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This seminar is designed for professionals who need to write or edit procedures or processes. Participants learn a simple task analysis process that makes managing and writing projects quick and easy. Writing and Polishing Effective Procedures (WPEP) is a learning and development process, not a training event. Pre-seminar Analysis: Two weeks before the seminar, each participant emails us a business writing sample for review. Seminar Session: The focus is on improving participants’ actual on-the-job business writing skills. Follow-up Support: In keeping with our commitment to offer a learning and development process, we offer a number of free value-added options to help seminar participants become more productive on the job.

Two simple ways to combat confusing words, useless acronyms, and vague phrases with foggy interpretations! We communicate in business so others will do something – buy our product or service, approve our budget, change a process, and hundreds of other decisions. Our Business Writing Training combines real-world business examples and accelerated-learning techniques to give you practical, relevant skills you will use immediately.
If you shake in the knees and stumble over your words when you give a presentation, this workshop is for you.
Here’s your chance to learn what it takes to deliver your ideas clearly and confidently. John Sturtevant Communication Skills TrainingPractical techniques for clear and persuasive business communication.

A small initial investment can continue to produce results over time, with no additional effort or expense. Participants learn a simple, fast and effective method of writing instructions that are easy to follow.
Through case studies, hands-on exercises, and guided assignments, you will learn to think analytically and communicate your ideas persuasively to inspire action.

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business writing training brighton

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