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Cyberspace dwellers seeking enrichment in business and technology choose from a diverse range of courses including web design, Microsoft Office suite, accounting, and beauty training, available in English, Portuguese, French, and more.
Participants in Business Analysis course will learn how to collect, analyse, and forecast business and financial data; and how to present the data effectively. Customers who purchased both Basic and Advanced course are required to register for both courses with the same set of Groupon vouchers. Business writing often suffers because the content is not reader friendly and is ridden with grammatical mistakes.
The Online Business Writing Course is well-researched and contains 150-page of valuable information about the tools, techniques and concepts related to the art of business writing. In a few easy-to-learn steps we can show you how to write clear, concise and correct letters, emails and documents.

Each lesson has clear explanations with multiples examples, a list of words to remember with its translation into English, different exercises and a final task to put into practice everything learned. All our courses give you the possibility of checking doubts about grammar with a tutor who will act as a grammar and style corrector, and will also provide you with extra resources when you need them.
Elements of a business letter, the jargon, and the rules of a good layout and presentation.
How to put the information in the right order, to use the correct style and language, to be clear and accurate. Please contact us to get a personalized budget or with any questions you have about this course.
Each online course comes with one-year unlimited access, certification upon completion, and dedicated email support to guide wayward students or provide companionship for lonely souls.

Our deals offer discounts up to 70% on Shopping, Beauty, Restaurant, Leisure-Offers, Travel, Wellness, Tickets, Healthcare, Servicesand more! It has been developed keeping in mind the requirements of most modern-day industries, and can be easily understood by beginners and people new to business writing. Excel with Business is associated with professional bodies like the Association of Accounting Technicians and The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers; and also features authors such as Ben Kench, Emily Coltman, Dan Gookin, and more.

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business writing course seneca

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