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What: A corporate mentoring program designed for privately-held corporations for their executive management team or operating board. On day one, The 9 to 5 Window Workshop is taught by Os Hillman to the management team in order to establish a core foundation based on a Godly operating philosophy for an executive team.
During this session, more time is focused with the executive team to learn what it means to Hear the Voice of God in Your Workplace.
Curriculum: We provide a reading list of curriculum that the entire management team must read during the program. Start earning your Master’s Certificate today by completing 5 Business Training Institute programs.
You can register for a Master’s Certificate program at any time on our enrollment page, or by calling our team at (305) 503-9050. The program seeks to help CEOs and their executive team evaluate their operational philosophy in light of a Biblical model for operation that will create an environment where Christ can be glorified and His power reflected in the company.
He will provide special team members who have specific gifts in areas that complement his gifts to serve the company. Day two is spent visiting with the management team to review the workshop information in light of the company and its current operating philosophy.

Integration of an intercessory prayer team for the company and its importance will be discussed, as well as how the prayer team would interact with the executive team and practical tips. In this session, the discussion focuses on various ways God may be calling you to reach out to your employees and reflect Christ to them. This curriculum is designed to support each of the four mentoring sessions that are conducted on-site.
This measures what skills the employee possesses, how they go about conducting their tasks, how long to complete their task, what tools are necessary to perform the tasks, if they require additional training, and a review of their overall performance.This Training Needs Assessment template gives an employee a clear understanding of how valuable of an asset they are to their employer, giving them insight to the acceptable rules of conduct expected by management. Our courses are self-study and 100% online, so you can complete them as quickly or slowly as you would like. Current Management Department training programs are offered in business management, project management, international business, and customer service management. Current Marketing Department programs cover Sales, Public Relations, Internet Marketing, Copywriting, and Business Development.
The answers to this test will be reviewed with the management team and the principles compared with the current operations of the company. Changing the spiritual climate in your company will also be discussed, along with a discussion on what it means to operate a company using the Five-fold Ministry gifts of Ephesians 4:11 ??? apostles, prophets, pastors, teachers, evangelists, and how to identify these gifts in your management team.

Legal limits as they pertain to religious freedoms in the workplace are included in the discussions for this session.
Practical exercises will be conducted to help the managers learn to hear God’s voice for themselves.
A look at what other companies are doing, and how you might apply what others have learned in your own corporate environment helps make this session practical. You may also create your own Master’s Certification by choosing 5 programs of your choice. Specially gifted individuals will be brought into your company who operate in these giftings to pray for and exhort your management team.
Simply click on the download link to get started today!Download: Training Needs AssessmentNot what you were looking for?

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business training categories

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