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STEUBENVILLE - Beth Rupert-Warren, executive director of the United Way of Jefferson County, has been recognized for her work by the Ohio Educational Service Center Association. Rupert-Warren was among local and statewide leaders recognized for their contribution to education during the OESCA's 30th-Annual Capital Conference Recognition Program in Columbus on Nov. HONORED — Beth Rupert-Warren, executive director of the United Way of Jefferson County, received an outstanding leadership award for community service during the OESCA Capital Conference Recognition Program. The United Way helps 19 social service agencies and 22 programs and facilitates three community impact programs. The Scaffold & Access Industry Association announces The Leadership Academy, with first classes scheduled for August 18 a€“ 20, 2014 in Kansas City, Mo. Several years in development, The Leadership Academy is perfect for those individuals in your organization who have been identified as someone who has that a€?extra somethinga€™ about them.
Howard Schapira, President, Action Scaffolding and envisioned founder of the program states, a€?This program will take a huge step towards training the up and coming manager within everyone's company and provide the tools needed for them to succeed as they move up the ladder of management.
Recently spearheading curriculum development, Chuck Hutchinson comments, a€?The Leadership Academy project was undertaken to try to create more value to the membership and to help member employees develop the skills to excel in their current and future positions.
Classes begin in August, and will be scheduled quarterly from the end of 2014 through 2015. About the AuthorLaurie Weber is the Executive Director of the Scaffold & Access Industry Association.
The Mason Contractors Association of America (MCAA) is committed to preserving and promoting the masonry industry by providing continuing education, advocating fair codes and standards, fostering a safe work environment, recruiting future manpower, and marketing the benefits of masonry materials.
More than 70% of the women who participate fully in our program are successful in staying out of prison and getting their lives back on track.

Our staff helps residents obtain California ID and Social Security cards, apply for public assistance where appropriate and deal with debt, such as child support, that may have incurred while in prison. Women stay at A New Way of Life as long as needed to build a strong foundation for independence.
Her award was presented by George Ash, left, CEO of Jefferson County Educational Service Center, and Brian Bontempo, president of the Ohio Educational Service Center Association.
Rupert-Warren said it is important to partner with local groups to carry out missions and goals. A television guide is available in each patient room. TelephoneA private line telephone is located in each patient room. It provides what most employers never seem to find the time to teach for those future leaders in our companies. Future course plans include expanded class offerings in addition to the three-day core course. We support them in court appearances, reporting to parole officers and meeting the conditions of their parole or probation. For mothers, we help begin the often long and difficult process of rebuilding strong, healthy relationships with their children and regaining custody when and where appropriate. When they’re ready, we assist residents in searching for permanent housing and in establishing an independent, drug-free lifestyle. She was nominated by the Jefferson County Educational Service Center for the outstanding leadership award for community service and was honored during a brunch at the Hilton Columbus Downtown. This program benefits anyone who interacts with internal or external customers, project team leaders, employees who serve on teams or managers who want to enhance other skills through leadership team development in order to achieve outstanding results.

The successful students of this program will not only provide management and leadership skills within their company but may also become the next generation of SAIA council chairs, officers and leaders as they mature in the industry. For those in recovery, we embrace them in developing a plan for their sobriety, helping them find a sobriety sponsor and regularly participate together in Alcoholics, Cocaine and Narcotics Anonymous meetings in the community, in addition to our weekly in-house meetings.
The main hospital number is 336-248-5161 and your extension is the same as your three-digit room number with a "4" in front of that number. What the students will learn by attending this academy will be substantial in their gain of leadership and management knowledge and experience. Our focus here is to build a stronger, safer, healthier community by working together to get to the root causes of problems. For example, if a patient's room number is 334 you may dial that room directly by dialing 238-4334. It's unity in the community." She added that those efforts make a difference when seeking grant funds because it shows the amount of collaboration between the groups. She's been willing to help beyond Jefferson County into Harrison and Columbiana counties and she brings everybody together at the table," said George Ash, chief executive officer of the JCESC.
What makes this dining experience so special is that patients can order from an extensive menu whatever they want--whenever they want--as long as the kitchen is open and it conforms with their physician-ordered diet. Customized meals are available.Each meal is freshly prepared and individually delivered to the patient's room in 45 minutes or less.

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