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Here at INTI, students are provided with mentors and career advice to answer the question of "Which career?" Career workshops and coaching sessions are also held regularly to help students prepare for a successful career. INTI creates a selection of experienced and reputable industry practitioners to coach students. INTI facilitates the meetings between students and their industry mentors to discuss the expectations, challenges and key skill sets required to thrive in their chosen careers.
We aim to bring out the best in you, through a series of sessions we will; help hone exisiting skills, provide you with important business and personal tools and develop methods of working that will give you the edge.
Through one-on-one mentoring between coach and student, goals and progress will be defined and accomplished.
The RIJS coach offers assistance in making a customized degree plan and in carrying out that plan to completion.

Because a coach is there to organize logistical details, students are able to fully concentrate their efforts on their studies. Students can complete a college degree using accelerated distance learning methods on their own. Each RIJS coach offers valuable advice, lots of encouragement, and accountability for making progress. Fellow of the CIPD and member of the International Coaching Federation with over ten years experience as an independent Career Coach, I provide careers advice to people of all ages and levels of seniority. Find out below how I can help you achieve your career goals either in a 1:1 or group session. For businesses, schools, colleges and universities Sally can deliver a wide variety of career management workshops and 1:1 interventions.

For $100 dollars an hour, the coach and student will set up an action oriented plan which may include things such as test scheduling, setting up time to study, internship arrangements, and career research.
However, RIJS students are guided step by step through making the best use of their time, avoiding costly mistakes that cost both time and money. If Career Coaching is the best approach we will meet face to face working from my office based in Wilmslow (5 minutes from Junction 6, M56 and Manchester Airport) or at a mutually convenient location. In addition, RIJS students can call and have access to their coach when questions arise about the process or are in need of help with their transcripts.

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career coaching wins nba

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