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In today's dynamic global workplace, Wentworth’s business management graduates excel!
Employers know what to expect from WIT business graduates, and they get it: industrious, creative and reliable contributors with the fundamentals to hit the ground running and handle the challenges of modern business. As the year is winding up it is time to gird your lions and plan for that extra you need to add to yourself and edge up your way in the recruitment and career space. The Lagos Academy Business School certification that comes at the training period presents you ready for solutions that immediately improve your worth in your organization or as a competent candidate for the job during recruitment processes.
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The Small Business Management Certificate is designed to provide education in business theory and practical applications for business owners, managers, employees of small business firms, and individuals who plan to start a business.
Coursework in the Small Business Management Certificate can be applied toward the Associate of Applied Science Degree in Business Administration.
In addition to the courses listed below for this program of study, students must also complete institutional proficiencies of ENG095 - Grammar Usage and WritingPreviously offered as ENG104. A course designed to improve reading comprehension through the utilization of diverse texts.
ACCT200 - Accounting Principles IThis course introduces students to the complete accounting cycle and the various generally accepted accounting principles.

ACCT201 - Accounting Principles IIThis course is a continuation of Accounting Principles I and is also an introduction to basic accounting for corporations, to include financial statement analysis, stocks, dividends and cash flow statements, costing systems, budgeting, and cost-volume-profit analysis.
BUS105 - Introduction to BusinessThis course is designed to give the student a well-rounded, comprehensive understanding of the structure of business, business activities, business opportunities and the overall nature of the business world. CSA150 - Computer FundamentalsThis course provides an overview of the basic components and functions of the computer with an emphasis on current business software applications. MGMT207 - Principles of ManagementThis course is an introduction to management theory and practices with major emphasis on current management trends and issues.
MGMT211 - Business EthicsThis course is the study of theoretical and practical problems of moral conduct in the field of business.
MGMT218 - Prncpls of Small Business MngmntThis course provides students with extensive knowledge of the steps needed to start and run a small business. With a strong professional foundation, the Business Management program at WIT prepares diverse students for positions of leadership in the private and public sector.
Our acclaimed co-op program combined with an on-campus environment of team learning and classrooms that merge the practical with the academic, are key to our graduate's success and superb reputation in the business world. We also host monthly webinars on all aspects of MSP marketing and running your IT business.
Especially in readiness for year 2015 either in your career and in adding more flavour to yourself and landing better interviews as well as get more pay in the place of work when you are eventually employed? Has over 2 years experience in the Recruitment space with an unflinching interest in Human Resources, Recruitment, and the Internet.

The curriculum provides an overview of accounting principles, marketing, finance, management, and computer applications. Students are strongly encouraged to consult with their LCC advisor for proper advisement and course selection. The course is designed for improving writing skills, with the focus on fluency and practice. The topics included ratio analysis, forecasted income statements, cash budgets and balance sheets, breakeven analysis, and other tools uses to maximize the value or minimize the costs to a firm or organization. Led by a world-class faculty and supported by a strong, established institution, Wentworth provides students interested in a career in business an affordable education in a technical and engineering environment.
Students can choose from two elective focuses - Project Management or Entrepreneurship – to add uniqueness to their program of study. The course focuses on using these tools to solve specific problems encountered by most organizations, both profit and nonprofit.

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business management salary sa

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