how investments, business income (or loss) and transactions factor into a tax return. In this series of two or three classes, Instructors often use case studies and pose ethical queries to bring the material to life.
You’ll also examine business practices through the lens of legal liability and professional ethics.
An advanced class will teach you to plan and research taxes in conjunction with business decision-making.
From general ledgers and accounts receivable to invoicing, inventory and payroll, you’ll get a thorough grounding in the computerized accounting applications most commonly found in business.

A management class will give you a solid grounding in management theory and practice, illustrated with real-world problems and scenarios. From government and non-profit accounting, to international business and fraud examination, you’ll pick the classes that round out your education and help put you on course to a new career.
By studying this wide-ranging field, you’ll gain the skills to analyze and interpret financial data and, just as importantly, to communicate clearly with executives and other business stakeholders. They range from an introduction to the programming language Python to mastering the art of negotiating. It includes topics ranging from business communications to strategic management, econometric modeling, six signal models and more. The portfolio has to be managed thoroughly and the security aspects must be analyzed for improving your business output.
The online option is ideal for working adults, enabling log in and learn at your convenience.
Often formatted as go-at-your-own-pace tutorials, these bite-size courses are a great way to build your confidence and brush up on key terms and concepts before starting your formal accounting coursework. While you don’t need expert-level computer skills to jump into an accounting class, expect to use the Microsoft Office basics—Excel, Word and PowerPoint—to complete projects and presentations. Course delivery software should also include a discussion board where the instructor posts questions, and students post their answers.
These classes, typically offered in a series of two or three, will train you to think about numbers from a management perspective.
After this class, terms like “business forecast,” “probability theory” and “linear regression” will be part of your everyday vocabulary. In a microeconomics class, you’ll learn how small decisions affect the larger economic picture.
Expect to examine actual cases to understand how business law relates to the global economy. In a class with other working professionals, students might have the opportunity to share case studies drawn from their own work lives. Online accounting courses are the flexible, efficient way to become fluent in the language of numbers.
You’ll also submit your homework—projects, essays and quizzes—via the online teaching platform.

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