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There are two museums between the campus of the University of Pittsburgh and the campus of Carnegie Mellon University; the Carnegie Museum of Natural History and the Carnegie Museum of Art. They also had a collection of natural habitat dioramas with taxidermied animals; North American Wildlife and African Wildlife.
After leaving the museum I decided to explore Oakland since it would be a shame to leave too quickly.
There are several bookstores in Oakland because there are huge universities in the area so I visited Caliban Books. I was really angry at the prospect of walking all the way back to my hotel after being on my feet all day in the museum.
This entry was posted in Travel and tagged Caliban Books, Carnegie Museum of Art, Carnegie Museums, Carnegie Natural History Museum. Normally, I try to keep this blog from straying into minutia or the fine points of computer science because how to write and debug code isn’t exactly a rousing topic that will be eagerly read by someone not looking for a very specific issue to solve. Object-oriented programming is eliminated entirely from the introductory curriculum, because it is both anti-modular and anti-parallel by its very nature, and hence unsuitable for a modern [ Comp Sci ] curriculum. Whoa, whoa… back it up, back it in, let me begin, to quote the poets of Basement Jaxx. It seems that the committee which decided on this change looked at object-oriented programming sometime between the 1980s and the mid 1990s, decided to write if off, and after years of neglecting to catch up with the tools and architectural approaches using this paradigm, decided to consign it to the optional bin. The article you linked to doesn’t make any specific mention of procedural programming at all. The Botany room was empty, no visitors, but I saw an exhibit on the poisonous plants of Pennsylvania which was informative.
My favorite painting was The Garden of Adonis – Amoretta and Time by John Dickson Batten. I looked for the plays of August Wilson but I did not find any, so I bought a road map of Pittsburgh and the book Symbolist Theater by Frantisek Deak. But as I was walking down Forbes Avenue I came across the Original Hot Dog Shop so I decided to stop in for a bite because their hot dogs are famous. However, this little tidbit of news has been bothering me since it surfaced in March on the web and was brought up in several of my architecture classes, and dammit, it’s getting a post. A proposed new course on object-oriented design methodology will be offered at the sophomore level for those students who wish to study this topic. Modularity in programs depends on their design because at the end of the day, you’re dealing with the same data types in a different set of containers and at different levels of abstraction. This myopia is going to hurt their students when they try to find a job after college since most programming in the business and government realms relies on object-oriented languages, and demonstrates an alarming lack of familiarity with what goes on outside CMU’s ivory towers.
And what is procedural programming other than just another way of doing imperative programming? This would make sense for the imperative parts of the course and the introductory functional parts, but considering how much practical functional programming relies on type theory, I assume they’d be using Haskell or ML for later stages.

You can do parallel and distributed computations with an OO language and their concept of modular design hasn’t been updated since 1990. I don’t know why the local travel agencies don’t offer bus trips to the Carnegie Museums in Pittsburgh. You can enter at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History entrance which has a convenient circular drive for cars to drop you off. There was a special exhibit of Japanese prints including some Japanese theater actors which I found interesting. They did not have a good selection of books unless I wanted to carry around a heavy art book.
I walked to Schenley Park and found the Phipps Conservatory but it was too late in the day for a visit.
Then I tried to call for a Classy Cab but they said it would be an hour for them to pick me up. Let’s get familiar with the difference between procedural and object-oriented programming first though.
To simply say that it’s easier to plug new functions into existing function sets than a new class into existing business logic ignores how such functions and classes are meant to work together. Modern object-oriented languages and all their offshoots have been trending towards hybrid approaches with function-like utilities or allowing classes to be optional instead of treating every block of code as part of an object to be instantiated and ran, trying to incorporate the strengths of the procedural paradigm.
Ordinarily I might have left after that but I wanted to spend as much time in the museum as possible so I checked out the third floor.
Art Deco is one of the great retro looks and there is plenty of Art Deco to see in New York City so I thought this was a good choice.
I think Symbolism may offer the only way for theater to present the experience of a dream onstage.
No, this is about the professors at Carnegie-Mellon University deciding to drop object-oriented programming as a comp sci course requirement, stating that it’s inferior to functional programming and unsuitable for student use, and instead, teaching good, old fashioned C to their undergraduate students. Perhaps the easiest and most straightforward way to think about the disparity in the approaches is to consider procedural programming as exchanging data between functions which perform calculations, logical operations, and basic manipulations of data, and object-oriented programming as exchanging objects which are instantiated to hold and manipulate data. If you simply try to dump new methods and collections into an existing program, it will have about the same results as trying to shove a triangular peg into a circular hole. To leave them off your computer science program is to turn your program into an endangered and very vulnerable creature and do a major disservice to your students. Getting to the Carnegie Museums from my hotel was a little difficult because I had to go to Oakland. The third floor had exhibits on Eskimos, American Indians, and Ancient Egypt with a few mummies. I’ve recently reread William Butler Yeat’s symbolic play At the Hawk’s Well and the analysis of it in A Jungian Approach to Literature by Bettina L. So on this trip I learned that you can’t rely on getting a taxi in the evening in Pittsburgh.

All fine and good were we back with the programming paradigms of, oh, three decades ago or so, but certainly not adequate for today’s world where object-oriented programming is considered to be the de facto standard for design and development. To someone like me, who works with SOA architecture, modularity is taken for granted and modern object-oriented languages can easily handle object exchange between very different systems, much less within the same application. If they find designing an application with objects too difficult, well… maybe they should study harder or reconsider their major. They even had some radioactive material but I did not spend much time standing in front of that!
For example, there was a large model of the Parthenon and some casts of the pediment marbles. The Polar World exhibit on Artic Life included some interesting information on Canada’s First Nation peoples. Unfortunately, my research did not uncover any information on this fountain but I walked all around it and got some great photos of the fountain with the Cathedral of Learning in the background. The latter is extremely useful for dealing with complex custom entities and higher-level logic on these custom entities. And in the same vein, we can also disagree about the supposed anti-parallelism of object-oriented programming. You find a locker with a key, open it, put a quarter in the mechanism inside, and then close the locker and take the key with you.
I was impressed by how that play managed to dramatize a mythology through ritual and symbolic actions. Eventually I noticed that Forbes Avenue was a one way street so there were no bus stops in the downtown direction. So it would be one thing if CMU decided that procedural programming was the way to go because they wanted to focus on a certain type of applications. I really should use taxis more often on my trips because I waste a lot of time walking long distances. They also had a cast of the Porch of the Maidens from the Acropolis in Athens.You could look into the Carnegie Music Hall but it was roped off. On the bridge over Panther Hollow I saw a mysterious collection of padlocks chained to the fence. I was planning on eating at Crepes Parisiennes further up the street but they were closed by then.
The bus dropped me off near the Steel Plaza Station so I was able to ride the subway to the North Shore Station and walk from there to the Priory Hotel.

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