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You are in good handsWe are certified in Advanced Search Engine Marketing as well as the Google Adwords certification program . NGL is an outcome of collaboration between Verus and Kesavan Institute of Information and Knowledge management.
Many have faced or are currently facing the issue of getting their Naturalization Certificates apostilled. Well, first of all, you should make a copy of the original document and make an appointment with your local US Citizenship and Immigration Service office (US CIS). Your Certified True Copy of the Certificate of Naturalization is now ready to be apostilled. Keep in mind that although your document may be issued in one of the States, it has been issued by a Federal Government agency. If you require additional assistance with apostille or would like to obtain additional information please read more.

This entry was posted in Authentication and tagged Apostille Certificate of Naturalization, Certied True Copy, Certied True Copy Naturalization Certificate, Certification of documents (Originals or Copies thereof), Form G-24, Naturalization Certificate. NGL is developed and maintained by Verus Solutions and Kesavan Institute has provided the domain expertise. Make sure to take the original document, a copy thereof, and two forms of valid identification with you to the said appointment.
They will compare the copy and the original and issue a statement that the said copy is Certified Copy of the Original Certificate of Naturalization issued to you by the US CIS.
As the result the apostille for such document must also be obtained on the federal level, namely from the United States Department of State.
Nevertheless, it should be signed by an authorized officer of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service officer and must have embossed seal of the United States Department of Homeland Security. You may apply in person or by mail to get an apostille for your Certificate of Naturalization.

Many apostille service agencies will tell you that you may notarize a copy of the document and have it apostilled or have a notary compare the copy to the original and notarize the document as a true copy.
The processing times of the US State Department were changed and it may take anywhere from 3 to 5 business days to get the apostille. Many state governments are catching up to the federal requirements and will not issue apostille for such Certificates of Naturalization.
Furthermore, many foreign authorities will not accept such documents which are basically based entirely on your personal statement that the document is the copy of the original Certificate of Naturalization.

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certification programs list

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