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To positively impact a business opportunity and position ourselves as a partner in service, we must make a powerful, positive first impression and keep that impression for the long term. Senior Partner at Dale Carnegie Business Group, Troy Treleaven, will review the ways to maintain and grow client relationships, and create a plan for sustaining client rapport in the future.
Have essential business conversations with clients to position you as a Trusted Business Advisor. Business Owners, Partners, Senior Managers, Human Resource professionals – those who have to work with internal and external clients to achieve results. The MMM is a two and half minute read every Monday morning to inspire you to get focused on profitable action to create value for you and your organization. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
Based on the imminent International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) deadline for international pilots and controllers to demonstrate ICAO Level 4 English proficiency, Carnegie Speech and Mayflower College teamed together to develop a comprehensive, user-friendly and cost-effective Aviation English training product: Climb Level 4. Developed exclusively for the aviation professional to achieve ICAO Level 4 English proficiency, Climb Level 4 provides pilots and controllers with comprehensive, flexible and personalized Aviation English training.
Climb Level 4's Aviation English training curriculum is personalized so that enterprises and individuals focus training time and resources on each user's most significant ICAO Level 4 English challenges.

Climb Level 4 Aviation English training curriculum covers all Aviation English skills required for ICAO Level 4 English proficiency. Vocabulary: Aviation English vocabulary training helps users with word recognition and production, as well as the use of Aviation English words in context and the correct pronunciation of Aviation English words for ICAO Level 4 English proficiency. Structure: Aviation English grammar training features the most important grammatical points for ICAO Level 4 English proficiency and above. Comprehension: Aviation English comprehension training prepares users to understand a wide variety of international accents speaking Aviation English words and phrases for ICAO Level 4 English proficiency. Fluency: Aviation English fluency training prepares users to speak Aviation English words and phrases at the appropriate rate of speech and with minimum pausing. Interactions: Aviation English interaction training prepares users to give immediate, appropriate and informative responses, including maintaining exchanges in the event of unanticipated circumstances.
Aviation Word Book: With thousands of Aviation English words critical for ICAO Level 4 proficiency, users create their own personal Word Book which then generates customized activities relevant to each user's Aviation English challenges.
My Dictionary: Users prepare for ICAO Level 4 English test by creating their own personal dictionary of Aviation English words, allowing for translations between multiple languages and enabling a range of personalized Aviation English exercises. Pronunciation: Personalized assessments analyze each user's Aviation English pronunciation skills, and an Intelligent Tutor tailors Aviation English pronunciation instruction based on the user's native language and English skills.

My Results: Aviation English training compliance and performance reported at the individual, group or enterprise level. Becoming a trusted advisor begins with building mutual trust and respect, placing the client at ease with our presence and ability to provide solutions. Ideal for people in matrix organizations, associates who have to lead without formal authority and people who work on projects that span multiple departments or external partners. Used by aviation enterprises and aviation professionals around the world, Climb Level 4 prepares international pilots and controllers for the ICAO Aviation English test quickly and cost-effectively.
With thousands of on-line Aviation English training exercises covering all ICAO Aviation English skills (Vocabulary, Comprehension, Structure, Fluency, Pronunciation and Interactions), Climb Level 4 fits easily into classroom or independent instruction. Aviation English pronunciation exercises immediately illustrate the exact problem with each user's English pronunciation, and shows them exactly what they must do to correctly pronounce Aviation English words and phrases to meet ICAO Level 4 English requirements.

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