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January 5, 2013 by Fred Phillips Leave a Comment Here is an important question for coaches: why get a career coach certification? If someone is seeking to start a career, you can help them select the right profession for their personality and desires. If a client is already in a profession, but seeking to move up the career ladder, a career coach can help them find ways to increase their value and promote themselves efficiently and effectively. If an individual is seeking to leave the corporate rat race and become an entrepreneur, you can help coach them in the best ways to make the challenging leap from employee to entrepreneur. A career coach certification is your first step toward a challenging, yet rewarding and dynamic career.
By the way… you’re invited to claim your FREE step-by-step “Master Coach Blueprint” video toolkit. This advanced course is focused on group and individual mentoring, coaching supervision, and honing your coaching skills to the next level.
Most classes have only a few spots left, so email or call me ASAP for more information and to schedule a personal interview (required prior to registration). Congratulations to Preeta for following through on the kind of practical advice you’ll get when you enroll in our trainings. Chose from any of the above convenient times to start your training towards becoming an ICF accredited and certified coach. Contact me for details before registering to make sure that this is the right fit for both of us. The more I teach and experience coaching, the more I’m convinced that awareness is created by implementing all other competencies, such as establishing the coaching agreement, deep listening, powerful questions and direct communication.
I often see coaching clients struggle with being able to distinguish between their strengths and their passions. A question that helps them get unstuck is to ask about the last time they were unstoppable. Whether you are a coach or a coaching client, in making decisions about your life, it pays to be aware of your values, your strengths and your passions.
Ask any new coach why she decided to pursue coaching and she will likely say that she is passionate about coaching. Spirit Success Coaching offers certified career coach certification program for Leaders, Project Leaders, CEO’s and Board Members to accomplish an augmented organizational growth. Career coach certification courses can be delivered either in a personalized or in a group setting. Join career coach certification and business coaching programs offered by Spirit Success Coaching, to achieve enhanced productivity. Designed to be search engine friendly, we receive thousands of visitors every day, the majority of visitors are based in the UK.
Over the next few months, we will be posting articles to help existing career coaches, and those of you that may be considering becoming a career coach through our career coach certification program.
Having fun teaching Job Search and Resume Application Procedures for Wounded Warriors at the Naval Medical Center in San Diego Every month, I work with our military teaching them job search and resume skills.
I received an email from LinkedIn telling me I am in the top 5% most viewed profiles for 2012… Running the numbers real quick, I realized that put me in the top 10 million profiles viewed.
With the right programs in place, the next step is helping jobseekers find meaningful employment.

EMSI provides a career services tool that directly links local jobseekers to your programs and let’s them access the EMSI’s in-depth, up-to-date data to find good jobs in your community. After they find an interesting occupation, the tool generates 4 simple, yet invaluable pieces of data: wages, the local employment outlook, job postings, and the relationship between the occupation and your training programs. Training and Education: What does it take for jobseekers to get into their desired occupation?With Career Coach we can either link our employment data to regional training providers or directly to a college’s program data so that anyone can see available programs connected to the occupations that interest them. Job Openings: Finally, this section helps to answer, “Who’s hiring?”The tool uses Indeed data, a comprehensive database of jobs for your area, to see what jobs are available. Once a jobseeker finds a job, we make it easy for them to contact you about the appropriate training. Furthermore, Career Coach lets your staff link to more specific training to occupations, highlight specific occupations or programs, and look behind the scenes to see which occupations are most popular, and what training and education attract the most interest.
Career Coach’s simple interface and quick workflow will help you connect jobseekers to employment and training and gather essential data on the people you serve, so you can serve them better. You can present them with creative and proven strategies to get prepared for their career, enter the field, and succeed in their chosen profession. Career coach certification classes will certainly teach you methods and techniques to help your clients prosper and advance in their careers. Many good coaching programs can be found online, though it is important to find one that is accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF). 2016 when the new ICF rules go into effect — and you’ll no longer be able to count any of your experience hours prior to your coach training. Those of you who took GII’s 6-month training or comparable training at another school may be eligible for their ACTP certificate at the successful completion of this course: contact me to discuss your current coach training situation. As usual, I teach all my courses personally, providing a perspective of mastery of an MCC coach and ICF Assessor. It is just as important to notice and appreciate a new application of our clients’ strengths and abilities. The coaching client is able to provide at least one instance; usually it turns out to be when they were living in alignment with their values, operating on their strengths and integrating their passions into their life. Just because Excellence is a value, doesn’t mean that creating perfect spreadsheets makes you feel strong. You may be drawn to event planning (because of your value of Creativity) while you strengths lie in other areas. It is this clarity that casts your life’s purpose into sharp relief helping you differentiate yourself from others. With our business coaching program, develop team leading skills to generate effective communication skills, ability to motivate, strategies to complete tasks, target achievements, etc. UK Classifieds is free to join, it's free to reply to ads, most categories are free to advertise in too. That puts this into better perspective… but a great marketing strategy on LinkedIn’s part! Career Coach is a very simple, easy-to-understand application that your college can place on its website. Once they type in any occupation, job title or description, the tool automatically helps the jobseeker with their search. This is a very valuable component because it helps establish the need for training once people have found the right career, and leads jobseekers straight to your door.

In addition, if a jobseeker finds disappointing data for their occupation of choice, Career Coach can use the skill profile of the chosen occupation to generate a list of similar occupations to look for more job openings or stronger regional growth. Individuals worry about career choices every day and your task will be to help them find ways to make the right decisions. You can help them hone their skills, effectively communicate their potential value to employers, and package their experience and skills in order to compete with others entering the same career.
If your desire is to be a career coach, you will want a program that offers classes in cutting-edge techniques and strategies for career coaches. High demand and low supply means that you have an excellent opportunity to make a great living.
It’s always great to hear about one of my students successfully putting that learning into practice. It is important to understand that the knowledge or skill gap can be bridged through training or practice. With an objective to attain leadership targets, we run business coaching programs, facilitating Change and Transformation at both personal and professional team level.
That’s what makes this tool so powerful — Career Coach gives jobseekers a new perspective on employment and leads them straight to you.
When people think of coaches, they usually think of sports coaches, life coaches, and wellness coaches, not career coaches.
If you are working, you may need to learn course material as you schedule allows, or, if you have the time, you may want to complete the course, earn a certification, and get started on your coaching career as quickly as possible. A career coach certification will only mean something if there is pertinent and effective training behind it.
Not only it strengthens our ego (in a good way) and confidence, it also creates motivation to do even more. But, if you want to get into a hot field, career coaching is just the ticket and a career coach certification is the perfect starting point. Both are affordable (only $2397 each!) and both taught personally by me (ICF Master Certified Coach and ICF Assessor). International local call-in numbers available (or just connect to our lessons via your computer). Appreciation and acknowledgement increases productivity and, from the position of coaching, it often creates awareness for our clients about their strengths and abilities where there was none or very little. In your desire to build intimacy with the client, you could infringe on the space they need to find their own insights. It is interesting to me that while building intimacy is listed as a competency, learning to practice detachment is not.
To have a successful, long-term coaching business, you not only need to be a good coach, you also need to be a good entrepreneur. It is recognizing that you are just a guide on your client’s journey, but it is their journey. You need to allow them to find their own way whether they crawl, walk, run or build a spaceship to get to their destination.

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