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If you are interested in learning Medical or Business English or take the IELTS preparation classes in London, please consider our London Central English Language School. The Association of Business Executives (ABE) is an International Examining Body and provider of business and management qualifications,leading onto Degree and Masters routes. If you do not meet the formal entry requirements specified, Foundation Entry offers an alternative route to study this degree. Foundation Entry is an alternative route for those who wish to study an undergraduate Honours degree but don’t meet the formal entry requirements. Full-time: Four years, or five years with 48-weeks industrial placement or international study in Year 3. Applicants 21 years and over, with no specific qualifications but with appropriate career experience may apply. Applicants under 21 and coming directly from formal education will be accepted without interview, providing they have attained 180 points.
Full-time: three years, or four years with 48-weeks industrial placement or international study in Year 3. This course provides an excellent combination if you are interested in learning about international markets and contemporary management approaches.
View our fantastic facilities, learn more about your course of interest and get an insight into student life. The third year has a central core which focuses upon strategic decision making and management issues and the role these play in the survival and competitiveness of the international firm. The International Business element adopts a global perspective and has core modules in international business in all three years.
The Management element is designed to give students a clear insight into the world of management and management processes.
We are renowned for developing graduates who are highly employable and have strong entrepreneurial skills. It is possible to spend part or all of your second year of study participating in a study exchange to Europe, the USA, Australia or Mexico, and there are generous travel bursaries to support this. The first year international business modules help you to develop an understanding of the issues and key factors in the international business environment, and provide some basic skills and concepts necessary for further study, including an introduction to financial and management accounting.
Second year core modules develop and extend your understanding of international business theories and their relevance to the operations of international firms.
We have a strong business network between local and national businesses which you will benefit from, for example, there is an opportunity to attend guest speaker events, which are organised in conjunction with the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) and Chartered Institute of Marketing (CiM). You will benefit from a variety of teaching and learning methods including: lectures, seminars, practical workshops, group activities, personal research and case studies. During your first year you will, on average, attend between 12 and 14 hours of formal study per week. In the 2014 National Student Survey (NSS) our business courses ranked 1st in the North West and 11th nationally. We set the standard for quality education with over 625 world-class instructors and more than 185 standard and 700 custom IT training and management courses offered.
These degree courses are structured to provide the foundation for lifelong learning and give students a understanding of the internal functions and structures of organisations.
Alongside this they will be introduced to a wide range of management topics such as organising internal resources, managing risk or uncertainty and analysing business issues. This allows them to build a firm foundation and programme of study and encourages them to think beyond the completion of the degree and to take ownership of their future.
Programmes are designed to be both practical and work-based, thereby enabling students to transfer what they’ve learnt directly at university to any work environment. Throughout my previous studies I have strived to develop a sound knowledge of those skills that will have practical value when looking for work and will enhance my employability. I am currently working part time as an office assistant with an accountancy firm, based in Leeds. In the pursuit of my ambitions I have been faced with many options as to what course and university to choose. Your course allows students to gain a broad understanding of the different areas of business as well including a year of work placement which is invaluable in the graduate jobs market.
I have always been interested in business from a early age and I feel this is a natural degree for me to before I can proceed to a related career. I chose the Business Studies degree course as I wanted to gain a good all-round understanding of business operations. After talking to your lecturers I was really impressed with the passion they brought to their subjects and their willingness to offer extra support and encouragement to students. The resources at your institution are excellent, your Business School is based in a modern building, fully equipped with lecture theatres and state-of-the-art computer suites. If you’re interested in a career in management, with the emphasis on the sports industry, then you can progress your foundation degree or HND studies to degree level on this BSc Sports Business Management course, and study sport from a strategic perspective in both a national and global context.

Applications from individuals with non-standard qualifications, industry professional qualifications, relevant work or life experience and who can demonstrate the ability to cope with and benefit from degree-level studies are welcome and considered on an individual basis. The BSc (Hons) Sports Business (Management) top-up degree equips you with the skills, knowledge and experience to become a leader and manager in the sports sector. Key themes are explored through specialist modules in Sport which reinforce the vocational dimension of the programme. The course is highly globalised, both in its content and delivery as there is the opportunity to undertake international case studies and to compare the business of sport management in the UK with our European and International counterparts – so you’ll become adept at understanding and analysing the challenges sport faces in other cultures. We are committed to delivering academic learning of the highest quality, helping you to stretch your mind and fulfil your university ambitions. Sport is a booming sector in the UK offering lots of graduate opportunities locally and internationally.
The course enjoys strong, live links with industry including Wigan Warriors, Preston City Council and CIMSPA (Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity). Formal teaching on the degree programme will be in the form of lectures, seminars, workshops, online activities and tutorials. The modules on the course are assessed through a diverse range of assessment methods, including essays, reports, presentations, practical activities, exams and debates. My lasting memories of UCLan are the vibrant supported learning environments, the great facilities the university offers and some of the learning experiences that were so significant to me I can still remember them vividly - continuing to use these for both my own and to support others' development. I’m now a Centre Manager, responsible for the daily operation, strategic direction and performance of one of Bupa's Health Clinics. The courses in the Business Faculty reflect the diverse nature of skills required in business ? and are focused on developing your career.
The area of business management takes in a broad range of courses, all designed to help you further a career in management ? whether that?s managing personnel or managing your own business.  Here?s where you?ll find the skills, knowledge and confidence you need. The courses in this sections are written to provide you with greater knowledge and understanding of the key skills you personally require for increased effectiveness in the workplace and will help to improve your workplace knowledge and relationships. Whether you?re just setting out on a career in book-keeping or accounting, or you?ve reached a particular level and need to advance your skills and qualifications, you?ll find the course you need here ? with exams ranging from A Levels to qualifications awarded by professional bodies. Working in a business environment can be dynamic and challenging.  The courses in this section all aim to help you advance your career, in a way that?s appropriate to your skills, background and level. If a career in sales or marketing appeals to you, choosing the appropriate course will give you a head start over the competition. These courses are suitable for anyone wishing to learn the knowledge, skills and tools essential to the many facets of environment.
Social Care with Children & Families (Level 4) CourseCOURSE OVERVIEW A distance learning course is the ideal way to gain a qualification in Social Care with Children & Families. ABE has 'Awarding Body' status in the United Kingdom and is also recognized in many other countries worldwide.
An additional, preliminary year of study provides the skills and confidence to succeed at Honours degree level. If they satisfy the criteria they will be invited for interview and assessment, prior to a final decision. You’ll learn about the issues that affect international firms and the importance of understanding the culture of a market. The modules develop critical theoretical understanding of issues facing management whilst at the same time enhancing skills and competences relevant to managerial work. This course offers a 48-week work placement opportunity where you will have the chance to work in a real business and gain vital work experience that will assist you in gaining employment when you graduate. The management modules provide a general appreciation of management theory, and introduce a student centred programme of management skill development, focusing on communication, interpersonal and team skills.
They also encourage you to examine differing cultural values and their influence upon the operations of the international company.
The companies we work with offer internships, placements, live projects and mentors to provide you with excellent practical experience. In your final year you will have the opportunity to undertake an independent dissertation or company project. In the second and final year attendance will vary depending on which options are chosen but typically between 10-12 hours per week. We scored highly for our access to IT facilities and an increase in students’ self-confidence. It is a programme of study that is designed to prepare students for careers in commerce and management. The curriculum at each stage of the course will expose students to a wide variety of fields, such as; strategic planning, organisational policies, employee relations, finance, marketing and technology.
Once on a course students are offered a wide ranging choices that will allow them to tailor their degree and focus it a particular subject area. To ensure students realise their potential and become more competent many institutions allow and encourage their undergraduates to undertake a period of work experience and placements. You can use this example to gain an idea of how to structure and put together your own one.

To achieve my ambitions I am currently looking to join an academic institution that will give me an excellent grounding in the core areas of business studies, including: strategic planning, marketing, business law and human resource management.
I have already achieved high grades in and possess a comprehensive understanding of key business areas such as accounting, entrepreneurship and business analysis.
There I work in the accounts management team, helping to attract new clients and look after existing ones.
I am looking to join a programme that can be tailored and developed to the changing economic and commercial climate. Within the course there are a number of opportunities for you to gain invaluable work experience while tailoring your programme of study to suit your interests and ambitions. You will study core business management disciplines such as strategy and management and professional development, along with modules exploring the contemporary global sports business environment. Management and professional development is emphasised throughout the year, enhancing your employability skills and our commitment to continuing your professional development. And following the Olympics 2012 legacy and the upcoming sporting events in the UK over the next decade, a degree in Sports Business Management will lead to a diverse array of opportunities including sports management, performance, coaching, a career in public service or the army.
To support the learning environment, real-world scenarios will be embedded into the course, where appropriate.
From marketing to accountancy, personnel management to sales, there is a wide range of courses available, whether you are starting out in the business world, or looking for extra qualifications to gain a promotion.  The Business Faculty has been split into seven units, with specialist advisors for each unit, who have the detailed technical understanding to answer all your questions and fully support you through whatever course you choose.
You will have the opportunity to learn about the formation, anatomy, processes and interactions of and between plants and animals, the effects of pollution and conservation, human interaction with plants, adaptation of the environment in extreme conditions, and much more.
There are personal development modules that will help you to gain the skills for a successful career in business. There are strong links with the managerial community and students are actively encouraged to apply theory to practice through shadowing and observing managers in their jobs as well as undertaking project and research tasks within local organisations.
In addition, you will have further opportunities for real-world work experience through short internships, volunteering and much more. The School also offers a number of electives and options that provide students with an opportunity to gain an additional professional body qualification. Exams account for no more than 50 per cent of the final mark (with exception of the accounting modules). It does this by equipping students with the practical skills, academic qualifications and knowledge that will enhance their employability.
Undergraduates will learn amongst other things about the role of the manager within an organisation, be taught how to effectively communicate with employees, analyse competitive environments and develop successful strategies. You are strongly advised not to copy or plagiarise it, instead use it as a resource to inspire your own creative writing. Although these achievements required a lot of self discipline and motivation on my behalf, I really enjoyed the experience of learning them in a classroom environment and putting them to practice on practical projects. After researching and evaluating all of my options I am confident enough to say that I believe I have made the right decision to study at your university and am certain that your institution will exceed my expectations.
In addition, emphasis is placed on developing a range of personal and academic skills with the option for progression to further study. Examining sports business management from a range of perspectives, the course links theory and practice, drawing on contemporary research and issues in sports business.
You’ll also have the opportunity to undertake a range of additional opportunities, including work experience. They are all currently research active and are passionate about embedding their latest research into the syllabus.
Course materials and a wide range of supporting resources are made available to you online and new technologies, such as podcasting, discussion boards and blogs are integrated into teaching and learning activities.
You’ll have the option to study abroad or take a paid placement and develop a foreign language.
Many of our students have secured placements and summer internships for companies such as Marriott and Disney in the USA. A foreign language can also be taken as an option and it is possible to spend time overseas in a study exchange programme at one of our partner institutions.
You will also have the option to develop your skills in a variety of areas such as IT, web searching, social media, advanced excel and specialist Microsoft packages.
On this course you will be allocated a personal tutor who can assist with academic queries.

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