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BSB51107 Diploma of ManagementSupporting and enhancing skills development for Middle Managers across all organisational types and business environments.
BSB60407 Advanced Diploma of ManagementFor Senior Management, focused on strategic directions for their organisation, and for those who are managing complex structures.
The purpose of the Business Administration Diploma program is to provide students with the skills necessary to work in the area of Business Management. This 25-week diploma program is instructor-driven, allowing students to navigate quickly through a solid foundation theory.
Business communications is designed to develop the writing skills of individuals who need excellent written and verbal communication skills in their business activities.
This course builds on the principles developed in Business Communications 1 by providing further guidance on developing communication skills.
This course introduces the students to the construction and interpretation of financial systems, records, reports and statements, including how accurate and complete financial data is for a business to ensure its ongoing success. This course is a continuation of the work stated in the course of Introduction to Accounting. Improving organizational effectiveness by studying behavior in organizations is the focus of this course. This course is designed to provide the students with an overview of the marketing concept and how it can be applied to any type of organization or service.
This course introduces students to the Canadian legal system, dispute resolution, and torts including product liability, contracts, sale of goods, agency, employment, business structures, personal and intellectual property, E-commerce and international trade. This course helps students prepare the required skills and knowledge they need to become and remain employed.

During my time at Brighton College I met many new friends from different cultures and was able to enjoy many different social activities. Information Technology has become a crucial and vital component in all aspects of modern life. We are a student-oriented community with organized advising sessions, approachable advisors and a student- friendly environment. We teach our students how to craft a news story, how to direct a TV program, how to orchestrate a public-relations campaign and most importantly how to understand media issues in their socio-economic and global contexts. Below this description, you find a resume example for a Healthcare Administrative Specialist. Other areas are also featured which include client relations, support services, consulting and office operations. Perform various specialized, critical administrative function for multiple health care departments. Participants will gain valuable and comprehensive knowledge that reflects the most current practices and trends in today's dynamic global environment.
The curriculum includes experiential lectures and workshops facilitated by specialized industry experts who have at least 5 years working experience in the industry.
Most are a combination of experiential classroom based lectures, workshops and seminars, small group discussions and presentations, role plays and debates.
An overview of computer hardware, terminology, and windows is followed by an introduction to the current widely used business software such as Microsoft Office. Students will gain insight into written and verbal communication including using technology to provide a high level of professionalism.

This course is the first in a series of courses to build a solid base in accounting from both a practical and a theoretical perspective. This course provides the students with the introduction to the construction and interpretation of financial systems, records, reports, statements including how vital accurate and complete financial data is for a business to ensure its ongoing success.
They will learn the best known job search techniques to help them differentiate themselves from competition, find viable opportunities and make a case for why and how they will add value to prospective employer in today’s competitive global economy. The client is interested in someone presentable, who has a great attention to detail, is friendly, enthusiastic and has the ability to multi task.
The IT Diploma and Bachelor , which is offered by Fujairah College , prepares graduates to join the workforce in the UAE and in the Eastern region as qualified IT professionals.
The resume uses a unique format with column on the left side to highlight areas of expertise such as office management, medical services, administrative support and account management. The program delivers current business concepts and real-life examples to illustrate a worldly view of the business environment.
In particular, the students learn word processing; spreadsheets, the use of graphics for presentations with PowerPoint and the database create. A Brighton College Business Administration Diploma will be granted to students who successfully complete the program.

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business management and business administration difference

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