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Listed below is our list of the top ranked Bachelor’s of Sports Business Management Degrees that you can achieve online.
Tuition: $574 per credit hour = 5 courses, 15 credit hours per semester totaling $8,610 per semester or $17,220 for a full year ….
Course Flexibility: With state of the art online technology and low student to teacher ratios, you are ensured the flexibility needed to achieve your degree in a timely manner.
Program Requirements: This program is designed for the student that has existing business management courses to bring to the table.

REQUIRED INTERNSHIP: Your final 15 credit hours will require an internship in an education and behavior related field. Targeted courses in the sports industry with education focused in Production, Performance and Promotion. At GCU, you take just ONE class at a time allowing you to focus and attain a better understanding one course at a time.
Obtaining a degree in this field opens so many doors for you and if your passion is sports then the decision is a no-brainer.

Sports management is a very popular option that focuses on the business side of sports, from finance and marketing to facility and event management. The most exciting part of this degree is that you will be working with individuals who are like-minded in their love for sports!

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business management schools in indiana

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