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The International Professional Managers Association (IPMA) is an International Professional body formed for the purpose of providing practicing managers with the opportunity to participate and to be part of the process of improving managerial performance and effectiveness in all areas of business and industrial activity. All courses will be conducted in the classroom, interaction between teacher and students is encouraged at all times.
Essay and multiple choice questions are set for exams and students are expected to achieve a minimum pass for all 6 modules for their graduation requirement.
Each module’s duration is approximately 2 months, hence students can enrol at each module. Newton International College offers a variety of professional programs at diploma, advanced diploma and postgraduate diploma levels with partnership with IPMA. Building on your existing knowledge of accounting and preparing you for degree level study or employment. Helping those pursuing a career in administration to acquire vital administrative, technical and interpersonal skills.
For those who wish to build on their existing administration skills and further develop their technical and interpersonal skills.

A course for those who wish to pursue a career in marketing, advertising, public relations or the media. An introductory course for those who wish to pursue a career in the ever-changing world of business.
Designed to stretch your knowledge and challenge your ideas in relation to important business topics.
Enhance your knowledge of key business functions and develop a good understanding of the business world.
Helping you to develop basic personal attributes and abilities needed for working in a professional administrative environment. Providing you with a detailed insight into legal services in preparation for further study or employment.
Helping you to acquire vital technical and interpersonal skills so that you can pursue a successful career in administration. A course for those who wish to progress in the field of management, but have no formal training.

Learn to process financial transactions and prepare accounting reports for a small business.
Learn to recognise external factors that affect the performance of companies in the modern business environment.
A study of fundamental principles for effective word processing and the creation of presentations.
Enhance your understanding of financial record keeping and accounting using specialist accounting software. Das eingetragene Anbebot an Masterstudiengangen befindet sich unter den Details auf einen Blick. Library is also available for students, where textbooks are provided for all courses conducted at Newton International College.

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business management college cape town

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