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Until 2013, this airline was known as AirAsia Japan, and it was co-owned by All Nippon Airways and AirAsia. The Inclusive fare type offers one complimentary checked bag of up to 20 kg and you can select your seat in advance. When my friend and I booked our tickets, the Campaign fare type was already sold out, and the price difference between Simple and Inclusive was about TWD 500 one way. We booked about a month before our trip, and there were only two flights available each way for our dates.
I checked Vanilla Air’s flight schedules for the Taipei Tokyo route before I started writing this post and noticed that they have added more flights since. We arrived at the Taipei Taoyuan International Airport at around 1 AM, and there was already a long line at the Vanilla Air check-in counters.
For my flight from Tokyo to Taipei, I found the check-in lines at Terminal 3 of the Narita International Airport a bit confusing. Our Taipei-bound flight wasn’t completely full, and the seat between my friend and I was empty. For the Taipei-bound flight, the flight attendants walked around several times to sell duty-free items, foods, as well as collect garbage. Ottawa is not just the capital of the Canadian government; Ottawa is also one of the most diverse cities in the world, offering everything from world-class sporting events and shopping adventures to museum and family activities. Notice: We reserve the right to modify or change the itinerary without notes and suggest passengers to buy travel insurance.
All spaces and seats on the bus are arranged by the tour guide, if the passenger no show, Wonder travel and the tour guide have  the right to use the space and seats.
Once the order is confirmed, any changes regarding a confirmed order, such as modification of dates or destinations, or cancellation, will be charged accordingly by the modification and cancellation policy. The seats on bus are generally arranged according to the order of the clients’ reservation. Wondertravel uses reasonable efforts to ensure that the Content on our Web Site is complete and current. 1, If the traveler arrives late or is absent on the day of departure for any reason, the entire travel package is not refundable, nor changeable, nor transferable. 2, If the traveler fails to comply with the indication of the guide to gather at the meeting point in time during the trip, the traveler himself will be responsible for any additional costs and incurred damage.
3, Wondertravel disclaims any responsibility for the consequences caused by travelers if they withdraw the group during the trip. 1, Wondertravel does not accept any responsibility or liability for any loss resulting from force majeure or a trip without insurance.
2, Wondertravel reserves all rights, while respecting the program, to cancel or change the order of visits without notice depending on the customs formalities, weather and traffic, time changing or the closing day of tour sites, etc. 3, Your reservation with Wondertravel confirms that you have read, understood and agreed to all of the above terms and conditions.

Should the client have any questions to the above policies, please feel free to contact Wondertravel for detailed information and consulting.
Even on the plane, when I was going home… since I was one of the last to be booked on that flight, I was in the C group to board. We also ended up talking a bit about the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon they have at the end of every April.
When I arrived back at LAX, immediately I saw people shoving each other, not paying any attention to anyone around them, smoking cigarettes in crowds with absolutely no regard for other human beings.
For both Campaign and Simple fare types, you have to pay for checked bags and advanced seat selection. Since we would be travelling with one suitcase and my friend expected to check one piece of luggage on our return trip, we decided to book the Inclusive fare type.
For some reason, the people who worked the Vanilla Air check-in counters at the Taipei Taoyuan International Airpot wear EVA Air uniform. The person who checked us in told us to wait around in the check-in area for 10 minutes to make sure that our checked bags pass security check. Thank goodness the three guys in front of our row on the Tokyo-bound flight didn’t recline their seats.
However, the girl who sat in front of my friend decided to slam her seat into full reclining position without checking and almost bashed my friend’s head with the back of her seat. I wouldn’t mind flying with them to Japan again, especially if I can get my hands on some cheap flight tickets. If the client has special requirement, he or she can pay fees in order to choose the seats on bus in advance (payment should be settled 3 days before departure. However, Wondertravel does not guarantee that the Content on our Web Site will not contain errors, inaccuracies or omissions.
But really, the kindness and politeness is to such a ridiculous level, that it must get its own post. Of course the dopest hotel in the dopest city (well, besides NYC, but that goes without saying) is the host hotel for what’s almost certainly one of the dopest marathons. If you can’t make your flight, you can pay a cancellation fee to cancel it for a refund.
While we waited, we kept hearing broadcasts asking people to return to the check-in counters to recheck their luggage.
Depart Montreal at 7:00 am heading to Ottawa, situated on the Ottawa River about 200 km (125 miles) west of Montreal. Any cancellation of confirmed orders by the client will be charged accordingly by the modification and cancellation policy.
An additional amount must be paid according to the hotel policy if travelers insist adding an extra bed.

Such errors, inaccuracies or omissions may relate to price or to product or service description or availability. Wondertravel will reserve the rights of final interpretation to all the published information, terms and policies. I hate asking people if I can sit in the center seat because you know how people like to have as much room as possible on planes.
The family of three in front of us was also heading to Taipei, but after lining up for 10 minutes, they decided that they were in the wrong line and moved to the end of what they thought was another line. The assessed fees will be used to cover the penalties charged by traveling agencies and hotel suppliers to Wondertravel.
Wondertravel reserves the right to correct any error, inaccuracy or omission or to change or update the Content without prior notice to the client.
My friend and I had no idea whether we were in the right line or not, but we decided to stay put. No visit to Ottawa is complete without a visit to Parliament Hill, the seat of Canada's national government and the setting for year-round celebration and ceremony. The amount of the penalties is related to the time when we receive the cancellation notice.
And some random man starting holding the door open (even though that meant he stood in the cold for longer) just because, you know, it’s Oklahoma City.
A few minutes later, we realized that the family was somehow at the end of our line (the line that they were originally in). The Parliament Buildings sit at top the Hill, the gorgeous Gothic-style structures overlooking the Ottawa River. All cancellation notices or modification of orders must be made in writing via email or webpage email to Wondertravel directly. If the client’s credit card has been charged for the purchase and the order or reservation is cancelled due to an error, inaccuracy or omission, Wondertravel shall promptly issue a credit to the client’s credit card for the amount of such charge.
The buildings are home to, among other things, the House of Commons, the Library of Parliament, the Hall of Honor, the Senate, and the impressive Peace Tower. Then, spend a couple of hours exploring Canadian Museum of History (formerly the Canadian Museum of Civilization) - gorgeous architecture and world-renowned exhibitions convene to create Canada’s most-visited museum. Take a tour to see $1 million in gold, and feel the weight of a solid gold bar in your hands. To see the newest collections of gold and silver coins, there’s an on-site boutique where you can get collector coins.

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