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Whether you are looking to own your dream home or property investment in Chennai, we provide the best options for you. We are happy to announce that ??Amarprakash? ??Developers? has been presented with 5 prestigious awards at 8th CIDC Vishwakarma Award Ceremony held on 7th March 2016 in New Delhi. The 67th Republic day of the World’s largest democracy-India was celebrated with pomp and show at AMARPRAKASH’S school of leaders-Jain Public School, to add the zeal of patriotism within young minds.
AMARPRAKASH DEVELOPERS celebrated its 12th successful Founder’s day on the 9th of Jan 2016. Amarprakash Developers extends, its goodwill to meet the needs of, the lives in despair stricken by persistent rain in Chennai city.
We are proud to announce that, Amarprakash's Palm Riviera has been awarded the prestigious award by Silicon India as the Best Luxury Condominium Project of the Year 2015 - South Chennai.
Silicon India has awarded "The Royal Castle" project of Amarprakash Developers Pvt Ltd, The Best Residential Township project of the year 2015 - South Chennai, for its recognition as the leading real estate brands in Chennai. AMARPRKASH DEVELOPERS bags the Award for excellence by prominent Brand Academy - ICON OF THE YEAR in Luxury Real Estate Development (South India), for its recognition of Significant Contribution to real estate in the year 2015. Hi, as I am also a builder I choose Amarprakash's "Temple Waves", as their construction quality is good. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive news, updates, free stuff and new releases by email. Please register to participate in our discussions with 1.5 million other members - it's free and quick!
On 3-2-11 city building & safety officer informed me property was illegal for human occupancy and that I must vacate my apt immediately.
I was forced to a sudden displacement to a (disgusting) price gauged motel due to influx for world famous Indian Wells tennis tournament.
Filing suit against your former landlord for your losses would seem to be the proper way to handle it, but since he's declared bankruptcy, that may be like trying to squeeze blood from a turnip. There is a bunch on info on who to complaint to (State of California), your rights as a tenant, and what the NEW landlord has to do to fix any and all problems. All true, but she's asking about withholding rent because she had to get a hotel room, back when the old owner was in possession of the property.
So at this point it's not about getting the landlord to fix anything - it's about her wanting to withhold rent from the new landlord, because she had to get a hotel room back when the old landlord was in possession.
There are some bad tenants that try to take advantage of elderly landlords, and vice-versa. Often times, an insurance adjuster fails to properly investigate the damages to the insured risk and does not properly evaluate the obvious insurance exclusions for many reasons.
If an insurance contract covers certain risks but the policy contains exclusions or limitations of coverage, when the insured makes a claim for loss from a covered risk, the insurer must assert any applicable exclusion or limitation to avoid liability. In Hope, the insured was a builder for 20 years and was in the process of building a home when vandals stole thousands of dollars worth of equipment.
A recent order from Galveston County regarding the TWIA litigation specifically names the TWIA representatives who will be deposed and the manner in which the depositions will take place. The order is necessary to avoid overlapping questions and motions filed by the plaintiff and defense attorneys. The first set of depositions scheduled deal with the issues of the 11.2% that TWIA originally determined was the damage caused by wind. This workshop will provide the necessary certification to any¬one who wishes to be included in the Windstorm Insurance Network Umpire Directory.
A highlight of the Symposium and session that nobody will want to miss features two stellar panelists. This workshop will discuss and review recent property insur¬ance case law from Texas, Mississippi, and Louisiana. The ideal inspection process would have both the carrier’s adjuster and the public adjuster respect each others responsibilities and agree to jointly inspect and evaluate the damages resulting in a fair and equitable estimate documenting the damages resulting from a covered peril under the subject insurance policy, but many times this is not the case.
What - We have agreed to inspect the interior and exterior of buildings A and B, each building has approximately 55 condominium units each.
When- The inspections will begin at 9:00 AM on Tuesday February 16, 2010, we will meet in the parking lot in front of the club house located at 1 Clear Pool Lane, Miami, FL. Who - You have agreed to provide me the names and title of all individuals who will be attending the inspections with you including the name of the company that employs each individual no later than 3 days prior to February 16, 2010. How long - We expect the inspections will take 3 days, but will re-evaluate whether this process can be accomplished sooner after the first day of inspections. Before the meeting takes place, the property manager or other representative at the property must give notice to the unit owners, in many cases, the notice must be provided at least ten days in advance. The public adjuster should have plenty of people present to ensure that if the carrier’s adjuster wants to divide the group into two or three separate groups, this can be accomplished while still having the ability to control the inspection process. You must set the ground rules, one team or two teams, who is in charge on their side for each team, no one goes inside the unit until you have had an opportunity to go inside first and speak with unit owner confirming they can come in, re-affirm no questions or comments to the unit owners, it is expected that all involved will be polite and respectful of unit owners and their property.
If the carrier’s adjuster seems to be conducting an inspection that exceeds the agreement in writing, then a judgment call must be made on whether to allow for such inspection or testing because the carrier may claim lack of cooperation.
Yesterday, Michelle Claverol and I had the honor and privilege to speak before a large crowd of public adjusters at the Florida Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (FAPIA) Winter Conference. Insurance provides a great benefit to society, and in this day and age, it is extremely difficult to think about any profession or type of business that is not insured.
The first step in preparing a claim for a property owner is to carefully interview the property owner about the ownership, maintenance, damage, and yes, even the cause of the damage. In every property insurance policy, lack of maintenance is an exclusion to insurance coverage. A public adjuster should NEVER write their estimate in a way that the total damages do not result from damage caused by a covered peril.
In the last blog I posted regarding our litigation against Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (TWIA) and the exchange of documents, Current Status of TWIA Discovery for Hurricane Ike Claims in Galveston County, I briefly explained the discovery process in a first party litigation case. Yesterday, the Court in Galveston County entered an order directing the parties as to who, where, and how the depositions would take place. Although TWIA argued to have these depositions take place in another County, Judge Susan Criss quickly denied their request and ordered the depositions take place in Galveston County. In any regular first party insurance contract case whether the damages are $1,000 or $10 million dollars, the discovery process is generally the same. The following is a general explanation of the discovery being conducted at the present time between the Plaintiff’s Bar and TWIA.
Our law firm has received over twenty thousand (20,000) pages of documents from TWIA and will continue to receive documents on a regular basis. In accordance with an agreed Protective Order between the Plaintiff’s Bar and TWIA, documents marked by TWIA attorneys as confidential shall be deemed confidential and shall not be disclosed to any person except in accordance with the terms of the protective order. Even if you are entitled to learn of this information, you cannot share it with others and must first sign a written acknowledgement to be bound by the protective order. Manuel Quezada, lead plaintiff in the lawsuit against Farmers, said an independent adjuster estimated Ike caused $12,500 in damage to his Sharpstown home. Farmers made three estimates and, after accounting for a $5,800 deductible, sent Quezada $915 in advance with $3,000 due after repairs were completed. The advance check wasn't enough to buy the materials, Quezada said, let alone pay for the skilled roofer, fencing contractor and drywall installer needed to make the repairs.
But because he couldn't make full repairs, he said, he couldn't recover the additional $3,000. And because he couldn't prove he made adequate repairs, Farmers dropped its coverage of the house. Quezada has since had his roof repaired by a contractor that agreed to await payment from potential proceeds from the lawsuit.
On June 12, 1998, the Texas Department of Insurance issued Bulletin #B-004598, indicating that the deduction of a prospective contractor’s overhead and profit and sales tax, in determining the actual cash value under a replacement cost policy, is improper. Further, the Department noted that insurance companies are not allowed to charge premiums in excess of the risk to which they apply. Back in April, an attorney in our Houston, Texas, office, Javier Delgado, wrote a post for this blog warning TWIA policyholders to be careful when choosing how to challenge a TWIA determination of damage to property (Don't Be Fooled By Texas Windstorm Insurance Association's Misleading Letter). Javier pointed out that although the TWIA letter implies a policyholder can administratively appeal and file suit, this is not the case. Texas Windstorm Insurance Association says you only have 30 days to appeal its determination of damage to your property!
Many people received a letter from Texas Windstorm Insurance Association explaining how TWIA determined the value of damages to their property. A person who appeals gives up his or her right to file a lawsuit against the insurance company…. An example of why a policyholder should think twice before giving up the right to file suit against TWIA can be seen in the letter below that was forwarded to me. If you want to find a bunch of irate policyholders with plenty of stories to tell, hang out with Tina Nicholson and Javier Delgado in our Houston office. The special nature of insurance and the role it has played in society has been recognized by courts and legislatures for many years. Hurricane, tornado, and other windstorm losses often involve widespread catastrophic damage. Modern insurance companies are in a much more favorable legal and financial position than the purchasers of their products. Newspapers, television and individuals on the internet have picked up this bad faith conduct during the claims handling process following the 2008 Texas hurricanes. Unlike most other commercial actors fighting for supremacy in a world where possession is nine-tenths of the law, insurers always have the nine-tenths advantage: They hold the money.
The insurance industry recognizes its duty of good faith and the scope of the remedies available for breach of that duty. By passing laws which penalize insurers for delay and shoddy claims practices, the Texas Legislature has attempted to level the playing field by making it less profitable and far riskier for insurance companies to breach their insurance policies. Javier Delgado, in our Houston office, called to tell me he had just been retained on several flood insurance claims. Since the deadline is approaching, I suggest everybody interested in this topic read my prior post, A Warning Regarding Federal Flood Proofs of Loss.
As founder and president of Merlin Law Group, Chip Merlin has dedicated his practice to the representation and advocacy of insurance policyholders in disputes with insurance companies nationwide.
Asset Rating - means a numerical indicator of the amount of energy estimated to meet the different needs associated with a standardised use of a building, calculated according to the methodology approved by the Secretary of State. In these cases the operational rating specified may be calculated over the period in which the occupier has been in occupation.

Loads of food and other essentials goodies were shared to the flood victims as a part of CSR activity, to put a smile on their faces.
Mainly, after seeing the company's reputation and quality we have decided to buy a home at Temple Waves.
Moreover, the project is very close to the city limit, and the best part of the project would be the 66 kid's amenities.
As a gated community, here we can get good water, calm surrounding and pollution free environment. After coming here, we felt very happy to see many families those who wish to buy in Amarprakash's Temple Waves. We have decided to buy an apartment in this place because of the lush and calm surroundings, which gives us a pollution-free life and a safe place to live in. All units had red sign “Danger, This building Unfit for Human Occupancy… anyone found in violation will be… by sheriffs Department… etc etc…” I was stunned. How is what happened their fault, if they took possession of the property after you were displaced? If anyone has a bad tenant that stops paying rent for no reason, you can legally kick them out with a court order within 30-45 days from the date you report it to the court. If you are a tenant and there is a deficiency in the property, report it to the landlord in writting, ASAP via certified return receipt mail.
This is the eighth in a series he and fellow attorney Tina Nicholson will be writing on Texas property insurance issues). After suffering a loss, the insured a business owner is making decisions to get the business up and running as soon as possible, and many of those decisions are based upon the representations of the adjuster, or the lack of information given by the adjuster.
Republic argued the vacancy provision, stating the property was not occupied for 90 days, so theft and vandalism were excluded causes of loss. Suffice it to say that it is no easy challenge preparing for these depositions (see attached order). If there is no set method of noticing, scheduling, and taking of these depositions, there would be thousands of depositions scheduled and, in almost all of them, the same questions would be asked over and over again.
The Symposium will host a special class devoted to Certification of Umpires in the Appraisal process. The first segment will focus on eth¬ics and professionalism as an umpire in the appraisal process. It will include interpretations of how courts in the various states are ruling on insurance related issues. The initial inspection serves to provide the carrier with information about the damage immediately after the loss, and the re-inspection serves to educate the carrier about what repairs if any have been done, what materials were used, how much money was spent in the repairs, as a means for the carrier to bolster their case for an upcoming negotiation, and finally, it serves as a means to wear down and further frustrate the insured.
A great deal of preparation is involved in controlling the inspection process and it all begins with a written understanding between the public adjuster and the carrier’s adjuster as to what exactly will take place during the inspection process, when the inspection process will begin, who will be present, and how long the process is expected to take.
The maintenance person should be easily accessible during the inspections to ensure that there is access to the roofs and other portions of the buildings usually locked to avoid accidents or vandalism. When you first meet with the carrier’s adjuster and his group of people, make sure that you get business cards from everyone. There have been too many times when ego’s clash during inspections and the process fails, this should be avoided at all costs, the carrier has a right to the inspections, and you do not always have to agree to scope or pricing. However, because you have documented ahead of time exactly what the carrier will do and not do during the inspection process, you will have the documentation to avoid this problem and refute their defense. This is the fifth in a series he and fellow attorney Tina Nicholson will be writing on Texas property insurance issues). An adjuster is often required to negotiate against some of the most powerful companies in the world. In today’s market, real estate ventures, investment properties, and even the homes of many families have gone into foreclosure, or are only a few months away from being served with foreclosure papers. Every insurance company adjuster is trained to look and identify potential maintenance problems. We cannot look back in time, but the property owner is one very important source when walking the property and preparing your scope of damage. This is the third in a series he and fellow attorney Tina Nicholson will be writing on Texas property insurance issues). In the usual order of discovery, documents are exchanged and then the attorneys take depositions of each party. The depositions of Jim Oliver, Bill Knarr, and Reggie Warren, along with a host of other TWIA claims supervisors whose names are also listed on the order, will be governed by the Court's order. The depositions of Jim Oliver, Bill Knarr, and Reggie Warren will each take place over five days, and all others listed in the order will each take place over three days. The purpose of the depositions is to learn all of the information necessary to prosecute each client's case with respect to the issues of the institution (TWIA) and TWIA's pattern and practice of handling claims. The depositions of the top three (Jim Oliver, Bill Knarr, and Reggie Warren) are scheduled to begin in the middle of February. This is the first in a series he and fellow attorney Tina Nicholson will be writing on Texas property insurance issues). There are many things that we have learned about Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (TWIA) and many things that we cannot openly discuss. In discovery, interrogatories (written questions), Requests for Production (written request for copies of documents or production of evidence), and Requests for Admissions (written assertions asking opponent to admit or deny) are all sent to the opposing side. Now, how much more complicated does it become when there are approximately ten thousand cases or more against the same insurance company, namely TWIA? In addition, I will briefly explain some of the limitations imposed during the discovery process. The information is to be used solely for the purpose of the preparation and trial of Ike cases and other related litigation against TWIA, TWIA employees, third party adjusting firms and their employees.
Any violation of the protective order and the violator will be subject to contempt of court.
DO NOT RUSH TO APPEAL before you learn what TWIA is not telling you; you will give up valuable legal rights and remedies.
The homeowner had suffered roof damage from Hurricane Ike and chose an administrative hearing to contest TWIA’s determination of damage.
Commercial and residential policyholders have had enough frustration trying to do it themselves and are seeking legal counsel to fight the delays and denials from their insurance carriers. These reports indicate that insurance companies are refusing to provide insurance coverage or engaging in sloppy, slow, or deliberate bad claims handling. If bad faith is a tort in a third-party claim, it should be a tort in a first-party claim as well.
Insurance is a matter of public interest and deserves special consideration by the courts to protect the public.
Insurance contracts are not like other contracts because insurers have an advantage in bargaining power. Recovery for breach of an insurance contract should not be limited to payment of the original claim. Policyholders buy peace of mind and are not seeking commercial advantage when they buy a policy.
Insurance companies that act wrongfully should be held accountable for breaking their contractual obligations and the law.
I was apprehensive because I know there is a National Flood Insurance deadline quickly approaching. Finally, after seeing their construction quality, amenities and facilities we really feel very happy to buy our home here in Temple waves. The interesting reason is that, this place has many temples very close-by, and of course, it is a blessing for everyone who resides here.
I had 2 clients to meet there that day, I had ALL OF MY WORLD moved there… I was the only occupant still.
But unexpectedly I was displaced w no option than a bug infested, dirty towels, loud vomiting drug users & prostitutes motel.
But, for anything else not working or in bad shape, the site above will guide him as to what to do, letter to write the owner and Dept. Just follow the rules and laws, and everyone should be fine, otherwise, whomever fails will be liable for monetary losses. If you were a good landlord and asked for last month's deposit, this last month will cover loss of rent.
The business decisions of whether to move to new location, lease more of the building to offset the additional costs or debt, replace or repair the improvements and betterments installed by a tenant, hire security to protect the premises, purchase a new policy that will cover theft and vandalism on a vacant building thought to be insured under the existing policy, etc., have a significant impact on the amount of money the insured will pay out of pocket and may never recover under the policy. The Court reasoned that when several instruments form one overall contract, the court will assume in its construction of the contract that the parties honestly intended the terms of the various instruments should be effective to accomplish their purposes, and will reconcile apparently conflicting provisions to give effect to all of them, if possible. As members of the Plaintiff’s Ike committee, the members of our firm have read and catalogued thousands of TWIA documents, emails, correspondence and forms in preparation for these depositions.
In my opinion, the manner in which these depositions have been organized thus requires the Plaintiff attorneys to cooperate with each other and use each other’s strengths to gather the best testimony from each of the TWIA representatives.
For those actively participating as or wishing to be appointed as Umpires in Texas appraisals, you simply cannot miss the opportunity to enroll in this class.
Javier is on the Umpire panel for this symposium and will certainly address some of the new issues that are being raised since State Farm Lloyds v. Developments in the three states that take up the western part of the Gulf will become more and more important as the impacts of storms such as Ike, Gustav, and even Rita and Katrina become important on the legal landscape. He indicated that Hurricane Ike was the fourth most costly insured catastrophe in the United States and the third most costly hurricane.
Sometimes, cases can be settled shortly after a re-inspection, many times this is not the case. Answering the question of how long it will take is sometimes impossible, but there should be a minimum timeline. There will not be interviews or questions of unit owners or insured’s employees, all questions will be answered by me during the inspection or after the inspection. If the individual does not have a business card, ask that person the same information that you would expect would be on his business card. If the case is one that should not be resolved in appraisal, then there should not be any attempt to agree on the scope during the inspections.
I had felt this way before, about 15 years ago, while sitting in my cubicle working as an adjuster for Crawford & Company out of the Miami office. This will be the first of several blogs that I will have the privilege of writing with respect to this topic, in hopes of assisting public insurance adjusters in their difficult and complex profession. In making profits, insurance companies are insuring businesses and properties with the hopes of earning an underwriting profit.

Sometimes, resolution of the insurance claim is what’s needed to keep some of these properties from going into foreclosure, and time is of the essence.
If the field adjuster does not identify this condition, his supervisor will question his ability to properly scope a loss.
Due to the thousands of cases filed against TWIA, it was necessary to coordinate these depositions much in the same way that it was necessary to exchange discovery documents.
The number of days allowed for these depositions can change by agreement of the parties or the Court's order. This means that the topics covered with respect to the institution and institutional practices cannot be discussed again in subsequent depositions.
A February date is necessary because there are more documents due to come in that TWIA has not yet produced. We determine the witnesses that are necessary to prove our case for breach of contract, fraud, unfair claims handling, etc., and schedule those depositions in a certain fashion to best suit our case. In order to keep the judicial process from coming to a halt and to more efficiently litigate all of these cases, it was necessary for both the Plaintiffs Bar and TWIA to make some concessions. As a result, we have dedicated attorneys, and numerous full time staff to do nothing other than read through the documents, sorting, indexing, and identifying key information contained within them.
The only persons entitled to learn of the confidential information are the named parties, their counsel, and any experts hired in the case.
The order requires that the party producing the documents (TWIA for example) be notified of any inadvertent disclosure of documents and provide the name and address of such persons that inadvertently received the confidential information. Absolutely; sometimes it can take two months to get a hearing before a court to determine whether or not the insurance company must turn over emails about just one topic, or even just one document. Texas Statutes Section 2210.552, of the Insurance Code states that a person may appeal the decision with the Texas Department of Insurance OR file a lawsuit under Chapter 541.
Anger at the insurance company and the adjusters working their claim is the prevalent emotion. It is obtained by people and entities to protect against unknown calamities which may, or may not, ever occur. Without proper training, incentives, attitude, authority, and support of adjusters in the field, proper adjustments will not occur. Unlike other general commercial contracts, the insurance company promises that it will provide financial security in the event of a catastrophe. It does not take a financial genius to figure out than an insurance company can make more money by collecting premiums and not paying claims, than it can make by collecting premiums and paying claims. Even where the judicial system acts rapidly and efficiently to provide compensation to wronged policyholders, the carrier may find that it made money by delaying payment of the claim.
Anything else would unfair to insurance customers and the many honest adjusters and insurers that play by the rules. I was informed property had history of violations from 2007, and had not been issued certificate of habitiablity any time since then.
The Court construed the instruments in question to provide plaintiffs Builders' Risk coverage on the structure of the house at an increasing value as construction progressed until thirty days after construction was completed. Hartwig’s statistics indicate that Hurricane Ike resulted in approximately 1,350,000 insurance claims. An agreement on scope during inspections will allow the carrier to argue the case belongs in appraisal because the scope was agreed to during the inspections and the only thing left to argue about is value.
It’s been nine years now that I have been practicing law as both a defense and plaintiffs attorney, and in those nine years, I had not taken the time to reflect on my life as an adjuster until three days ago.
The property insured is referred to as a risk, and if the expenses and claim payments do not exceed one-hundred percent of the insurance premium, then the insurance carrier has earned an underwriting profit. Other times, the public adjuster enters into a contract with a property owner that is too far into the foreclosure process and the property is lost before the claim can be resolved.
If the issue of maintenance is addressed up front during the public adjuster’s meeting with the insured and inspection of the property, then the issues of maintenance can quickly and easily be addressed during the first meeting with the field adjuster. The credibility of a public insurance adjuster in the eyes of a jury, and even the field adjuster, is only as good as the accuracy of the estimate and detailed notes kept by that public adjuster. These concessions with regard to discovery are in the form of an agreed protective order for the exchange of documents between the Plaintiff’s Bar and TWIA. Having this information so early in the litigation process is an excellent way to begin the evaluation of each case individually and will allow both the Plaintiffs and TWIA to consider the early settlement value more accurately, especially in regards to the issue of unfair claims handling.
The protective order also addresses depositions and, as one might expect, deposition testimony is considered to be confidential information protected by the order. There is a two year statute of limitations in Texas on Ike claims and time is of the essence. Over the next several weeks, I plan to write much more on Texas property insurance law and protection it provides because Texas is the hottest new venue in the insurance litigation war.
Often, the policyholder, after paying the premium and expecting protection against calamity, is in an especially vulnerable economic and personal position when a calamity loss occurs.
Accordingly, insurance claims management must emphasize fair, prompt and honest conduct, or pay the price for not doing so. From past experience, I know people will miss the deadline or fail to properly complete the National Flood Proof of Loss form.
He thn offered no security deposit if I paid present rent (Last week Jan plus Feb) then March in advance. AND landlord had failed final inspection on Jan 18, 2011, before I answered his published ad “apt for rent” and before he took rent for 1-25 2011 through 3-31-2011. As this symposium is taking place in Texas, I am sure the material will be especially relevant to adjusters and attorneys dealing with current windstorm claims issues.
If the case is one that should be resolved in appraisal then getting an agreement on scope works in your favor.
In fact, many underwriters earn large bonuses at the end of the year after the insurance company has determined that the policies they underwrote have earned an underwriting profit.
In that instance, the only winner is the insurance company and the underwriter, because it may never have to pay claim--keeping the expenses below the underwriting premium and earning a profit. Telling the adjuster that your interview with the property owner revealed that there was regular maintenance of the roof with documentation or names of service providers, for example, could dramatically shorten the time it might otherwise take to get a claim paid.
When it comes to negotiating with an insurance adjuster, you have the power of knowledge because you have total access to the owner and the property.
This process blurs the line of what can and cannot be asked in depositions because a lot of what is asked in a deposition is dependent upon how it is asked. This information however, is not obtained without some concessions to the party producing the documents. The entire purpose of insurance is defeated if insurance companies and adjusters can refuse or delay the prompt and full payment of monies contractually due. Unlike a typical commercial contract, a non-breaching party (the policyholder) cannot replace the performance of the breaching party (the insurance company) by paying the then prevailing market price for counter-performance.
But due to mtng after 9PM “Can give u key now but lease in 2 business days.” This seemed reasonable. I then had to pay for food and dog kennel for my 2 small elderly dogs as has appointment next AM and cud not leave (nor wud) in rat motel. He gave me 500 toward 1000 plus in expenses 4 8 nites until landlord excecutedthat which was needed to grant certify of hapbit.
The more accurate you are in providing the correct information to the field adjuster, the more powerful you become to that field adjuster. I expect there will be a number of hearings in the near future with respect to what can and cannot be covered in individual depositions.
The goal as policyholder attorneys is to gather as much information as possible regarding the adversary and use that information to prove each element of the case and ensure that each one of our clients receives the maximum amount of recovery allowed under the law. Instead, the policyholder is completely dependent on performance by the insurance company when he or she is most vulnerable. If the insurance company fails to fulfill its obligations completely, the policyholder will likely suffer contractual and extra-contractual damages. These depositions will assist each and every one of us in the pursuit of a fair and equitable resolution of each case. Unfortunately, many insurance companies and adjusters delay, refuse, or fail to uphold their part of the bargain. I had to in motel for 8 nites until I facilitated with city to landlord,the purchase, permit install and inspection of that which was needed to grant certify of hapbit. On Feb 15th he presented lease dated “made of 15th Feb, … Tenancy commencing on March 1 2011. Entity after entity came to give me documents as “tenant” declaring them to be in charge and telling me where to send rent. After return to apt 8 dz later landlord had lost all rights to property and entity after entity came to give me documents as “tenant” declaring them to be in charge and telling me where to send rent. He said lease must reflect my tenancy start as 3-1-11due to his chap 7 BANKRUPCY on his other 4 properties!
I believe in light of developments coming up….that this may be of BENEFIT TO ME… it is that which I need help with. IN ALL OF THIS, THE ENTITIES: TRUSTEE, Landlord Attorny HAVE no idea the property was illegal for habitability. I tried to explain my displacement, losses and etc, but none seem interested in doing ANY research.
I put them in touch w city and now city is basically aware that there is no one to comform to the needed changes.
ALL OF MY RENT WAS paid to landlord BEFORE THE DAY OF 3-8-11 when city granted temp certif of habitability, thus, all my rent went toward illegal rental. EVEN THOUGH NOW THE UNIT HAS TEMP CERTIFICATE OF, can I withhold rent for April to recoup some losses due to displacement, costs, and rental payments Jan 25 through March 31 that were not legitimate? As of now, trustee hired a “property management’ co that has done ZERO RE property maintainace. City may cite but ultimately… I am alone trying to pull together a web of years of crap to present to Trustee, property mgmt co, etc who think all is hunky dory and expect my rent check Monday latest.
I called Trustee 2x and call wz returned by the lazy rude “property Mgmt” co supervisor (responsible for foul pool). ALSO THE landlord has come on property 2x covertly to haul out refrigerators, and stoves pool vacume and etc.

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