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Organizational Leadership and Supervision (OLS) students are well prepared for leadership roles in a wide variety of settings including industrial, medical, service, and other profit and nonprofit organizations. The PhD in Leadership Studies with a specialization in Organizational Leadership and Consulting prepares students to identify and effectively address leadership challenges in organizations worldwide. Students in the program develop the skills to conduct original research and use empirical evidence to improve their practice and lead innovation.
Alumna Helen Eckmann has parlayed her experience in the program to her position as the owner of James L Consulting, a firm that works with Fortune 500 corporations to develop and implement successful leadership and management policies.
The PhD in Leadership Studies in the Department of Leadership Studies offers students an outstanding foundation in leadership theory and practice, as well as in research methodology. Students preparing for research careers are advised to take additional upper level research methodology courses.

Other electives may be drawn from SOLES, or coursework in other graduate divisions of USD such as the School of Business, School of Law, and Joan.
For information on how to apply to the PhD in Leadership Studies with a specialization in Organizational Leadership and Consulting, visit the main PhD program page. It's the ability to inspire others, to identify trends, and to be an effective agent of change in any position. Students include business professionals, service men and women, mid- and upper-level executives, and many others. She was awarded San Diego Business Woman Owner of the Year in 2009 and has been awarded eight Teacher of Impact awards as adjunct faculty in the USD School of Business Administration. Students also specialize in a particular area of leadership through elective coursework and research.

They advance in their careers by leveraging the strong MSLOC network, MSLOC career services and the leadership and strategic thinking skills developed during their time in the program. After graduation, they may work as policy analysts, evaluators, consultants, executive coaches, researchers, and faculty. The faculty bring with them practical experience in consulting, facilitation, and management in a variety of organizational settings, including in business, the nonprofit sector, the military, government, and PK-16 education.

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careers with organizational leadership masters degree

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