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Coaching is the art of providing education, training, guidance, support, or assistance to a group or individual.
There are coaches for almost anything imaginable in life, and one can obtain a coach for any of these things, though some types of coaches are easier to find than others. Other types of coaches include life coaches, marriage coaches, business coaches, or social coaches, all with the responsibility to teach their students and provide guidance and support where it is due. Please remember that using others' images on the web without their permission is not very nice. If you are currently looking for your next coaching job, be sure to check out our Resources page.
Through our co-active coaching process, discovery is gained into what causes derailment & tools are developed to create a successful next experience. My life’s work is inspired by the courageous among us who know and embrace that there are changes they want to make, need to make, even must make, to come into the fullest expressions of who they are: their potential for greater aliveness that they sense is out there for them, whether their priority be their career, their business, or some area of their life outside their work. I am a guide and coach and I specialize in the transitions that follow significant change, often, though not limited to, mid life individuals 35 – 55, who are  profoundly affected by change and are now faced with all the uncertainties and possibilities ahead. We navigate these remarkable and defining transitions together, and, through the proven process I move through with you, the world is made better as you come into the fullness of who you are. My purpose is to play a supportive role as you move through any one or more of the four phases of meaningful and sustainable transition, introduced here on the site, on the way to manifesting the quality of experience that fulfills your truest desires. Being in business for yourself is a bold and courageous act, with two especially challenging realities. Significant change has happened to your business, or to you in your life as the owner of your business.

For the longest time I hoped I could make the desired changes and transitions in my life, my career, my business, swiftly; that I could somehow discover the quick steps to this, the simple stages to that, the easily applied insights to the other thing. Read the Full PodcastFor the longest time I hoped I could make the desired changes in my life, my career, my business, swiftly; that I could somehow discover the quick steps to this, the simple stages to that, the easily applied insights to the other thing. It took me a long time to understand, and even longer to accept, that even though I lived in a world of swipe this, drive thru that, and instant download the other thing, no quick fix was available, or even to be found.
The services I offer are career, business, and life changing pathways, supported by proven processes – extraordinary experiences – designed to enable the courageous among us to move into and through their career or business or organization or life changes, challenges and choices with expert support every step of the way.
I want to be helpful in getting you to a place where you and the world can benefit from the very best of what you are all about. The leader or teacher, called the coach, usually possesses special training in the field at hand or has fine-tuned their skills in the field with experience. It can be applied to any field, as many different types of coaches use the same basic methods, such as meeting students or developing goals. The key is to invest in these relationships and make sure your colleagues understand your commitment to maintaining a relationship.  In this way, you are simply building upon your current relationship, not severing your ties. Such significant changes show up in the form of shocks, opportunities, or new awarenesses, giving rise to challenging and often complex choices and decisions, the quality of which they realize, in turn, will colour and shape the quality of their lives for years to come. If your career is past it’s best before date, I commit to helping you get yourself into one that brings out the very best of who you are. Surely, in the pages of the next book that caught my eye, or the latest audio program I listened to, or the workshop I enrolled in, I would source that breakthrough I was yearning for. Genuinely interested, non-judgmental, caring, compassionate, experienced support over a reasonable of period of time, so you can break free of what no longer serves you, and into what does.

The other is that, despite how incredible you may be at what you do, being successful in business is a wholly different talent.
Each will call forth new choices and decisions, the quality of which will affect the quality of our life experience for months, if not years to come. The leadership challenges brought on by these changes are necessitating you consider new approaches to bringing out the best in yourself and the best in your people.
Each time, though, in the afterglow of that glimmer of hope, I found myself back in the same skin and same life I had thought the latest steps, stages and insights promised me I was going to be liberated from.
That you come to understand the reasons behind all the changes that have happened to you in your career, business, organization, life, as the case may be, and understand the life giving transitions that these changes have, and are, calling you out of your own shadows to make. If you and your business are performing below your capabilities, and you seem stuck in the throes of mediocrity, my commitment is to breaking you through into all you’re meant to become. If you are challenged by any or all of these types of changes, my commitment is to help you navigate the transitions that follow these changes in ways that enlarge you and buoy your spirit. I was going to have to stand up, step out, and come out of my shadow, with my heart open and leading the way. I was going to have to gain new knowledge, press on my comfort zone, try new things, dare to make new connections, listen, pay attention, let go, and learn to trust in myself and life. I was going to have to source the courage to confront my fears and navigate the transition between where I was and my unique difference making, meaning making, and money making capabilities.

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