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In this special episode of The Civil Engineering Podcast, I interview some of the most successful civil engineers in the world during the American Society for Civil Engineers (ASCE) 2015 Annual Conference in New York City. Thanks to a Workforce Development Grant, Omnitrans is introducing a series of FREE 1-week training programs to prepare  participants for a career as a transit driver with a regional transit agency!
The selection process to become a coach operator can be very stringent, and initial testing has proven to be a big hurdle for many. This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged bridge training program, bus driver job, coach operator job, inland empire transit job fair, training for a career in transit, workforce development. International students can participate in on-campus jobs as long as they are covered by F-1 student visa status.
Remember, each state and school may have different requirements, so make sure you’ve met all of your schools specifications and have filled out all the required paperwork before you begin applying for jobs. You have a wealth of experience from being a student: team building and problem solving skills from group projects or athletics? Although you may not realize it now, the situation you are in actually is a very positive stepping stone for your career path. Your next step will be to take your list and compare it to several job postings currently available both inside and outside your organization, as well as your current role.
Just because you don’t enjoy the work, doesn’t mean that it won’t benefit you down the road. Take another look at your job description you were given when you were hired and find at least one or two things you can include on your resume as valuable skills for your next job. If you need some guidance on networking, there is a long list of articles and resources here, including an article that I have written on how to build a network.

Appreciate what you have, know what you want, and keep in touch with those who will help you get it. Dan Schwartz Dan Schwartz is the Founder and Chief Education Officer of the Ground Floor Leadership Institute (formerly College Coach Dan).
The Bridge Training Program will teach various topics to provide candidates with the tools they need to successfully apply for  and pass the first phase of the hiring process.
Working on campus is a great way to build your resume and create connections with your school community, while still having time to study and excel as a student. Your first stop will be to visit your International Student Office where your representatives can give you all the information needed in order to work on campus, including whether or not you need a social security number. Connect with classmates in your field, and see if any are student workers. When the time comes for them to graduate or move on, ask them for a recommendation and an introduction to the hiring staff member.
If you’ve already established yourself as a diligent campus worker, it will be easier to make your way into the position you want.
These might include things like pay, benefits, company culture, work-life balance, passion for the job, management style as well as endless other possibilities. If you are working for your dream company, but the job isn’t a fit for you, it might be worth looking to see what else is available.
When you are having one of those days when you are really struggling to find happiness in coming to work, try taking on a new mindset for your current situation. As you progress through your career both now and when you have found your dream job, continue to keep and build relationships.
Edward's University, and worked with students at Concordia University Texas' Career Center.

Whatever makes you the most happy and is the most important to you needs to go on this list. Research a few external companies and positions and see if there is something that more closely aligns with your desires.
Instead of viewing your job as disappointing, view your work responsibilities as something you can put on your resume as valuable experience for your next job interview. If you need more guidance on this, check out the resources available in the Campus Career Coach Resume Gallery and Interviewing Advice Column. You can even consider reconnecting with your career center and take advantage of their alumni resources. He has published several articles in the areas of career development, leadership development, employee engagement, and learning & development. She developed a passion for Career Counseling after leaving undergrad without much guidance, and grappling with unsatisfying work. Dan also regularly speaks to college students and young professionals, seeking to positively influence their success in the classroom, launching successful careers and becoming future leaders in the workplace.

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