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Home » FAQ » What is the difference between marketing and business development? Posted on: December 21, 2004 Initially, professional service firms hired marketing people. If you ask a lawyer, accountant or surveyor they may express this issue in terms of marketing being ‘a central function involved in brochures, events and media relations’ and business development being ‘at the front line selling to clients and generating new work’. The following diagrams help to explain the different processes involved in business development in a professional firm. When we consider the classical marketing mix we will see that whilst marketing consists of the following elements: product, price, place, people, process, physical evidence and promotions (marketing communications) we find that selling is but one tool in the armoury of promotions along with advertising, public relations, sales promotion and direct marketing. Historically, the fee-earners would prevent marketers from having much direct contact with their clients which meant that the marketing staff were only able to help selling and client development activities from behind the scenes and at arm’s length. But increasingly, marketing and selling activity is being devolved to the different departments and offices within firms so you might find, for example, a business development manager with responsibility for marketing, selling and client development for an entire market (e.g.
However, due to the nature of the work in many professional services firms many marketing people have developed the required professional selling skills and are capable of providing the support and results that are sought in this area.
As always, if there are particular topics you would like me to address in the future, please let me know.

What books should someone read if they are starting out in professional services marketing? A new name in training and developmentA brand new name in training and development has arrived in Swansea. GCS Training offers an extensive and flexible business portfolio which includes professional courses, higher education, vocational learning, apprenticeships and continuous professional development. Many courses are unique to GCS Training in the South West Wales area and all are delivered by industry professionals who have worked extensively in the sector in which they teach. Various funding streams are available and the team can advise on the best options for each business. In a functionally organised marketing department it is usual to find the marketing specialists in subjects such as electronic publishing, advertising, web design, media relations, event management and so on in a central marketing team.
A marketer starved of direct client contact is operating at a severe disadvantage and unlikely to be able to provide an effective support for selling and client development activities.
It is entirely possible for a classically trained and professionally qualified marketing person to have little or no experience in selling or account (client) management.
These people manage to effectively combine marketing, selling, client development – in fact, all aspects of the business development process.

You will also find a source of more and up to date information on a broad range of management and marketing issues in the professions by checking out the blog where I also post regular reviews of books that might be helpful. This enables them to put theories into practice, offering a real insight into the skills and knowledge needed to have an impact in today’s competitive business world. Coinciding with the Ospreys v Leicester game, the launch also saw contributions from The Performance Factory and 96.4FM The Wave. Very often, the fee-earners will be unaware of the marketers involved in market research, branding, product development, pricing, analysis and targeting.
At the Chartered Institute of Marketing, there are different study and examination routes for marketing and sales professionals. With a smaller market or service scope, it is possible for the marketer to provide support across all business development functions. So sometimes when professional service firms hire marketing people, they do not realise that what they actually want is a sales or account management professional.

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business development courses new york yankees

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