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Just finished my third novel, a story, in part, about a fictional library based on this one here: the Dr. What else are you going to do with leftover upholstery fabric when your kid's vinyl lunch bag has passed the point of no return? Katherinea€™s third novel,A Get Lucky, goes on sale April 2010, and she is at work on her fourth. But those split-screen moments are fantastic, and, at the same time, profoundly uncomfortable--in that pregnant way that being right on the verge of something can be.
Lanie Coates just piled everything she owns into a U-Haul and drove with her husband, Peter, and three boys (all under four) across the country. I also got to hang with the hilarious and completely naughty Bloggess, the fabulous Laura Mayes of Kirtsy, super-blogger HappyKatie, new friend and Jeanne Tripplehorn look-alike Jodi from The Journey, and mama-blogger Kara, who was kind enough to drop off my laptop when I left it (and the only digital copy of my just-finished novel) behind at the party. A I've been thinking for months now that we just needed a lunch bag that we could put in the washing machine.

A  (That was actually the hardest part--trying to make a rounded, folded-over edge with the sewing machine).
A But I remember playing with these guys more than anyone else (except my roller-skating next-door-neighbor Mary Ellen). A And he must have done the same goofy things and played the same little-boy games and built forts and run around. Shea€™s left her helpful parents, her mom-friends, and the comforts of home behinda€”all because Peter got into graduate school. Lanie cana€™t shake the feeling that important things from her pre-mom life have gone missing: her marriage, her ambitions, her body. A I'm either reading Aladdin in the carpool line with my 3 year old or I'm curled up with my laptop in that bizarre out-of-body world of fiction (writing a book is a lot like reading a book--the way it just takes you somewhere else).
Even though Lanie wants to help him follow his dreams, she suspects that shea€™s ignoring her own.

She feels homesick, capsized by motherhood, and just dead certain that she is no longer fabulous. A And the truth is, even though my dad has drawers full of family photos that he's collected, I have not seen that many of them. A And seeing it now, in this context, makes me feel so tender for all these people--these younger versions of ourselves. A I didn't have brothers, and so the things I learned about boys from them made a big impression. A We saw snow for the first time together (at age 11, no less!) A I was kind of a tomboy, and I loved palling around with them.

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can a book really change your life spells

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