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Individuals seeking to pursue positions in the hospitality industry or related areas often enroll in online hotel management degree programs and online hospitality degrees.
The coursework commonly includes hotel facility management, guest service management, hospitality managerial accounting, hospitality human resource management, and hospitality and tourism law. Summary: Ashford University strives to prepare students to create and deliver service in a variety of areas.
Degrees: Online Bachelor of Arts degree in service management that requires a total of 120 credits.
Tuition: The cost per credit hour is $402, with the total program costing about $48,240, making this one of the cheapest online hospitality degrees available. Summary: DeVry University offers programs that prepare students to pursue careers in hospitality management or tourism. Degrees: Bachelor’s degree in business administration with a specialization in hospitality management. Summary: Drexel University offers career-driven programs in hospitality management to prepare students for leadership roles in an array of national and international hospitality organizations.
Tuition: Tuition costs for the bachelor’s degree program are $43,135 and the tuition costs for the master’s degree program are $1,045 per credit hour.
Summary: The hospitality management programs at Fortis College strive to equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills to pursue entry-level positions in the hospitality field. Summary: Kaplan University’s business administration degree prepares students to pursue entry-level careers in complex business environments. Degrees: Associate of Applied Science in business administration with hospitality management career focus area. Tuition: The tuition costs for the program are $305 per credit hour, totaling about $27,450 for the entire program, making this one of the most affordable online hospitality management degree programs available.
Summary: Penn Foster Career School’s program prepares students to effectively manage a hotel or restaurant. Summary: Saint Leo University offers a program that prepares students for a lively career in the tourism field.
Summary: Schiller International University offers programs in international hospitality and tourism management for individuals who have a desire to interact with people around the globe.
Tuition: The cost of undergraduate tuition is $435 per credit hour and it is $575 per credit hour for graduate programs. Summary: The University of Phoenix’s hospitality, travel, and tourism program provides students an introduction to the principles of the hospitality business, including lodging management, food service, and tourism. We encourage you to use this information as a starting point as you explore the hospitality degree program that’s right for you.
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The tourism and hospitality industry is the #1 private employer in Florida as well as 35 other U.S. The AACSB accredited MBA in Hospitality Management at FAU prepares future leaders for the world’s largest service industry.
The Fall 2016 MBA in Hospitality Management degree program begins Tuesday and Thursday, August 23 & 25, 2016. The Executive Graduate Programs Office in the College of Business at Florida Atlantic University is home to the 23-month MBA program in Hospitality Management.
Our full service program is specially designed for those with busy personal and professional commitments as well as for those who prefer the convenience of a full service structured cohort program.
The focus of our MBA in Hospitality Management program is to provide an environment where a concentrated effort between professor and student results in the mastery of all of the components of a graduate-level, business administration curriculum.
The program allows participants to continue their professional responsibilities while earning a regionally-accredited MBA degree as full-time graduate students. Upon completion of the MBA program, you will have earned the Master of Business Administration degree together with an Hospitality Management specialization. The goal of the MBA is to prepare participating professionals to assume leadership roles so that they and their organizations can maximize their investments in Executive Education.
Upon graduation, you will have achieved and conferred upon you the degree, Master of Business Administration.

The FAU College of Business is proud to be an accredited member of AACSB (The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) International, the premier accreditation agency for Schools of Business worldwide.
Study in the Heart of Holland - Wittenborg University is located in Apeldoorn, where it has two locations - north and south of the railway station - only 3 minutes walk!
Study Business & Entrepreneurship in Amsterdam - Wittenborg's Amsterdam location is situated 5 minutes walk from the central railway station at a key location for entrepreneurial start-ups in the Dutch capital! The Spoorstraat location, Wittenborg's new teaching & research facility is situated next to the Apeldoorn central railway station. The first documented outbreak of Legionnaires disease occurred at a hotel in 1976 during an American Legion Convention. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for hotels to have Legionella bacteria lurking in their pipes. It can grow in unused fixtures, only to emerge when a guest takes a hot shower or uses the sink. Legionella is also known to frequent hot tubs and spas, both popular features in modern hotels.
In 2009, a Miami hotel was forced to close down due to a Legionella outbreak that sickened three people and killed one. Copper silver ionization is the perfect solution for long-term and preventative treatment of potable water. Your guests can continue to rest easy without fear of infection and you can rest assured knowing an unexpected shut-down isn’t just around the corner. If you’d like some more information about getting a copper silver system at your hotel or facility, please fill out our query form online or call the office. Contact UsWhether you need help with a facility crisis or you are interested in learning more about being proactive about Legionella, we are happy to help.
The hotel industry is a leading service field of today’s economy, and those who complete related degrees are prepared for jobs in management, sales, marketing and other areas in this field. Described below are ten of the best online hospitality management degree programs listed in alphabetical order. Students learn how to manage operations, evaluate logistics, look over the conditions of the market, and make calculated decisions.
Students are required to select one of four specializations: hospitality enterprise, restaurant enterprise management, non-profit enterprise, or mass-market retail enterprise management.
With a business degree and a specialization in hospitality management, graduates are prepared to manage every day operations of a variety of enterprises, such as large hotels, banquet facilities, and gaming venues. The programs build on the four primary strengths that are essential for success in hospitality management, including customer service, innovative management, international operations, and technology.
The bachelor’s degree program includes a co-op experience where students engage in six months of employment while competing their program.
The programs provide students with a solid understanding of the hospitality industry, including numerous department and students acquire management and supervisory abilities. The program is offered completely online and includes courses in tourism, customer service principles, hotel operations, food and beverage planning and control, resort management, and hospitality marketing. The program includes courses in global hospitality, hotel management and operations, meeting planning, food and beverage management, and convention sales and services. Students learn about marketing and sales, food preparation, accounting, sanitation, housekeeping, maintenance, legal aspects and insurance, alcohol beverages, and various other related topics. The program features faculty who have extensive experience and have visited almost 100 countries.
Students take a wide variety of courses, such as restaurant management, resort management, international tourism, convention management and event tourism. The programs provide excellent travel opportunities by enabling students to transfer to any campus worldwide without fines. The degree program requires 60 credit hours and include courses in travel and tourism, hospitality, finance for hospitality, and information technology in hospitality, travel, and tourism Courses are each nine weeks long and offered in pairs because they are developed to complement one another.
Whether you’re looking for an associates in restaurant management, an online bachelor degree in hospitality management, or an MBA in hotel and tourism management, getting your hotel and restaurant degree online may be a convenient and ultimately more affordable option for you.
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States!  Further, visitor arrivals to Florida continue to grow decade after decade, with over 105 million visitors in 2015 alone. It is a true MBA with the complement of hospitality-specific courses in addition to the core MBA traditional curriculum. Each class begins and progresses through the program as a group, sharing the same sequence of classes and educational experiences. People contract Legionnaires disease by aspirating infected water vapor, as with taking a hot shower or relaxing in a hot tub. The hotel had to relocate hundreds of guests during the two week outbreak, losing approximately $300,000 per day.
A simple weekly copper test on-site and monthly water samples sent directly to Enrich is all it takes to be sure your system is running at peak efficiency. We can deliver our equipment, even for short-term use, anywhere in the US and Canada within 48 hours.
Hotel management degrees and hospitality management degrees provide instruction on the theories of management, and majority of programs include hands-on learning experiences. We find these programs to be an excellent alternative to traditional hospitality degree programs, particularly where the prospective student is balancing the demands of work, home, and getting a new degree. Graduates are skilled to manage a variety of service organizations in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors. Each specialization includes four courses that emphasize the unique features within the scope of service management to further improve student’s abilities. Students typically complete coursework in meetings and events management, hotel management, restaurant management, tourism management, and casino management. The programs include advanced problem-solving techniques that encourage them to motivate others.
Students specialize in food and beverage management, travel and tourism, gaming and resort management, or hotel administration.
Students who seek to enter the hospitality management sector have the ability to choose the hospitality management focus. Students gain a solid understanding of hospitality management and the organization and structure of various organizations. The program is intended for those who seek to handle the everyday operations of hotel and restaurant environments. Students complete the units in progression, with the next not available until coursework and examination completed.
The program provides students with various professional development opportunities, such as study abroad options, national conferences, internships, “aspirational” trips for intensive learning, and co-curricular activities. The program requires a total of 122 credit hours, including a six to 12 credit-hour internship. They also develop supporting skills in critical thinking, writing, and utilization of information. This concludes the 2014 ranking of online hotel management degree programs and online hospitality degree programs.
While the website is still usable without JavaScript, it should be enabled to enjoy the full interactive experience. According to VISIT FLORIDA, for every 85-120 visitors that come to the state, one new full-time hospitality job is created.
By combining required competencies in finance, accounting, and marketing with managerial competencies and practices specific to the hospitality industry, graduates are well-prepared to succeed in any number of employment settings. The master’s degree program offers two concentrations: gaming and casino management and global tourism. The program consists of six units, and the first unit is only offered online to enable students to begin studying right away.
Additionally, the hospitality industry employs more minority managers than any other field and creates more millionaire entrepreneurs than any other business sector*.

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