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Probably the greatest challenge to building organisations that are both sustainable and effective in achieving their goals is how to develop leadership and management skills throughout the organisation.
This course is one of an integrated collection of courses developed by Fahamu in conjunction with the University of Oxford. The course will enable participants to define the aims and purpose of their organisation, to define objectives, and motivate staff to achieve the goals of the organisation.
Every participant will be provided with course materials including a course CD-ROM, which contains a comprehensive library of all relevant declarations, conventions and documents, as well as useful website addresses. Every participant who successfully completes a course will be awarded a certificate from the University of Oxford and Fahamu. This course is aimed at leaders and managers of organisations that are working for social justice. Introduction - The work challenges require various business skills that are not taught in many institutions today. Contents: This entire workshop is centered around explanation of various skills required for the corporate world. Core Excellence’ Skills Training & Career Coaching provides specialized career training for technical. Core Excellence’ Skills Training & Career Coaching provides interactive coaching and skills training workshops that revolutionizes the way students think about and deal with their prospective employers. Core Excellence can provide customized training and practical hands-on workshops to meet your institution’s student body’s career training needs.

Core Excellence provides a wide range of training, education, assessments, and consulting products and services to help institutions improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their student body. To provide the highest value, most competitively priced, quality-driven Training, Education and Consulting by bringing unbiased professionalism to the industry across India. You can feel confident that guidance and actions for students is in the hands of experienced and qualified professionals. We believe that you, the customer must be in charge of your needs, and in every case, must be free to exercise a choice predicated on your willingness to pay for the quality and calibre of a training solution. Interview facing Skills (including Telephone Interview) - to equip the students with the questions & the skills required to handle interviews, job interviews tips and techniques, sample interview questions and answers etc. As one the leading training companies in India it has organized many campus to corporate training programs in Delhi NCR i.e. Leadership is often seen as the role of a single charismatic person, whereas effective organisations comprise teams who understand both how to get the most from their members and how to be strategic in coping with a constantly changing external environment.
The course enables organisations to develop strategies, to develop action plans, and to learn from their implementation. These will help participants learn new skills, such as interviewing and dealing with conflict. A resources section on the CD-ROM provides a glossary of frequently used terms, a list of recommended books, copies of documents, links to relevant websites and other useful resources. It is a confidence building workshop, focused on the development of a positive self image, intra & inter-personal intelligence.

Workshop will be facilitated with the help of activities and games which will make the learning experience fun, memorable, and easy to understand. We ensure that transference of knowledge, skills and hands-on know-how takes place during our training sessions. Gurgaon , Noida , Greater Noida , Ghaziabad , Manesar , Faridabad and cities like Mumbai , Pune , Ahmedabad in West India, Banagalore , Chennai & Hyderabad in South India , Kolkatta in East besides cities of North India like Chandigarh , Jaipur , Lucknow , Internationally several client organizations have been catered in Kabul in Afghanistan & Kathmandu in Nepal.
The most important resource that any organisation has is its people: this course looks at how to build people-centred organisations, how to develop staff, and how to manage conflict in a productive and constructive manner. They will have practical ways to implement the concepts, immediately on their return to their respective work front. The course will help managers and staff understand how to get the most from their governing board, and will enable them to reflect on the most effective organisational structures and systems. The course also considers the challenges of managing relationships within and outside the organisation, and how to make the best use of volunteers.

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campus to corporate training program pdf

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