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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Team activities, practical study materials, and presentations to the class foster teamwork, critical thinking, self-confidence, and application of project technical and leadership skills. Mobile devices are increasingly vital to the practice of digital forensics investigation, and issues relating to smartphone security, such as encryption techniques and mobile malware, impact more people than ever. It’s ideal for law enforcement officers, systems professionals, and others concerned with fighting online crime and protecting data security. Become a high-performing Project Manager with the Masters Certificate in Project Management from Watermark Learning and Auburn University.
Our Masters Certificate in Project Management is comprised of three required courses and three electives.
Real-world application with assignments designed to apply the newfound skills and knowledge to the workplace are emphasized in this course.
This course is consistent with generally accepted project management principles that include the project management processes and knowledge areas.

You’ll engage in a vibrant learning community and gain real-world, hands-on knowledge to help you achieve your personal goals and career objectives.
Cohen (MET’07) will be the speaker at the 2016 Commencement ceremony for Boston University Metropolitan College. This course provides detailed explanation of mobile security mechanisms and threats, teaches the principles of mobile forensics—for devices using both iOS and Android platforms—as well as practices in bypassing passcodes, “jailbreaking” devices, logical and physical acquisition, data recovery, and related legal issues. Gain the insight—and hands-on skills—to analyze data-driven business processes, identify performance issues, and propose optimal data-based solutions.
Our new Cybercrime Investigation & Cybersecurity concentration (for Master of Criminal Justice candidates) and Graduate Certificate program combine the strengths of BU’s Criminal Justice and Computer Science faculties to prepare you to take on this crucial challenge.
Your Associate Certificate converts to a Mastera€™s Certificate by taking the remaining courses.
If you are already a student of Watermark Learning, and wish to inquire on your program status, view your certificate program status.
In essence, almost every work effort is a project, from constructing a new building to designing and delivering a new information management system.
Learn how to extract and analyze data to examine important evidence such as contacts, call logs, SMS, images, audio and video files, web history, passwords, and application data.

Check out BU’s master’s programs in Computer Information Systems and Computer Science, both available with Data Analytics concentrations.
By completing this comprehensive Project Management certification program, participants will have the skills needed to become a truly respected resource.
As projects become the primary method for getting things done and effecting organizational change, it is crucial to choose a good and proven method for managing projects.
Registering for our online Pre-Analytics Laboratory (AD 100), a program requisite, is a great first step. Every aspect of project management is affected by the organization, the social environment, the project's stakeholders, both internal and external, and many other aspects of the context in which the project is carried out.
Understanding this context is critical to good planning and good decision making as the project progresses toward achieving its objectives.

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certificate in project management university of zimbabwe

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