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The Challenge: Career Services Offices face the challenge of helping students leverage their academics into real-world employment.
ICF Approval: This 30-hour program of Core Competency Training is the only of its kind approved by the International Coach Federation (ICF) as an Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP), Cluster Or Individual Training. Meet for 12 weeks for group webinar sessions with 6 additional hours of audio archives followed by five individual one-one-one mentor coaching sessions for accelerated success.
The Academies’ philosophy of coaching has its roots in positive psychology—exploring the strengths and virtues that enable people to thrive. Appropriate for career coaches working in university career services offices, with a background in career development, recruiting, business, or industry.
Withdrawal Option: Receive a refund equal to 90% of tuition paid when withdrawing before class 3 (note that upon notifying us of withdrawal, you must delete the program handouts website page and any files you may have had access to download). In this session of The Engineering Career Coach (TECC) Podcast, I am going to interview Thomas Miller from WTF Professor, who will give us some strategies on how to re-engineer the learning process for engineers.
In the Take Action Today segment of the show, I give you a piece of advice that will help you improve your learning process. Absorbing New Concepts: when you are learning something new, attach it to something that you already know and create questions around the topic you want to learn, customize the material you are learning. Becoming an Optimized Learning Machine: establish routines and habits that prime your brain for learning, retention, and sustainable progress. We would love to hear any questions you might have or stories you might share about your strategies on how to learn effectively and quickly. If you enjoyed this post, please consider downloading our free 3-part video series that provides tons of engineering career skills including how to use LinkedIn, how to communicate and how to develop your leadership abilities. A coach can help you strategize your path forward and position yourself powerfully in the eyes of employers.
Job search is part art, part science, but it certainly doesn’t come naturally to most of us. Of course, the most important part of coaching is what you do after the session: acting on what you learn and plan in the session. Thea Kelley brings extensive expertise and credentials to her work, serving clients in the San Francisco Bay area and throughout the United States. Career Marketing Techniques is a careers industry leader and benchmark resume design, writing, career coaching, and professional career coach certification firm.
We also offer the leading Career Coach Certification program in the USA: The Certified Professional Career Coach Program (CPCC).
To win the ‘war on talent’, all companies are vying for top candidates—those who are innovative, savvy, inventive, creative, fresh, and results-oriented.
As a career change strategist, Diane collaborates with clients engaged in complex and challenging career transitions including layoffs, M&As, military retirement, military upgrades (warrant officers), federal government employment (federal to federal, corporate to federal, and federal to corporate), firing, “boredom”, and other difficult or life-impacting career challenges. Find out what nasty things that may happen and know how to avoid them or leverage them to our advantage when it happens. Have all the fail safe measures in place or know what they are before even starting a project.
Risk assessment can be done once every couple of months: review and have new risks cropped up, old risks get ready for retirement.
If there are risks that keep coming back, and you’re doing the same thing over and over again, you need to change your approach to those risks entirely. Once you set up a model consistent in your organization, allot a percentage of contingency based on how you score on the model. Please leave your comments or questions in the section below on how you handle risk assessment in your civil engineering projects. Great question, Onish, and a very popular concern as graduates begin working full-time and gaining experience. More is not necessarily better, and most entry level and mid-career job seekers are best served by a one page resume. Many hiring managers and employers are sorting through hundreds of applications and simply don’t have the time to read through a two page resume. Congratulations, you have been such a great engineer that management has decided to make you a leader and give you a team of engineers to lead. Do you engage in conversations that close down possibilities for others and stifle any potential for success and engagement of others?

We are emotional beings, and sometimes as much as the stoic, controlling nature of being an engineer would have you believe otherwise, we cannot escape our moods and emotions. Show up as an open, relaxed and centered form keeping you present in the current conversation. Does your body show up as stiff, stoic and unable to move in the bevy of conversations that a leader has on a day-to-day basis. How you answered these questions will share with you some clues as to whether your team will follow you because they have to (management) or they will follow you because in you they see a leader that can create a future they are committed to.
Since 2001, Croft has coached hundreds of individuals from leaders and executives, to boots-on-the-ground team members, in both private and public settings. Croft Edwards’ passion is coaching clients to reach for #LeadershipFlow – a heightened state of being which in turn produces peak performance at critical moments. Student satisfaction scores, placement rates, and salary offers all factor in to measure success. The “pursuit of happiness” is a Western concept originating from the Declaration of Independence, but we believe it applies to human beings from Boston to Beijing, and San Francisco to the Sinai. He writes about unconventional study methods at WTF Professor, aimed at simplifying the learning process for engineers and technical students. You need to know how to do a proactive campaign including networking and social media (definitely LinkedIn, and possibly other platforms).
A coach can provide mock interviewing and expert feedback to help you present yourself in a way that is both authentic and strategic. If you’ve got the right job search coach, you should come out of each meeting well informed, energized and ready to take specific steps that will get you the job you want. We deliver solutions for career change, career search and career development success with a global perspective. We work with corporate executives in any industry and also offer group career speaking and training services.
Competition is tough; and nothing less than a stunning resume and well-prepared interview, combined with personable, positive, first-impression chemistry will do to help you gain the competitive edge required in a tough career search.
With an eclectic career background (former Recruiter for a major aerospace corporation, and a Special Agent Investigator for the Department of Defense), Diane is able to integrate myriad careers industry options into your career search plans.
We are not the ones who have to come up with the risks; ask the people in the field who are directly involved looking at the site. Ask your team members to each come up with their own list of risks according to a format that includes: (1) Bad things that may happen. While there is nothing inherently wrong with a two page resume, the length should be determined by how much you need to say, not how much you want to say. Why risk putting relevant and important skills on a second page that might not be read when you can proudly and clearly display your best skills on a single page? You have to be willing to let old or irrelevant experiences fall off your resume as you grow and mature in your career. Shouldn’t be too difficult to do, after all people are just like engineering problems and in your 4 plus years of engineering school you had many leadership classes. If we were to watch you on a daily basis to see what you do, you fundamentally engage in conversations.
Do you have conversations for possibility that bring out the best in individuals and allow them to participate fully and freely in conversation?
Do you fail in your promises and make ineffective requests causing others to live their days in confusion and frustration about the vagueness of what you actually want? In fact, to really start to show up as a leader we need to start to explore the power of emotions and how they can create an environment where individuals thrive and great things are accomplished. Are you a leader who is in powerful moods and emotions such as ambition, gratitude, joy and wonder are the lens through which you see the world? Is your body comfortable in uncomfortable conversations about feelings, moods and emotions?.
When engaged with others, are you only in your head, disengaged from your body, unable to tap its wisdom to help you as a leader to connect with your followers? Are you in a conversation with yourself that is limiting your openness to the possible new ideas presented here. His methodology has evolved over many years of leadership in the military, and coaching business leaders and teams.

If making monthly payments that need to be discontinued, you must notify us at least 72 hours in advance of the scheduled payment to discontinue payments in order for sufficient time to alert the credit card processing company. A good coach knows how to cut through the clutter and focus your efforts on what really works. We coach you and help you gain the edge you must have to stand out and get the position you want. He teaches project and risk management, consults on risk management practice and works to ensure that organizations embrace the possibilities of risk management, rather than fear it. How can you be sure you’re putting your best foot forward, and creating the best possible resume? You may have a wide array of experiences and skills that are all important and special to you, but an employer will not be interested in every summer job and achievement you have had in your life. Edward's University, and worked with students at Concordia University Texas' Career Center. It is the quality of those conversations that determines the quality of the results in your interactions with other people.
Are these moods and emotions so powerful in you that you bring out more of the good moods in others? When you interact with others are they likely to dismiss you or avoid you because of the negative power of your moods and emotions? Most likely there was little if any training on how to build up your soft skills and allow your body to become an ally in your interactions with others. When opportunity arises is your body able to react in a manner that uplifts and puts others at ease around you? Are the moods and emotions you are experiencing right now positive, negative, or nonexistent? They just need a compelling vision, insights on how to do things efficiently, strategies to execute, and accountability to stay on course.
Tom has spent the past 4 years obsessing over making learning and technical work more effective – refining his process both in industry, and with his tutoring clients.
Most people don’t know the best practices that make networking easier and more effective. Then have a conversation, ask questions, and get a sense of whether this person is approachable, knowledgeable and helpful. Career Marketing Techniques provides a comprehensive resume and career search documents portfolio design service.
She developed a passion for Career Counseling after leaving undergrad without much guidance, and grappling with unsatisfying work. Now, they may take actions in alignment with your authority as a manager, but they do not have to follow you as a leader. The body is more than a vessel used to transport your brain from meeting to meeting, task to task. Your ability to be comfortable, flexible, and adaptable in your body determines the outcomes of your interactions with others. A coach can help you revise your strategies for better results and a more pleasant experience. We help you to manage the entire process, shortening your learning curve, helping you to begin a systematic and effective campaign. You have not had many leadership classes; in fact, in your entire college career of engineering you did not have a single leadership class. This is a big and powerful distinction that you as a person in a “leadership” role must understand and embrace to truly get your followers to grant you the authority to lead them.
Rather it is a complex part of your limbic system designed to convert moods and emotions and determine what conversations might show up. A great place to start is with a little clarity over what exactly is this thing called leadership and how is it different from management.

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