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Whether you are an individual seeking a new job or career, or an employer who needs assistance transitioning your employees to the next phase of their career cycle, CareerJoy can help.
CareerJoy™ is headed by head coach and founder, Alan Kearns, who is a Workopolis career expert, author of Get the Right Job Right Now!, and a regular contributor to Canadian media on the latest trends in careers and career development in Canada. We have been chosen as the official career coaching firm for the alumni of York University, Bishop’s University, OCAD, Carleton University, Queens University, Dalhousie Law, Queen’s Law, Ryerson University, Nippissing University and Athabasca University.
As your Career Transition Coach, I lead you step-by-step through an exciting adventure of self-discovery.
You’re not being challenged and supported to reach your peak performance in enjoyable, realistic ways. Your job is consistent with your experience and training but it doesn’t match your personality, passion or life purpose.
You become well compensated for being Your Authentic Self and sharing your special talents with a world that is hungry for your gifts.
The third movie in the Harry Potter series deals with a serial killer escaped from the prison of Azkaban. We will review your short and long term goals and use these goals as a foundation to create a strategy for adapting to the change, making conscious choices and moving forward.
Katie did a great job by being engaged, showing genuine interest in helping me clarify my career focus and discovering a couple of options I hadn’t thought of before. The workbook and your coaching helped me to identify key aspects of both my professional and personal life.  These sessions have been instruments of change and clarity.
If you are looking for a coach who has the knowledge, patience and the desire to see you succeed, then do not hesitate. We provide career transition, leadership coaching, and outplacement services for both Individuals and Employers in Calgary.
Our team of coaches is uniquely trained to help you achieve career success – both personally and financially.

We are also the exclusive provider of career coaching services for the members of HRPAO & The Chemical Institue of Canada amongst other associations.
We are leaders in the Canadian career coaching marketplace, helping individuals find answers to their career questions, as well as helping companies build team leadership skills, and in cases of restructuring, assist employees as they transition to new jobs. That’s why we have developed many different coaching programs, each tailored to a particular career situation.
We provide career transition, leadership coaching, and outplacement services for both Individuals and Employers in Edmonton. The proven system I use is dramatically different from traditional skills-based career development approaches. Once you’re clear about Your Authentic Life Purpose, you immediately begin to thrive in a bold new way.
As your Career Transition Coach, I help you discover what spontaneously motivates you to do your best work.
Based on your new knowledge and your goals, we explore work environments that compliment your unique personality and needs. You’ll also receive free articles every week so you can de-stress, enjoy greater productivity, and have much more fun! CYrus Black has escaped from the prison and rumour is that he is to take revenge from the young potter who has defeated his master.
Therefore, your coaching experience will be highly personalized – tailored specifically to you. In every program, experienced coaches use multi-faceted assessment tools designed to reveal your motivations, talents and natural abilities and bring the best career options into focus. We explore work that is totally in tune with your special strengths, your specific interests and your genuine passion. Pain at work is usually caused by a conflict between what you are doing and one of your values.

In addition to serving as a corporate trainer for organizations as large as Microsoft, Doris has been on faculty at three universities and Executive Director of three national organizations.
On the other hand Harry Potter slowly comes to know that Cyrus Black would know something about the facts that would let Harry know how he became an orphan.
We will start with an initial dialogue to clearly define the issues or concerns you are currently experiencing. In that way, we create a plan that guides our clients, step-by-step, toward achieving their own success in their careers.
During coaching, a series of enjoyable activities help you become the world’s leading expert on YOU. You discover buried treasure during coaching because your genuine strengths are revealed to you.
If you need any additional training or experience to create your dream career, we explore innovative, affordable ways to secure the resources you need .
Though School is safe under the guidance of the most powerful magician of the time Professor Dumbledore yet some prisoner gaurds are appointed for the safety purpose. This means the work you do eight or more hours a day can become a primary source of pleasure. I’ll help you master interviewing skills so you can negotiate the salary and position you want.

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