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At the top of the resume, she gives a brief but precise job goal in her Job Objective statement. Paula adds strength to her recent short-term jobs by grouping them together under the title of Contractual Secretarial Positions.
Grouping the recent jobs together also allows her to list the things she did at any or all of those jobs so that they don’t need to be said over and over again. Although her title at Baskin-Robbins was Secretary, Paula lists the projects she managed, and shows her skill in “wearing two hats” at the same job. Events management jobs are increased due to the higher importance being put on promotion of offline businesses.
These type of events work well all year round but are especially lucrative around Christmas time. To win a job interview, she needs to address both of these skills (administrative and project management) in her resume. This helps the employer know what Paula is qualified for and helps her to be considered for the types of jobs she wants.

By stating this, she tells the reader that she likes to learn new skills and keep up with tools and trends in her field.
You need to make sure that nobody is selling anything that is illegal or infringes intellectual property rights (counterfeit goods).
Try free local newpaper ad spots, gumtree, facebook, church notice boards, shop windows, staff rooms etc. With the growth of the internet and ecommerce brick and mortar businesses need to offer something different. Places like community centres, church halls and hotel conference rooms all work well.You should scope out the size of the venue and calculate the return you can make on the rental cost. Not only will this bring down the brand image of the event; it could also land you in trouble as the organiser. Have a standard sign up form that you can post out to businesses and individuals interested in selling at your event.
Let’s take use the example of setting up an event for people to sell handmade crafts and goods.

These multi vendor events give both the public and businesses a place to interact and experience commerce in a different way.There lies a real opportunity in organising these events for profit. In this case you will need to allocate a dedicated space for each seller to promote their wares. Draw up a floor plan of how you can maximise the amount of vendors without compromising the customer’s experience. This will stop your event looking patchy and curb greedy sellers trying to gain an unfair advantage. This way you will know in advance what the maximum profit you can make is if you sell all your spaces. The best way to compare venues is the ROI (return on investment) that you can make from the space available.

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business management jobs for graduates

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