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Sama Alshaibi will be participating in April Showers, the fourth exhibition in the Cumulus series at Desai Matta Gallery at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco. The artist will take part in an roundtable discussion relating to the exhibition on Saturday, 7 May.
California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS): The World of the Gods - Tradition and Modernity in Contemporary South Asia. Review by RWM: The artists bring a sense of timelessness and relevance to Asian myths that still inspire some cultures. Comment by AB: This heartfelt and revealing autobiographical installation Joie Rey Cohen autobiographical touches not only on deep personal feelings and emotions, but also on politics, religion, gender, sexuality and more. Comment by AB: A colorful and elaborate installation by Truong Tran incorporates everything from birdcages to plastic balls and polished rock. Comment by AB: According to the deposition, Annie Vought uses anywhere from 500 to 1000 blades to produce each one of her impossibly intricate cut paper textual works. Comment by AB: Exquisitely painted portraits are executed with almost scientific precision. Comment by AB: This upbeat urban mix ranges from comical to crass with a heavy dose of pop icons.

Comment by AB: Swiss artist Zimoun debuts his precision "kinetic sound sculptures" here at Gray Area Foundation. Artists: Ana Teresa Fernandez, Angelica Muro, Mitsy Avila Ovalles, Favianna Rodriguez, Shizu Saldamando. Comment by AB: Survey of work by five Chicana visual artists essays on the Chicano civil rights movement of the 1960s and 1970s, and is on exhibit at both CIIS's Mission and Minna Street locations. In the side gallery, peruse a generous selection of affordably priced smaller works-- impressive and variegated. Comment by AB: Photographs, literature, ephemera and memorabilia concerning the life and writings of author and eroticist Marco Vassi are on display courtesy of photographer Charles Gatewood. Artists: Kirkman Amyx, Mara Baldwin, Bonnie Begusch, Nicole Crescenzi, Luke Damiani, Sara Eliassen, Chris Fraser, Brynda Glazier, Dana Hemenway, Traci Horgen, Bobby Lukas, Monica Lundy, Robert Moya, Hillary Wiedemann, Holly Williams, Christopher Woodcock, Sune Woods, Wafaa Yasin, Rochelle Youk, Daniel Yovino. Comment by AB: Curator Kathryn Weller Renfrow culls promising up-and-comers from nine greater Bay Area MFA programs. Artists: Ryan De La Hoz, Shawn Whisenant, George Crampton, Andrew Luck, Greg Kenton, Vampire Magazine, Brett Flanigan, Mario Ayala, Kristin Farr, Jeff Meadows. The exhibition aims to use the changing of the seasons to symbolise moving forward from social issues.

You can't help but wonder what the tales expressed in these artworks are, but not to worry-- writing accompanying the each piece gives explains everything. One finds here the city landscape captured when the time is right-- old buildings with history.
Traditional beliefs find relevance here and the mediums presented still harken back to the past. Beautiful yet solemn presentation of the San Francisco shipping yards, but beautiful sunsets either way.
You can't help but think about the countless anonymous participants, and of tragedy rather than jingoism.

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california institute of integral studies ken wilber

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