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Situated on the northern side of Pattaya Bay, this one-kilometre beach shares the same entrance as the Central Wong Amat Hotel. The first step in applying for the test is to submit a completed application to the department of insurance.
A post card notice will be mailed out by the department of insurance informing him of the test date confirmation. When the student passes the test he will be notified immediately and will be asked for his finger prints along with a fee of $65.95.
The department of insurance will grant the licensee a total of three different licenses to be used at the licensee’s discretion. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. The broker license is normally for individuals that want to work as independent insurance contractors.

In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). The northern section of the beach is largely tranquil and is the favoured spot for tourists for swimming, relaxation, and various water sports. The applicant must fill out a broker agent application and provide credit card payment in the amount of $185.
If the student does not pass the test the first time he may reschedule right away and retake the test as soon as the department of insurance mails him confirmation of schedule date. The total amount to be paid to the department of insurance is $254.95 including the finger printing. They may integrate insurance into an existing business such as real estate, travel, tax preparation. The central and southern parts of the beach are packed with hotels, restaurants, department stores, gift shops, nightclubs and various amusement centres.

Hotels and other accommodation facilities are available along the road that runs parallel to the shore. The Agents’ license requires a direct appointment (sponsorship) by an insurance company, such as Mercury Casualty, State Farm, etc.
An individual may hold both licenses, Broker and Agent simultaneously with no conflict.  A solicitor is a licensed employee for a broker or an agent who may represent only one insurance agency at a time.

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ca insurance license school

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