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This training is not for everyone and space is limited with a maximum of six participants only. Personalized mentor letter of recommendation written by Laurie based on your work together for you to include with your credentialing application. The Coach Mentoring for ADHD Coaches program begins with five 1? hour group mentoring sessions to get your ready to start coaching. Personalized mentor coach letter of recommendation letting assessors know you’re coaching strengths and readiness to take your exams. Monthly ADDvance Your Coaching Business Q&A calls the 3rd Tuesday of every month*-where you can bring your business questions each month and get them answered on the spot by Laurie as she shares with you the same strategies she used for creating her sustainable, profitable and professional coaching business.
Coaching for ADHD Exclusive Membership where you will get immediate access to the same tools, templates and done-for-you resources used in Laurie’s business. This mentoring program is not for everyone and participation will be based on application and best fit. Acupuncture recertification, acupuncture CEUs, acupuncture PDAs, classical five element acupuncture, classical five-element acupuncture acupuncture education, acupuncture video, acupuncture continuing education credit, acupuncture professional development activity, Dr. If you work from home, you also have the added pressure of taking care of your home because, well, you’re there!  If you have a spouse that works – trust me, they’re going to expect you to take care of the home.  If you’re lucky enough to be able to afford a housekeeper then this burden is less.  But, what about cooking and grocery shopping?  Yep, that’s in your lap, too! Having a schedule simplifies your life.  These schedules change around holidays and guests, so just pick up where you left off before the rush.  And having a schedule allows you to enjoy the weekends, even if you choose to tend to your garden!  Have fun! Presenter Bio: Natasha Pemberton-Todd cultivates effective clinicians and equips people with creative strategies for effective living. Natasha received a Master’s degree in Community Counseling from Andrews University in 2001. Natasha thrives on inspiring people to unleash leadership and managerial wherewithal in all areas of life and possesses over 20 years of experience as a public speaker, facilitator, and administrator--particularly in the volunteer-driven non-profit sector. Natasha currently works part time at a school for high intelligence children in the role of school counselor.
Once registration is complete, the presenter will contact participants with final workshop details via email. If there are seats available after May 28, we will offer a discount for those who are already LPC-S but did NOT take this Mirror in Mirror training, to make you eligible for the Train the Trainer classes in 2016.
Cancellation Policy: If cancelled before May 28, a full refund of the amount paid will be issued.
Presenter Bio: Randi Konikoff lives in Charlotte, NC with her children and her Sharpei, Tucker.

All Friday Webinars are 1 hour long and receive 1 contact hour of continuing education credit.
After completing the course, you will be CERTIFIED through the National Guild of Hypnotists and receive a full year’s membership! Presenter Bio: Maggie Minsk is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and has been a certified hypnotherapist with the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association (IMDHA) and the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) since 2006. If there are empty seats as of August 31, we will offer a discount for those who are already LPC-S but did NOT take this Mirror in Mirror training, to make you eligible for the Train the Trainer classes in 2016. Cancellation Policy: If cancelled before August 30, a full refund of the amount paid will be issued.
Anxiety Disorders Center - OCD & Hoarding: The experts weigh in – The terms "obsessive-compulsive disorder" and "OCD" make many people think of excessive hand washers and "neat freaks," but the condition is far more complex. The letter of recommendation is a requirement needed for credentialing purposes that Laurie is happy to provide for her students.
She works with children, students, parents and adults to overcome their ADHD challenges, feel more confident in their abilities, and experience success. She is the editor and a contributor to the ADHD Awareness Book Project Series which asked over 150 ADHD colleagues – coaches, psychiatrists, teachers, etc. The utility of mental health counselors having their clients receive a QEEG brain map at the start of counseling and therapy, eliminates denial and improves compliance. Longo, MRC, LPC, NCC, BCN Associate Fellow, is in private practice specializing in QEEG Brain Mapping, Biofeedback, and Neurofeedback, he is a contract neurofeedback clinician with Integrative Therapies in Greensboro, NC, and at Timber Ridge Treatment Center in Gold Hill, NC where he works with sexually abusive youth. Many of their symptoms are often attributed to other mental health disorders thereby making treatment more symptom-alleviation-focused than root-cause-focused. She is a North Carolina Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor as well as a training and performance improvement specialist with extensive experience in group facilitation, individual coaching, women, and children's issues. She also holds a Master’s degree in Education with a specialization in Training and Performance Improvement from Capella University.
Participants will present their video of either an actual supervision session or with someone acting as a supervision client. If cancelled on or after May 28, a full refund minus $75 administration fee will be issued, or 100% credit towards future training will be issued. Neural plasticity makes it possible for people to change their brain, which changes their thoughts, which changes their feelings, which changes their behaviors, which changes their lives. She received her BS in Psychology and her MA in Professional Counseling from Liberty University in Virginia.

All materials, workbooks, test and certificate fees are included in the cost of this course. If cancelled on or after August 30, but before September 15, a full refund minus $75 administration fee will be issued, or 100% credit towards future training will be issued. Learn the ADD and ADHD symptoms and how to test for them and discover the latest natural treatments, pharmaceutical medications and medicines, and brain science. They provide authoritative information and support to people with mental health concerns, along with their family members and other loved ones.
In this roundtable, mental health experts and organizational professionals share their insights on OCD, hoarding, and misconceptions about both. He serves as a consultant, educator, trainer, and author dedicated to working with youth and sexual abuse prevention and treatment.
This training and performance improvement specialization has greatly enhanced her counseling, administrative and supervision practice. Learn how the understanding of addiction and the application of clinical hypnotherapy can rewire the reward system and produce profound positive change. She is currently writing her dissertation for a PhD in Counseling with an Addictions Speciality. Cancellations after September 15 will receive credit only for 75% of the amount paid (no refunds after September 15). She is a recognized leader in the field, speaking nationally and globally on coaching and ADHD.
Rob is currently on the Board of Directors for the International Society of Neurofeedback Research (ISNR); and was previously Vice President of the Southeastern Biofeedback and Clinical Neuroscience Association (formerly the North Carolina Biofeedback Society). Memberships are available at a nominal fee, and include newsletters, lending library, audiotapes and videos. Laurie is a credential Professional Certified Coach (PCC) by the International Coach Federation (ICF) who also mentors and trains ADHD coaches in business.
She is a National Certified Counselor, Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor, Master Addiction Specialist, Certified Clinical Supervisor, Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialist, and a Certified Hypnotherapy Instructor.

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