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With the increasingly globalized business world, leaders need to be able to form solid relationships across borders – with both colleagues based abroad, as well as customers and business partners. Executives spend much of their time persuading and being persuaded by others with words rather than figures, expressing sentiments and visions rather than quantitative models.
To do this, leaders must have the interpersonal capabilities it requires to build strong working relationships, and cultivate a network of highly trusted colleagues. With more than 150 000 MBAs being granted in the US alone each year, there is competition for employment at the top companies.
Therea€™s just no getting around the simple truth: Solid business leadership is essential for a company to grow to its maximum potential.
Ita€™ll help you identify your strengths and opportunities, and give you some insight into what it takes to be great. If you are a leader who wants to learn how to become a person of excellence, or how to hone you excellence skills, this section will give you some tips to start you on your journey. Do a reality check – Every small business owner should use a 360 degree survey tool to get the feedback from your employees (full time, part time, contract, remote employees and freelancers). Talk to your employees about your mission – From time to time, you need to talk with your employees about your mission and the plans for the future of the business.
Always maintain a positive attitude – Positive attitude has power in more ways than one. Even while making tough decisions, a good business leader will keep in mind the welfare of his team and all the people who work for him. Become a great leader by using a Project Management App that will keep your tasks on schedule and completed on time. Maximizers, like Activators, want to get things done, but they also want to preserve the good that exists within an organization. Any one of these leadership styles left on their own without compensating forces will unravel. Over and above skills in analysis, market sizing, and financial modeling, business leaders need to possess ‘soft’ skills – leadership, communication, interpersonal skills. They really do focus on the soft skills when they make their hiring decisions.” In a recent survey of 508 MBA employers from around the world, QS TopMBA found that people skills, strategic thinking, and leadership were the three most important qualities for their MBA hires.
To stand apart from the rest, it is key to display a creative and innovative entrepreneurial spirit. Prior to joining the Prodigy team in March 2013, she worked in the tech start-up industry, primarily specializing in the development of online tools for driving performance management and employee engagement.
Since the leader sets the tone and the pace for its organization, it's imperative that you read industry publications, as well as general business pubs.
Leadership skills are not inborn or accidental traits; it can be learned and consciously put into practice in our daily routine. You can simply let your employees know that you want their honest opinion about you and also ensure them that you will not use their feedback against them.
As a business leader, you should exude optimism which will help your staff avoid patterns of negativity.

Your business will neither grow nor become successful if you have a bunch of people who are unhappy or disgruntled. Take time out to compliment and praise your team and staff if they have achieved something remarkable.
When you are passionate and enthusiastic about what you do, you would be willing to take the responsibility of failure. Apart from motivating people and being a good business leader, it’s important to have charted out a good business plan to make your venture a success. Without it, no amount of money, resources or talent will ever achieve sustainable success for any organization.But with it, all other odds and obstacles can be overcome. Follow this process to become a more effective leader:Lead yourself firstThe most important and most difficult person to lead will always be yourself. Your interest in this newsletter may be used by The Globe to deliver more relevant content, advertising and promotions. Republication or redistribution of Thomson Reuters content, including by framing or similar means, is prohibited without the prior written consent of Thomson Reuters.
Every leader has their own unique voice and their own individual approach to people and projects. Not because it makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside (In fact, the very best teams have few warm fuzzies). They get things done and really don’t care whose idea it is (or who gets the credit for that idea). They know that too much change can be disruptive and bring a natural diplomacy to the situations they are in. Developers can be impatient when solutions dona€™t work immediately and too quick to find an alternative. Information and financial models can be learned and applied by most, but true innovation and leadership is what sets the great MBA graduates apart from the good. Similarly, if your enterprise has to grow quickly and steadily, you need to be a good business leader.
Create a safe and neutral environment for them if you want them to be open and honest with you.
This will better let them know what their roles and contributions to the growth of the business are. Your leadership style should be such that people should be able to talk to you freely about their work issues. Leadership is what moves us from point A to point B; leadership is what makes each of us all that we have the potential to be. Thomson Reuters is not liable for any errors or delays in Thomson Reuters content, or for any actions taken in reliance on such content. It also means bringing others into your inner circle who have a very different style than yours, trusting them and listening to them to compensate for your weaknesses.
Activators can push oneself and others too hard for results and burn everyone out, including themselves.

As a leader, you need to make things happen, to set good examples, motivate and guide your employees through the good and bad times. If you are not optimistic about your ways of conducting business, it can negatively affect the mindset and productivity of those who work for you. Developers also enjoy creative ideas, but their drive is to take action on those ideas, so their list of things on the blank piece of paper is shorter than the Innovator’s.
Maximizers can fail to take action on critical initiatives if the decision is perceived as unpopular.
Then recruit other leaders who are very different from you, listen to them deeply and trust them completely. It can give you great influence over creating a positive mentality within your organization.
And Stabilizers can apply systems and processes too rigidly,A insisting on a policy for every situation and paralyzing the organization. Your actions and decision making techniques should instill trust and confidence in your employees. This would motivate them to start performing better which will increase their productivity and your business graph will start showing an upward curve. Conduct yourself with the same level of discipline and maturity that you expect from others – and you will get it.Cast your visionNo matter how strong your leadership and persuasion skills are, without a vision, your team is going nowhere fast.
The purpose of this part of the site is to help you become a great leader by cultivating your the skills you already possess.
One of the defining traits that separates leaders from everybody else is that they know where they are going two, five, 10, 15 and 25 years from now. Secondly, you must be able to clearly and vividly communicate this vision to others in a compelling way that will persuade them to follow you. You need to communicate to them why their lives will be better off for having achieved this.Lead othersFinally, it is critical for all leaders to have exceptionally strong interpersonal skills. Interacting with and persuading others is both an art and a science, and it includes:Understanding others.
You need to understand what drives people’s desires, fears, needs, wants and why they react the way they do in a variety of situations.
You need to be able to see a situation from perspectives other than your own.Motivating others. The key to motivating anybody to do anything is to speak in terms of their needs and wants. Encourage your followers to reach for their highest potential and to believe in themselves (by your believing in them first). If you could be the one to show somebody the person who they were born to become and help them get there, I guarantee that person will be with you for a long time.Richard Lorenzen is the CEO of Fifth Avenue Brands , a New York-based public relations and digital media firm.

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