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Griselda Black has over six years of experience delivering career transition workshops for military service members preparing to enter the civilian workforce and over 13 years of management experience.
Wendy Davis has a Master of Arts in English and a Master of Arts in Education and Human Developmenta€”Community Counseling and is a licensed professional counselor. Roberta Dill is a seasoned and dedicated EAP consultant who is well-known for her skill and ability in crisis events. Barbara Engemoen has spent the majority of her career providing EAP services to Federal employees. Denise Entzminger is a career development strategist who for seven-plus years has motivated over 3000 military and civilian employees across the country and across the globe to identify and employ their professional skills and personal drive to achieve the career results of their dreams. Ellen Hartson is a licensed counselor and certified coach with over 20 years of career counseling experience. Darlene Jackson-Bowen has over 22 years of professional experience as a both a leader, coach, and consultant with state and federal agencies, the private sector, universities, business, and the medical health care industry.
Martie Johnson is a 15-year veteran of the Navy Marine Corps, serving as a chaplain and counselor, who transitioned his expertise to career counseling through conducting workshops for separating military service members and their spouses to public-sector and private-sector employment.
Jennifer Kocab is an experienced career counselor who has particular expertise in assisting military members, military families and federal employees to assess and leverage their skills to find the perfect job for them.
Rosemary Lavinski is a seasoned Executive Coach, International Trainer, and Clinical Social Worker. Melissa has over 20 years of program management, fundraising, marketing, human resources, and training experience. From March 2007 to May 2010, Melissa served as the Executive Director of the Combined Federal Campaign-Overseas (CFC-O), the annual charitable fundraising drive for the Department of Defense.
In recent years, Melissa has provided consulting services for various companies and not-for-profit organizations providing training, coordinating special events and management consulting services. Before joining the TAP Program in 2005, Melissa served for over four years as the Executive Director of the CFC-O and three years as the European Campaign Director at Ramstein Air Base, Germany. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration from Meredith College, Raleigh, North Carolina and a Masters of Business Administration degree from the University of Phoenix. Emily Minkle has 22 years of active duty service and professional educator experience with the Department of Defense.
Barbara Raines is a corporate trainer and career coach with many years of experience providing outstanding training programs for hundreds and hundreds of managers and employees.
Taking her speaking talents into the world of work, Barbara brings a variety of training topics to the government and corporate sectors. Barbara worked with AT&T as a long distance operator and several other positions which ended 9 years of service due to office closure. She has also had the privilege of serving active duty personnel as a Family Readiness Program Trainer, Transition Assistance Program Trainer, and various other volunteer opportunities for military families in in the US and abroad. As an active member of Association for Talent Development (ATD), Barbara continues to volunteer with her local chapter in-between her travels. Barbaraa€™s strength comes through her unique ability to use her business experiences to understand the knowledge and skills her participants need to increase their performance and productivity. Renate Stewart has a Master of Science in education, counseling and personnel service and is a Master Trainer with 20-plus years of career advising and counseling, academic counseling. Because of the incredible changes that they make in their clients’ lives, it’s not uncommon for coaches to make a 6-figure income in the process.
If you’re thinking about becoming a coach, and you want to learn more about what that would be like, then take a few minutes to read through this page so you can see if life coaching and the salary, career path, and benefits are right for you.
It benefits your clients by helping them identify the goals and dreams that will bring them real, lasting happiness.
And it benefits you by allowing you to earn a 6-7-figure life coach salary, in fewer hours than you’d spend on a 9-5 job, by doing work you love. This frees you up to create the lifestyle you desire, with lots of time for your family, hobbies and yourself, and it enables you to make a huge difference in the world without burning out. On top of this, by getting trained as a coach, you’ll discover how to use the hidden, universal principles of success in your own life, so you can accomplish ANY goal you set your mind to. In short, by becoming a life coach, you empower yourself to fulfill your purpose, create a life you love living, earn a huge income that you can be proud of, enjoy a coaching career you love, and then you get to share that skill and those tools with your clients who have dreams and purposes of their own. And when people are fulfilling the purpose they were born for, they make an enormous impact on the world. In this method, you have a 60-90-minute session with your client, either in person or via phone or the internet, once a week.
In these sessions, you discuss the action steps your client has been taking, the results they’ve gotten, and the results that they want to get next. This method is useful for diving deep into your client’s life and mindset, but it should NOT be your primary form of coaching.
You can set aside some time to work 1-on-1 with your highest-paying clients, but don’t make your business model dependent on this style of coaching. This is similar to 1-on-1 coaching, but it allows you to serve more people in the same amount of time. In this style of coaching, you create a conference call with a group of your clients, spend some time teaching them about the principles of success, and then answer their questions and give them personalized advice for taking the next step in their lives. This method is a bit less in-depth than 1-on-1 coaching, but it allows your clients to learn from each others’ questions and experiences, and to network with each other. And, of course, it allows you to serve more people in less time, so you can make more income and have a bigger impact than you could through 1-on-1 coaching alone. If you like working with your clients in person, you enjoy speaking in front of crowds, and you want to help a lot of people to get a fast start and to learn a great deal in a short amount of time, a live on-stage event can be an incredible way to do that. For 2-3 days, you teach a room full of clients, giving them detailed guidance on how to create the lives of their dreams, as well as homework, action steps and group exercises as needed so that they are able to learn your material as quickly as possible in the time you have together. These events don’t provide the ongoing support that weekly coaching does, but they can often be used to upsell your clients into long-term coaching programs, because they help build the ‘know, like and trust’ that you need to make them feel good about investing in you. Another way to help a lot of clients without burning out is to use a pre-recorded curriculum to deliver the bulk of your teaching. Because this method lacks a system for ongoing support, I suggest that you pair it with group coaching calls, to ensure that your clients are never left wondering how to use your teaching or what to do next. At the bottom of this page, I’ll tell you how to get access to a proven curriculum you can sell without having to create it yourself.
Many coaches combine two or more of the above methods in order to give their clients the best possible results. Help them to get really clear on what they truly desire, on their purpose in life, and who they really are at their core. Help them create a practical, actionable, step-by-step plan to reach their goals, and to repeat that process every time they have a new goal to fulfill.
Give them ongoing support, so they never have to handle the changes they’re creating or the obstacles they encounter alone. Many people have longings that want to be fulfilled, but they don’t know exactly what would fill that void. That’s part of the reason why people get into strings of bad relationships, or become addicted to work, ] television, food or substances. As a coach, you would help them understand what they can do with what they have to make progress towards a life they love living. It does no good to form a plan and take action if the Laws of the Universe are working against you.
As a coach, you would teach them how to get out of their own way, and to harness these laws so that they could create success EASILY, with far less time and effort than it would normally take. Once they know what they want and how to make the Laws of the Universe work in their favor, your clients will need to create a clear, actionable, step-by-step plan to help them move confidently toward the life of their dreams. They’ll also need ongoing support, because as people begin to make changes, obstacles will inevitably arise. But with a good coach on their team, they’ll be able to overcome these challenges, heal their wounds, and continue to move toward a life of their dreams. As you work with your clients, you’ll be able to watch fear, hopelessness, confusion and limiting beliefs turn into clarity, positivity, confidence and hope. You’ll see people who thought their dreams were impossible create amazing lives that once seemed to be out of their reach, and you’ll share in their joy as they set themselves free from old circumstances and wounds, and become the empowered people they were always meant to be. How much money you make and your salary as a coach depends on which business model you use, how much action you take, what kind of training you receive, and how well you use the Laws of the Universe in your favor. If you have a product worth one thousand dollars, and you sell just ten copies of that product in 30 days, that’s a $10,000 month right there. If you sell 50 copies, that’s $50,000 in a month – which is more than some people make in a year. If you have larger, more expensive products, you can earn even more while making fewer sales. If you don’t know how to create a product, or you don’t want to spend months or years on the research and content creation that that process would require, a great option for you is to get certified to sell and teach another person’s curriculum. I’ve created a proven, time-tested system that gets amazing results for both sides of my clientele – the coaches, AND the people being coached. If you’re coaching your clients one-on-one, it can and almost certainly WILL use up most of your day. Also, if you’re attempting to handle everything yourself, including marketing, bookkeeping, appointment-setting, software, content creation, and your household chores, you’ll probably end up working longer hours than you would in a 9-5 job. On the other hand, if you decide to use a group coaching model so you can serve more people in less time, and delegate tasks that aren’t your passion or area of expertise, you could end up working 20 hours a week or less. It all depends on the choices you make, and whether you choose to learn and use a system that will run your business efficiently and free up your time. As a spiritual coach, you get to see hundreds – or possibly even thousands – of people and families move from poverty, stress, loneliness, sickness, and disconnection from their purposes and dreams, to abundance, happiness, love, health, and the fulfillment of their most cherished goals.
You’ll discover how to apply the principles of success to your life, so you can easily attract the people, things and circumstances you desire, and you’ll be able to create the relationships, lifestyle, wealth and impact on the world that you were born to have. You’ll break the habits that have been keeping you stuck and miserable, and you’ll create a mindset of confidence, positivity and joy, so that even mundane circumstances are filled with excitement, possibilities and fun. The Universal Laws of Success apply equally to every person, every circumstance, and every goal. Have you ever been around a person who was vibrantly joyful, energetic and hopeful, and you could tell that they truly loved their life? When a person is firmly centered in their purpose, living the life they were born to live, it creates a ripple effect. You’ll have more time to spend with your family and friends than you did before, so you’ll be better able to be a part of their lives and to deepen your relationships with the people you love. The people closest to you will see you creating a business that supports your purpose, and as your success increases, this alone can help to inspire them to follow their own dreams. And with your training as a coach and the practical experience you’ll accumulate, you will be able to guide the people who come to you for help, giving them the keys to success and offering useful, actionable advice instead of feeling helpless.
By hosting events in your city or town, you’ll be able to help many of the people in your community to improve their jobs, relationships, lifestyles, health, and their lives as a whole. And as your business grows, you’ll also be able to create jobs in your physical or online community, sharing your wealth with people who support you in growing your dreams. Imagine being the center of a business that creates high-quality, life-changing jobs for people who want to make a difference in the world, enabling families to provide for themselves while helping them to discover the keys to success in the process of working for you.
Whenever you start a new business, there’s a risk that you’ll put a lot of money into it, not get enough clients to keep it afloat, and eventually give up, losing your investment in the process. If you don’t know how to coach your clients correctly, there is also a chance that you could do more harm than good in their lives, and gain a reputation for getting few, or worse, negative results. And if there are people in your life who disapprove of taking chances and doing something new, you may have to deal with criticism and doubt, possibly from the people close to you. Because of this, it’s very important that you learn how to attract clients, coach them effectively, and handle the business side of your coaching practice as soon as possible. If you want to become a coach making a comfortable, convenient, abundant salary, and you want to be sure that you are fully prepared in the areas I just mentioned, I invite you to get in touch with one of my enrollment mentors. I’ve created a powerful, time-tested system that will teach you how to create an impactful and lucrative life coaching career, WITHOUT needing years of experience or months of training in order to get started.
To learn more, just fill out the form below, and a member of my team will contact you soon. If the answer to those questions is “yes” - if you want to use the wisdom you have, cultivate even greater wisdom, and take action to help yourself and others to create the lives of your dreams, then coaching might well be your ideal career.
There are some challenges you will face as you grow your coaching business, and some firm decisions that you’ll have to make. To begin with, if you want to become a life coach or accomplish anything else significant in your life, you MUST decide when you start out that you will do what it takes to make it work.
There may be times when you aren’t sure what your next move is, or you don’t know if a product launch will work out or if you’ll get enough clients.
There might be people in your life who don’t think you can succeed as a coach, and doubts and fears WILL come up in your mind as you start to build your business. To succeed as a coach, you’ll need people who support you and your dreams, and mentors to teach you how to attract and coach your clients so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Building a new business of any kind is an adventure, but the rewards of being a coach are well worth it. If you want to learn more about what it’s like to be a coach, and to get an idea of how the whole process works, I invite you to fill out the form below and set up a time to speak with one of my enrollment mentors. They will answer any questions you have, and help you decide whether becoming a coach is right for you. To be a high-quality coach, there are several important laws and principles to understand, and beliefs that you’ll want to cultivate. To start with, learn about the Law of Attraction, as well as the Laws of Action and Proximity. You also need to know how to help your clients to match the vibration of their minds and emotions to the vibrations of the life and circumstances they want, and be able to help them clearly identify the people, situations or objects they desire.
And you must firmly believe that EVERYONE is capable of creating the lives and situations they desire, and that the universe is a friendly and abundant place. You see, while your own wisdom and experiences are great assets in the process of coaching people, there are other ingredients that you MUST have in place before you’re able to really help them. To start with, learn how to help your clients understand their real desires, so they know what it is that they truly want, and they can move toward those goals with the certainty that what they’re working toward is something that will make them happy.

You must also be able to help them to discover the obstacles that are holding them back from their dreams. And, most importantly, understand the invisible, universal principles of success, because these are the single biggest factor in determining whether or not your clients will succeed. If you don’t know how to do these things, you could end up wasting a lot of your clients’ time and money, gaining a reputation for failing to get results, and possibly even preventing people from creating the lives they’re working for. But if you get trained and certified by someone who really knows what they’re doing, the credibility that comes with that certification will help you to get more clients in less time, and the knowledge you gain from it will enable you to give them fast, amazing results. A high-quality certification process will also teach you how to apply the principles of success to your own life, as well as equipping you not just to serve clients, but also to attract them. To determine whether a certification program has what you need, the first thing to do is to check whether it has systems for learning, implementation and support.
A system for learning is a process by which a program helps you absorb its information deep into your consciousness. The program you choose to be certified in, and the one you will use on your clients, needs to be designed in a way that will make its knowledge not just a file in your brain, but something that you deeply understand, and that causes you to live differently because of that understanding.
A system for support is a mentor, a group of people, or both who hold you accountable to your actions and dreams, help you overcome your doubts, and offer you continuing guidance and support as you move toward the life you desire. If you or your clients try to do things alone, you’ll end up slipping back into your past routine, getting caught in your old habits, or allowing doubt, discouragement or fear to slow you down or bring you to a halt. On top of those three systems, to support your growth as a new coach, the certification program you choose must also teach you how to handle the business side of your coaching. Learn how to attract clients, coach them in a way that frees up your time, and either handle the marketing, bookkeeping, software and business side of things yourself, or build a team that will take care of those things for you. And, if you want to save yourself months or even years of work, I strongly recommend that you find a program that includes a pre-made curriculum you can use to teach multiple clients at the same time. That way, you can hit the ground running with a proven, time-tested system, instead of working your way up from nothing and getting stuck in an hours-for-dollars cycle of coaching 1-on-1 while you’re creating a program or course.
It begins with a short series of webinars, and MP3 versions of those webinars, that you can absorb from the comfort of your home.
Then, once the initial web training is over, you’ll attend my certification training event. By the time you leave the event, you will be fully trained and certified as a mentor for others, and you’ll know how to set up a system that will enable your business to take off and start growing massively, right out of the gate. You’ll get a website that gives you an inspiring, professional appearance on the web, and you’ll also get an endorsement video to show that you’ve been trained and certified by one of the best in the industry. If you want to learn more about coaching, becoming a coach, my pre-created curriculum, and how my Life Coach Certification program works, all you have to do is fill out the form below.
Once you’ve done that, a member of my team will get in touch with you and set up a time to talk, so you can get all of your questions answered and discover whether being a life coach is the right path for you.
Life Coaching Programs and Coaching Certification by Life by LifeSOULutions, LLC © 2016. Bradford Agry ’81 is an assignment-driven career coach with particular strength in assessment and informational interviewing. In his 13 years as retained consultant to Columbia Business School, Ellis has worked extensively with EMBA students and alumni from around the world.
His employment history includes several years as Managing Director at Right Management Consultants and Systems Staffing Officer with the Chase Manhattan Bank. Hannah Chase has worked at Columbia Business School for over nine years, both in the Career Management office as well as in the Office of Admission, where Hannah served as Associate Director. Liz Colodny led corporate recruitment efforts for 20 years, and then established a human resource and consulting business which has increasingly focused on coaching executives and professionals globally from all industries and functional areas.
Francis de la Cruz '08 specializes in helping qualified candidates launch, manage, and advance their careers in investment banking. Francis holds a BA in History from Harvard University and an MBA from Columbia Business School, and is a Certified Professional Resume Writer. Charly’s coaching draws upon his extensive experience in banking, capital markets, derivatives, hedge funds and consulting.
Charly has been a career coach at Columbia Business School since 2008, and has worked with hundreds of experienced professionals in transition, many of them international.
Ethan Hanabury ‘85 is an Award winning executive coach, group facilitator, top management team expert, and executive education pioneer. Ethan brings over 30 years of experience and perspective as a senior leader and educator to his coaching practice.
Lindsey Honari is a graduate of both Columbia’s Graduate School of Business and SIPA.
Areas of expertise include mid-career professionals, career changers, mothers returning to work, and careers in finance, consulting and energy. An experienced and compassionate coach, she is certified in Lominger Voices™ 360?, Hogan Assessment Systems and Career Leader. Jane Hughes is an Associate Consultant with JMW Consultants, working with individuals, teams and organizations to impact performance to produce results that go beyond what’s predictable. With a background deep in operational, management, and leadership experience, Jane draws on a career of more than 20 years supporting people in both the public and private sectors, to generate unprecedented business growth, build powerful working relationships, manage complex financial and geographical operations, and dynamically lead their teams through times of complexity and change.
Cynthia is a career, transition, and executive coach, PCC certified by the International Coach Federation. Abigail is an experienced coach and trainer who works with large teams as well as individual clients, which include Fortune 500 executives, artists, professors, and entrepreneurs, on topics ranging from leadership to presentation skills to career strategy. Abigail is also the former Senior Director, Career Center for Working Professionals at NYU Stern. Jill Lauri ’87, MSW, uses innovative and spiritual approaches to career management and transition. With over 15 years of providing career advisory services exclusively and with a unique blend of career management, human resources and marketing credentials, Bob McKiernan ’73 is dedicated to and has a demonstrated record of assisting his clients gain greater satisfaction and control over their own professional lives. Julia McNamara ’96 brings 20 years of international business, entrepreneurship and business strategy to her work as an executive coach and consultant.
Previously, Buddy was a Vice President, M&A, and a member of the Executive Committee of Siemens Corporation ($21 billion revenue). Janet Raiffa spent six years as a career coach and associate director at Columbia Business School’s Career Management Center before returning to the corporate world as a recruiting manager for a top consulting firm. Prior to her tenure at Columbia Business School, Janet spent over 10 years as a recruiter for consulting, law and banking.
Jennifer Rosenthal ’02 advises on all aspects of the career management process including self-assessment, targeting, networking, interviewing skills and salary negotiations.
Akiba Smith-Francis is an executive coach committed to helping clients find ways to live authentically at work, while focusing on adopting behaviors that enable them to be professionally effective. In addition to coaching individuals, Akiba has served institutional clients in the private, non-profit and public sectors.
Sarah Stamboulie ’93 of Stamboulie Career Consulting helps her clients conduct a more efficient and effective job search by better accessing the hidden job market. Claire Steichen is President of Clear Strategy Coaching, a practice whose focus is on mid?career and senior executives. Sandi Stewart is an executive coach and consultant with over 20 years of organizational experience. Ferne Traeger ’80, LCSW, of Beyond the Boardroom, LLC is a career coach and psychoanalyst. Julia Harris Wexler, MA is a Columbia University Certified Executive Coach focused on all areas of career navigation, including identifying professional identity, mid-career shifts, career re-entry, skill assessment, interview skills, resume overhaul, and personal marketing plans. For the past two decades, she has advised senior managers on how to motivate, retain, and compensate their human capital.
Eileen Wolkstein, PhD, LMHC, offers executive coaching, career planning, comprehensive assessments, career testing, professional branding, job search strategic planning, role playing, networking, marketing and closing services. Mitch specializes in coaching C-level executives and senior managers in many industries, most prominently media, technology and finance. Prior to becoming a coach, Mitch was a senior executive in a number of media and technology companies.
Mitch had a long career in business journalism prior to his corporate management experiences. At CMP for 17 years, Mitch was the editorial director of the company's Travel Group and founding editor of Business Travel News.
Mitch is a certified graduate of Coach U, the world’s largest and most respected coach training institution, and a member of the International Coach Federation. Sabrina Zook ’94 of Talent Development Strategies is a business-oriented coach with 25 years of human resources experience including 14+ years at JPMorgan Chase. Each of them is highly experienced, and each offers a specific area of expertise in the career consulting field. Holsendorff was employed for fifteen years at a major pharmaceutical company, where she progressively advanced to the role of Certified Facilitator for the Stephen Covey program, Seven Habits of Highly-Effective People. Harris is a Job and Career Transition Coach (JCTC) and a Certified Employment Interview Consultant (CEIC).
Improve your career situation, get your questions answered, and make new networking contacts! Wendy previously worked in the career services office at Georgetown Universitya€™s Law Center, and she has experience as proofreader and editor. Roberta has a Master of Arts in Educational Counseling, and she serves as a management coach. Barbara has over 15 years of career coaching experience and has worked with numerous clients on issues such as career development, resume writing, and interest assessment.
Her twelve-plus years of hands on customer focused human resource development experience coupled with her master's-level education in Human Resource Development has assisted her in inspiring her clients.
With training in both corporate and life coaching, Ellen has extensive Executive Coaching experience. She is an educator at heart and provides education, training, and development to a diverse clientele of professionals. He conducts workshops for job seekers on effective job-search techniques, resume and cover letter writing skills, interviewing and job-offer negotiations. Rosemary's experience includes nearly 20 years of career counseling and executive coaching experience. She began as a TAP Facilitator in Hanau, Germany in 2005 and then managed the European TAP program supervising workshop delivery throughout the region.
Melissa has nearly 10 years of career counseling experience, including 5 years of executive coaching experience. He has over 30 years experience in the helping professions and over 18 years experience directly working with the federal workplace, providing counseling, conducting presentations and management consultations. Now a career transition trainer with a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology, she conducts workshops on self-appraisals, job search and interviewing techniques, resume and cover letter writing skills and providing counseling for military service members to transition into federal occupations and civilian careers. Sarah has nine years of career counseling experience, including 5 years of executive coaching. She regularly facilitates employment transition programs for job seekers enter both the public-sector and private-sector workforce. A Life coach can help huge numbers of people to break lifelong patterns of pain and lack, to discover their core purpose, and to fulfill cherished dreams that they once thought were impossible. In fact, coaching is one of the fastest-growing 6-figure business models in the world today! It also helps them remove the obstacles, limitations and circumstances that are holding them back from those dreams, and it shows them how to make their ideal life a reality.
Imagine the ripple effect you could create by helping even a few dozen people discover and live out their purposes, and then imagine that, multiplied by a hundred or more!
If it is, you will become trapped in a cycle of trading hours for dollars, and your income and impact will always be limited by the number of hours in a day.
It also increases the energy that everyone receives through the calls, because they’re gathering in a community of passionate, like-minded people. This allows you to serve more people, at a lower price per person, in the same amount of time, and it can let your clients consume your material at their own pace. So if this is something you’re interested in, please make sure to explore that possibilitywhile you’re on this page. For example, you could host a live event that gives your clients an inspiring, powerful start, and then offer a package that combines pre-recorded lessons with group or 1-on-1 coaching calls, so your clients can put the recorded curriculum to its most effective use. Without this, your clients won’t be able to create the big, lasting changes they’re looking for, so you MUST be able to give them the training they require in this area. Once you learn about what a life coach is, and the amazing power you possess, it will make more sense.
It’s also why people work hard at a job for years, achieving greater and greater success but never find true happiness or “aliveness” in their work. You would also help them discover their core purpose, the work that would make them excited to get out of bed in the morning, so they can create a life they love.
Many people accidentally use the Law of Attraction, the Law of Proximity, and other powerful laws AGAINST themselves (without even realizing it), and this causes them to struggle for years without getting the results they long for. Their subconscious minds will work hard to drag them back into safe, familiar territory by using doubts, distractions, discouragement and fear, and for a person who’s working alone, this can make their journey seem insurmountable. Many of my colleagues in the field, as well as a number of the coaches who have trained under me, have experienced similar success, and I’ve created a proven, repeatable system for helping coaches create financial abundance. So if you want to hit the ground running with a pre-made product, effective coaching methods, and a pricing and marketing system already in place, I invite you to fill out the form below to talk to my team and learn more. This method will also limit your impact and income, because you’ll only be able to serve a few clients in the hours you have. You don’t have to live on someone else’s timetable, and if you structure your business correctly, your financial success need not be restricted to the number of hours in a workday. Once you’ve discovered how to use them, you can make your life whatever you want it to be, and you can teach others how to do the same. Their spouse, children, friends, extended family, coworkers and clients can feel the change, and just being in that person’s presence makes them feel better. It’s also vital that you have a support system of people who believe in you and your dreams, and who will give you guidance and encouragement when you hit a bump in the road.
Be ready to face these challenges with optimism and determination – and, more importantly, make sure that you aren’t facing them alone.

If you don’t know what these are or how to apply them to your clients’ lives, you MUST get trained in these areas before you start coaching. Everything that happens to us is somehow designed to work in our favor, and deeply understanding this and passing that understanding on to your clients is key. But if you do, you will not be fully equipped to help your clients, and you could end up doing more harm than good in your attempts to change their lives. Guide them to create clear, specific, actionable plans for overcoming those challenges and creating the results and transformation they desire.
Without this piece of the puzzle, no amount of planning, action or mindset work will bring your clients the results they truly desire, so you CANNOT start coaching without this. After all, you want to improve your own life while you’re helping other people, and it does no good for you to know how to coach people if you’ve got no one to coach!
It’s not enough to hear something once, to have a surface-level understanding of it, and then to move on to the next lesson and forget a lot of what you just learned. The last thing anybody needs is ANOTHER piece of “shelf-help” that doesn’t create real change, so both you and your clients will need clear, actionable guidance to help you turn your knowledge into tangible improvements in your day-to-day life. So it’s vital to have people who will help you stay motivated and inspired, and keep your forward progress going strong. At the event, you’ll complete your certification process in only three days, with five meals and lodging for two nights included in the price of admission.
As stipulated by law, we cannot and do not make any guarantees about your ability to get results or earn any money with our ideas, information, tools or strategies. Chase has had a diversified, extensive experience in career and executive coaching, management consulting, and training in corporations, consulting companies, private practice, and colleges and universities.
Corporate clients have included Deloitte, General Electric, Estee Lauder, Goldman Sachs, The Gartner Group, Purdue Pharma, Swiss Re America, ING Capital, Penguin Putnam, American Civil Liberties Union, Hess Corporation, and Citigroup. He has appeared on CNN, CNBC, and has been a regular contributor to a wide variety of media outlets. Chase holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and a Masters Degree in English and Secondary Education, both from New York University. Hannah advises students and alumni on resumes and cover letters, as well as issues relating to personal branding and social media.
His book, The Wall Street Professional's Survival Guide, was released by Financial Times Press in June 2010. She worked in the financial services, consumer product, professional services and industrial manufacturing industries, and consulted to additional industries such as healthcare and information services.
He also helps mid-career professionals and executives transition to the buy side by providing carefully-crafted resumes, cover letters, executive bios, LinkedIn profiles, and career coaching to win the recruiting and interview process. After she discovers your most valuable niche and conducts a thorough employer market analysis, she positions you to command respect and focuses your campaign to attract targeted opportunities and establish key networking connections matching your requirements. Charly helped found Citi’s derivatives business, and the World Bank establish its swap program.
He is a member of the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP), Capital Markets Credit Analysts Society (CMCAS), Fixed Income Analyst Society (FIASI), Association for Talent Development (ATD-NYC), and National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI-NYC). She helps mid-career professionals find or change jobs, mothers returning to the workforce and leaders on the rise. Given her Houston, Texas location, she works remotely by phone or Skype, and has clients across the globe. She guides people of all ages and stages of their professional careers, helping them to articulate their goals, skills and experience into narratives that build confidence and resonate with employers. Jane has a reputation for helping clients take on demanding endeavors with velocity and certainty, even under circumstances defined by uncertainty.
She is a 2000 Columbia Business School graduate and has coached NYU Stern students, alumni, and professors in various capacities since 2006 as well as numerous Columbia graduates as private clients. While in that role, she led her team, partnered with other NYU Stern senior leaders on strategy and direction for the office and programs served, built relationships with employers, counseled student leaders, and provided individual career coaching to Langone and Executive MBA students as well as Stern Alumni.
She works with individual executives and teams in a variety of areas including: developing executive presence and global influence, self-mastery, motivation and managing change.
He is also a former Board member of Siemens Building Technologies and Siemens Financial Services, as well as a former member of the Siemens Investment Committee ($8 billion pension plan).
Her expertise includes intercultural challenges, career transitions and management, work-life balance, as well as leadership development. She is a former Director of Recruiting at Bear Stearns and has been a career consultant for the EMBA program at Columbia Business School since 2006 and also worked in marketing at American Express. Specializing in career transitions and executive presence, she helps clients clarify and articulate their strengths, values and objectives as well as develop strategies to achieve their professional and life goals.
Sarah advises clients on job targeting, resumes, LinkedIn, exploratory meetings, interviews and negotiation. In the last four years, Claire has coached hundreds of clients in leadership development, career strategy and effective communication. She is a certified co-active coach through Coach Training Institute, San Rafael, CA, is certified in Tracom’s Social Styles instrument and is a Certified Practitioner in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. She works with C-suite officers, executives, managers, and entrepreneurs in catalyzing their work and their teams and assisting with planning and implementing change in their organizations.
Smith School of Business, University of Maryland teaching Leadership Development, and teaches Philosophy IB’s Professional Certificate Leadership Coaching for Organizational Performance at George Mason University. Her clients span the gamut from CEOs to entry level professionals at the individual and organizational level.
She has completed the Columbia External Coach Certification, taken PhD classes in organizational leadership, and received her MA from Teacher’s College in developmental psychology. He has coached hundreds of clients to enhance their outcomes by developing their emotional intelligence and relationship management skills. He was the founding publisher of TechWeb, the first technology website to sell advertising, and vice president and founder of the Internet division of CMP Media Inc., an international media company. She provides structured guidance to focus career transition efforts and prepare clients for every aspect of the job search. Team members have been carefully selected for their complementary strengths, as well as their integrity and commitment to client success. Since 1992, he has been providing professional services in career consulting, executive coaching, and assessment. As Senior Consultant for Career Potential, LLC, Susan has the dual role of heading-up business development, and providing career coaching and training services.
Throughout her career, Charlene has enjoyed designing and presenting topics of career empowerment. Roberta has more than 20 years of career counseling experience, including 10 years of executive coaching. Barbara is particularly skilled at the Federal application process and has acted as a mentor for her peers in understanding the process.
Mary also has a degree in English Education that provides her a strong background in written and verbal communication, document editing, and proofreading. Prior to coming to FOH, Ellen worked as a middle school counselor and worked as an exam prep coach for individuals working toward their clinical social work license. He has specific areas of expertise in career assessment tools and professional development instruments. Her specialties include Development of Leadership Training Programs, Management Consultation, Organizational Development, Supervision and Administration, and Project Management.
Tom is a Licensed Professional Counselor and CEAP (Certified Employee Assistance Program). She has management experience that including interviewing, hiring, training, and mentoring new employees. In addition to these EAP core duties, he is also responsible for mentoring, team leadership, and talent development.
Her areas of expertise include security clearance transference, self-assessment for career interests, career search and development, resume writing, interview preparation, job offer evaluation and salary negotiation. But it DOES mean getting trained by an expert before you start serving clients will serve your best interests, and theirs. You’ll also have access to Q&A calls, to help you fully understand the material in the webinars. Your results are completely up to you, your level of awareness, expertise, the action you take and the service you provide to others.
Francis has 12+ years of Wall Street experience and has served over 1,000 clients as a professional resume writer since launching his consulting venture in 2009. Then, as your loyal representative, she researches, identifies and makes discreet, confidential introductions to hiring decision makers, not HR bypassing gatekeepers and automated screening systems. He subsequently built different capital markets businesses at First Chicago (now part of JPMorgan Chase-currency swaps), S.G.
He has taught Negotiating Skills for Women for Barnard and Smith alumnae and Leadership in Deal-Making for the Leadership Center at Columbia. Her experience cuts across diverse sectors in the United States and Europe, including the banking, retailing, manufacturing, technology, and entertainment industries.
She’s a leadership development specialist, with expertise in career transition, cross-cultural challenges, and work-life balance. In addition to her MBA from Columbia Business School, she has a BA from The Johns Hopkins University. Jill shows clients how to attract new opportunities, using universal principles like the law of attraction. At CBS she was a generalist with a particular focus on advising for banking and consulting, and also introduced a new resume training program and template.
In addition to her MBA from Columbia Business School, she holds a BA from the University of Michigan in Organizational Behavior and an MA in Human Resources Management from the New School University.
She has ACC Certification from the International Coach Federation and a life coaching certification from the Martha Beck Institute. She also offers executive coaching, career assessment consultation (including Myers-Briggs assessment) and weekly executive transition groups. Claire is a coach and trainer in public speaking for Columbia’s School of International and Public Affairs. Sandi has been featured in national and local print publications and radio with her writing on coaching and life balance.
Her approach merges goal-oriented pragmatism with an ability to listen for, identify and address obstacles to professional success. She is a Certified 5 o’clock club coach, and Certified to administer the Hogan Assessments. He also was senior vice president of Ziff Davis Media where he published InteractiveWeek, one of the pioneering newspapers covering e-commerce. Debbi has over 20 years combined professional experience in financial services, human services and the workplace learning field. In her spare time, Roberta directed a YWCA "Non-Traditional Jobs for Women" Project, for 7 years, teaching and providing career counseling, resume building, and job application support for women, including incarcerated women.
Her areas of expertise include identifying transferable business and work skills, creating effective resumes, developing interview skills and establishing career and employment research techniques for public-sector and private-sector employment initiatives. Any testimonials, financial numbers mentioned in emails or referenced on any of our web pages should not be considered exact, actual or as a promise of potential earnings - all numbers are illustrative only. Hannah teaches improvisation at the Magnet Theater, and has taught applied improvisation to start ups, educational institutions, and large firms alike. Her expertise includes job search strategy, effective networking, interviewing, resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile development, offer negotiation and on-boarding.
His clients have earned offers from all of the big banks and appreciate his unique dedication and personalized approach.
Debra specializes in career changers, industry switchers, and job market re-entry candidates across all industries and functional roles and provides outsourcing and support for job searching tasks, corporate due diligence and compelling correspondence.
Warburg (now part of UBS-private placements and gold swaps), HSBC (derivatives marketing) and Rabobank (credit derivatives). He helps clients develop leadership skills, implement transition and promotion strategies, conduct effective networking, and achieve success within a work-life balance.
She works as a coach and facilitator in leadership development for Columbia Business School’s Executive Education programs.
She is also a member of the International Coach Federation, Cosmetic Executive Women, and 85 Broads. Department of Commerce, China Institute, Federal Reserve Board, Brookings, WETA, and National Geographic. She is a Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation and a Certified Behavioral and Motivational Analyst through Target Training International.
She helps her clients identify their true skills, and provides the expertise and accountability necessary for them to maximize their professional potential. Later, he was president of NetCreations Inc., a publicly traded email marketing company, where he built the executive management team, produced $60 million+ in sales and positioned the company for a successful acquisition. In addition to coaching through career transitions, Liz helps clients to navigate successfully in their current environments.
He co-headed the Credit Risk Management consulting practice at Deloitte & Touche, and was SVP at FRM, a premier UK fund of hedge funds (now part of Man Group).
Jill also coaches groups on a variety of customized themes including how to Capitalize on Stress,Transform with Creativity, Morph Change into Opportunity, Boost Your Career with Intuition, Grow Your Business Using Spiritual Practices and Move Beyond Traumatic Events.
She is a preferred coach, focused on 360 leadership assessments, for Columbia Business School's Social Intelligence Program. That being said, we believe in you and we are here to support you in making the changes you want for your life and giving you methods, strategies, and ideas that will help move you in the direction of your dream. She earned her MBA at Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management and her BA at The University of Chicago. As a consultant and expert witness, he serves many premier financial institutions and regulatory agencies.

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