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And what I mean by that is, you need to start getting into the mindset of building Leaders within your organization. There will always be those 2 or 3 people within your business who understand you, your company concepts, and your business goals. Sure, you can have someone come into your organization with 3 College Degrees, and even a couple of Doctorates to be the boss. Located in Arkansas, Essential Office Support offers top quality virtual assisting and project and online business management services.
Our goal is to exceed the expectations of every client by offering superior product and project management, outstanding customer service, results driven marketing strategies and knowledgeable consulting, thus improving business operation efficiency and ensuring maximum profits. Having someone to oversee day-to-day business operations and coordinate with and manage others leaves you free to work on things only you can do. Watch this webinar to find out how easy it can be to grow Managed Services revenue, reduce your stress levels and make scaling your business easier with the GFI MAX Building Blocks to Managed Services Program. Chris Martin discusses some of the techniques that you can use to help grow your business, reduce your risks and increase profits.
The Easy Shift Scheduler saves you headaches and time by allowing you to simply specify your daily shifts and then assign them to up to 25 people using drop-down menus of available shifts.
Employee time management software for real time tracking of tasks and preventing wasted time. Excel spreadsheet that creates schedules where each employee can be assigned to a category, a location and a time each day for one week. Evaluate the different proposals you received for your RFP by using our RFP Evaluation Sheet that consists of excel spreadsheets costing much less than the other standard RFP evaluation software out there. This program helps you to manage your customer information and prints envelope to your customers.
We have created a flexible, easy-to-use and easy-to-administrator Incident Tracking System.
BigAnt Lan Messenger Pro is an all-in-one solution to let you manage and share company documents through an instant manager dashboard.
Sales professionals and sales teams sell smarter and win more by mastering contacts, deals, campaigns, appointments, and tasks within a framework built from the ground up for selling: Desktop Sales Office.
This software allow you to add the Baseline Work Report to Project Reader, the viewer for Microsoft Project. You know that you need this information, since you are getting so sick and tired of seeing your business not growing. As well, those people will be very loyal to you and your brand, and it doesn't matter if you are just their Manager, or Regional Vice President, or just the one and only Business Owner.
And that is all they expect of you to let them be, and pay them super big money, and that is fine sometimes.
The Top 3 Steps To Ensure Success In Your BiZ are there to help you, to prosper you, to even deliver you from hidden financial traps that are bent on ruining you.

Now it's time to let someone else handle the day-to-day operations while you focus on the things only you can do. Without her to manage, and essentially, run my business, I’d be standing still. Frankly, my time is best spent on product development, nurturing connections, and marketing my business, because that’s where the money is. She has enabled me to successfully market my books and reach a much broader market than I could by myself. Many times, you end up chasing contractors to the point where you're not really benefiting from outsourcing in the first place! It simply means you're letting someone else carry the burden of being the multi-tasker, ensuring everything is running smoothly, deadlines are being met and customers are happy.
Time Doctor is useful for individuals and companies for time management and improving productivity. And the people who you have working for you and helping you, all seem to be clueless as well, and they just want their paycheck and go home.
So now with these 2 or 3 best people that you have on your hands, you have to start moving them around to learn all aspects of your business.
But too often I have seen this, where a little person with no big College Degree comes in, and they get thrown into the mail room, or in the maintenance department.
So if you follow the tips about: High Level Succession Planning, Move Around Your Best People, and go With The Heart And Not Always The Mind.
If I’m spending it managing all the little tasks, I’m not focused on growing. That’s why it makes good business sense to pay Melody to manage everything for me. You focus on all the little details in my business, so I keep myself focused on the big picture and making sure my business continually moves forward. But honestly, I think she’s better at using this stuff than I am, she even gave me tips for how to set things up to make it easier. She always handles the customer interactions in a VERY courteous, professional way, I couldn’t do a better job.
She is innovative; finding new ways and new places to market and she always goes the extra mile to make sure I'm 100% satisfied. So it is left up to you to run your business the right ways, to motivate others, to bring in new clients, to manage your suppliers, along with all other areas. And you know you have seen this time and time again, a person is the Number One Salesperson within a company for years, and upper Management decide to promote that person to Sales Manager, or Regional Sales Manager. And it is not to see what they are good at, it is to make sure they are well rounded within your company and can wear any hat on any given day. But that person has such a hungry caring heart, and such street smarts that you could not get this kind of education with 10 College Degrees. Then you are guaranteed to become a Business Icon, and hold your own against all The Captains Of Industry. I have to admit that, in the past, when people asked me, "Do you know a good VA?" I hesitated to mention you - only because I wanted to keep you all to myself! Her work is outstanding, always following up on details that I miss, being so caught up in my day-to-day work.

All because you dream of Big Success, you want the business to get to a point to manage itself, you want your subordinates to be able to do what you do, and you even want to be able to pursue your other life passions as you step into the next stage of life. Expecting that person to be able to duplicate their techniques and knowledge within others, but instead all sales figures are down every quarter. And what that will do for you is make that person a much better Salesperson of your brand, a better Team Member and a Better Partner to help you achieve your business goals. And this little person understands people, and know just what people want, instead of the big highly educated guy who has been trained in a corporate way to just look at numbers.
She has over 10 years of experience as a business manager, so trust me when I say; she can run your business better than you ever could.
Now I have to come to realize that you are one of the few professional VAs that only takes on work she can complete efficiently in a timely manner. I know they appreciate it and so do I. If you’re looking for a super responsible assistant who is capable of doing pretty much anything you could ever need, Melody is the right choice for you.
So today I intend to share with You, Fellow Money Getter, the top 3 steps to take for proper Business Management. After all, Business Management is just as much your business, as taking care of your customers. Because one, You failed to have built a High Level Succession Planning for that Number One Salesperson of yours. Besides, you have seen this time and time again, some people work at a company in one department for years, and they have no concept how it all tie in together. The over confident one and rightfully so, or the one who is not sure he or she belongs but has a gift that seems Biblical?
Two, You also failed to give proper Management Training to your newly Promoted, so that he or she can learn to teach others and mentor them to be able to do what he or she does. And so when they don't get their raises, or can't get time off, then all they can do is get mad. Always learn to go with your Heart then with your head, always learn to go with your Instincts then with all the numbers.
And this is the same for you if you decide to retire from your great business, if you did not pick A Protege or two to start building them and mentoring them, then everything will crumble. Because the numbers can always lie, but your Heart and Instincts are from a Higher Source, and they will never fail you.
But your Heart and Instincts were telling You that none of this makes any sense, and the bubble is about to burst.

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