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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The KPI Institute’s team is now addressing the needs of a fast-forward moving society and has comprised valuable information in an infographic highlighting the 2015 Professional Certification Programs.
The infographic’s purpose is to clarify the interdependence and the link between the different types of educational programs, so that every professional or manager can easily find a subject of interest that helps him expand his competences and skills. The ten certification training courses have been developed as a result of ongoing research, market analysis and feedback from professionals around the world. In response to this need, we have designed three unique leadership certificate programs which can be delivered within your organization to equip your leaders with our proven process methodologies and tools to drive the process internally.
The certification sessions are lead by a team of Organizational Development experts who have worked in and consulted with Fortune 500 organizations to design and implement organization-wide change initiatives for over 20 years. This session is designed to prepare leaders to deliver a holistic coaching process for a high potential leader of the business. The Executive Edge may from time to time send out emails containing important and useful information relevant to your areas of interest, please check this box if you wish to not receive such emails. It is important to understand what each certification is for – what are its main goals, who benefits from them, and how. This certification is extremely hard to achieve, which is the point of it, there are only two certified businesses in NZ – Trade AidImporters and Peoples Coffee. USDA Organic (US Dept of Agriculture) is the federal organic certification which verifies that a crop, livestock, farm and handling facilities comply with the USDA’s organic regulations. Most synthetic pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers can’t be used for 3 years to gain certification on land and crop.
If this coffee is also Fairtrade certified then 25 cents a pound is the premium, but normal sales doesn’t require a premium. This is a stringent certification, requiring onsite checks, but many different bodies can certify to USDA standards. Bird-Friendly (Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center) developed by ecologists to protect birds and their migratory paths across the world.
Rainforest Alliance (est 1992) is an NGO who certify a variety of products, mainly forestry and agriculture including coffee, tea, cut flowers, bananas and chocolate.
However to be Rainforest Alliance approved, a product only needs to contain 30% certified beans.
Fairtrade‘s focus is to raise the livelihoods of producers by addressing the imbalance in international trade relationships and unstable markets. Baseline criteria: Fairtrade coffee certification is only open to small lot farmer organisations. Costs to join are around $2500 for producers, and 2% revenue for roasters to use the certification label on bags. One of the main criticisms of Fairtrade coffee is that it doesn’t incentivise quality in its main criteria, and poorer quality coffee is sold under this mechanism. The point of the Fairtrade certification is to target farmers and reward them for their coffee. There is, of course, poorer grade FT coffee sold  and people manipulating the system by choosing who they sell the good and bad to and for how much.
Peoples Coffee have bought many containers of good quality origins for espresso blends, as well as micro lots, single farmer lots, single variety lots, zero defect lots, and all as certified FT coffee. Fair Trade USA is a fairly new offshoot from Fairtrade with whom they share many goals and criteria, but broke off to create FTUSA to further the reach of their goals.

This has caused a slight rift in the FT world, partly because some co-ops struggle to sell all of their coffee for sustainable certified prices as it is.
FTUSA want to tackle global poverty, and want to be able to certify almost anyone producing coffee as the means of achieving this. Peoples Coffee have been using 100 % Fair Trade and organic coffee since we started 10 years ago, this is because we want to ensure we make a positive impact through trading and Fairtrade is built to help with this process, not because we want to be branded as certified. Peoples Coffee continues to use certifications because of the inherent standards and practices they build into the system. Certification helps us to demonstrate the authenticity as a business by being transparent in our trading practices and gives the power back to the customer to make an informed decision about who they give their money to.
For more information on how Peoples Coffee trade, you can read our page on fair trade and why co-ops matter. You can also learn more about the World Fair Trade Organisations ten principles of Fair Trade here.
The structure of the training courses is based on the different levels of know-how, experience and skills in the relevant fields of performance management.
This leadership certification course takes an individual through the various stages of a successful executive coaching relationship. Do they demonstrate innovative, bold thought processes which can result in transformational growth versus incremental improvements?
Take away turnkey tools which will aid you in leading the initial discussion with your core team, identify and evaluate alternative structures, weave in the core competencies necessary for success into the new organizational structure, define roles with clear lines of authority and interdependencies, facilitate organizational design meetings with confidence, arrive at the optimal structure which aligns with the business strategies and build a robust communication plan to ensure smooth transitions to the new structure.
We trust them to do what they say, but perhaps we are also a little suspicious of who is benefiting from them, and if it makes a difference at all. For a roaster to buy certified coffee they are essentially eliminating the wider range of non-certified coffee available.
I’ve only scratched the surface with the following certifications, but these are a few of the main players.
Some of these we go out of our way to choose because of their certification, others are just a bonus.
Wages, business sustainability, working conditions, equality for staff (amongst others) must reach a certain standard. Coffee yields will drop as much as 30% when transitioning to organic, and a lot more work is required to keep trees healthy and producing good quality coffee.
It is an older scheme originally for timber extraction, which until recently did not include coffee.
Baseline criteria: coffee can be from non-shade and from in-organic conditions, shade grown coffee should have 2 layers of shade. McDonalds) and perhaps it isn’t specific enough to require many changes from the average diligent coffee farmer with shade grown coffee, but it does give a good basis for basic standards and practices. This means there is a lot of non-certified coffee being sold as a certified product, leaving plenty of room for green washing. It seeks to provide a minimum cost of production and direct trade relationships to further the benefits between farmer and roaster.
Everybody has equal rights to vote and participate. Environmental standards restrict the use of agrochemicals and encourage sustainability.
It is the buyer who in charge of choosing the quality coffee they would like (Just like every system). Through FT there is an open relationship to build on better quality. But I see this is a weakness in business not just the FT system as we see corruption everywhere.

FTUSA have opened up who can join their certification to allow seasonal farm workers and estates to be FTUSA certified.
Seasonal workers make up many pickers during harvest time and are currently unrepresented, so there is a real need.
It means we can have globally recognised standards as a base line and we are held accountable to these standards, not just our own. In doing so, your organization reduces its reliance on consultants and builds capability in-house. Major components covered include: Contracting with the leader, leadership assessment, development planning, follow up and measurement. We have designed a proven process and set of tools that can be used to aid line and staff leaders in facilitating strategic planning sessions which result in a clear vision, mission, strategic objectives, strategies and operational plans to fully realize your stakeholders' expectations. From there they continue with their own criteria based on taste and availability to find good partners to trade with, thus eliminating more producers and coffees again. We are proud to call ourselves Fair Trade, which we achieve through our World Fair Trade Organisation certification, it allows us to be accountable and transparent about all our trading processes. Compliance for this is mostly done through accounting records, business objectives and profit levels. Certification requires a 12meter shade canopy with 3 layers, at least 40% shade cover, 11 different species of shade trees, and many more complex requirements.
This certification focuses on preserving forests for the birds (and the bees), it has very high standards and growing conditions which are ideal for producing coffee.
But the FT mechanism works when it uses a unified community group that work together to meet their shared goals, how seasonal workers can participate or benefit in small scale community democracy is a challenging idea, and its in early days of its growth of the certification, but one to keep an eye on.
Donnelley, Kraft, Pepsi Co, Sears, Baxter, American Express, DeVry, Harris Bank, Bank of Montreal, Principal Financial Group, McDonalds, Bel Brands, Sara Lee and more. Learn how to facilitate a deep dialogue on your current state relative to your organization's competition, customers, core competencies, culture, vulnerabilities, opportunities and more.
The distinction is that estates usually only have one land owner (or family) who control the business, and workers are just paid a wage and have no control. This organizational view of the current state will serve as a back drop and foundation for building and aligning the future business strategies to drive long-term sustainability and growth. However the choice to buy certified products means the process meets an ethical criteria (which is verified by a third party) rather than taking someones word for it.
Comparing these very expensive coffees to the quality of the coffees we drink for $4 a cup, is like comparing a $300 bottle of wine from vineyard to a $30 supermarket bottle, because its  COE coffees we drink in out flat whites every day at our regular cafe. Learn from seasoned professionals who will guide you through successes worth repeating as well as pitfalls to avoid. This planning process can be utilized at the department, organization or corporation levels. No singular certification system will solve every issue in coffee, but it is an important step in giving the power back to the farmers that produce this product we love so much.

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