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Self-assessment, executive branding, search strategic planning and execution, executive coaching, win-win negotiations. Some people feel they have outstanding resumes and wonderful social media profiles while applying for jobs and yet get no replies.
Some never liked where they worked or what they have been doing which makes it getting up in the morning torturous. We will teach you how to find your desired job and build your own personalized job search plan.

We know the importance of a good resume, and what it takes for it to stand out from the others. We know how to make your experiences stand out, as well as what recruiters are looking for in today’s job market.
We will guide you through your career change process from defining what you really want to helping you land the right job. We will help you identify your career vision, set long and short term goals, as well as determine the strategy you’ll need to reach them.

About CCCOur primary objective is to help you get out of that job you don’t want to do anymore and help you get your job search going again.
If you’re thinking of a career change but lack the industry-specific experience required for the move, we’ll work hand-in-hand with you to showcase your transferable skills, allowing prospective employers to recognize your potential.

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career coaching long island

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