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Excellence is created through an unwavering commitment to a a€?peoplea€™ focused culture and a disciplined commitment to professional a€?practicea€™.
Petera€™s personal commitment to excellence in how he lives his life significantly informs his work as the lead of the people and practice group. One of Petera€™s most rewarding professional experiences was as Principal of the RCMP Northern BC Headquarters project in Prince George, BC that received the nationally recognized RAIC Award of Excellence for Contract Documentation.
Peter contributes to the health and well-being of Stantec and the external community as a committed mentor and coach, through guiding and motivating young people to recognize and achieve their full potential in all aspects of their lives. I’d like to successfully grade for 6th dan next year and also help others achieve their kendo goals just as my senpais and senseis have done for me. Peter developed Stanteca€™s ISO Certified Integrated Management System, and oversees our human resources group, internal project management practices and systems, internal sustainability initiatives, occupational health and safety program, and research and development program. They are now running on hydrogen and the car’s emissions are actually cleaner than the air!
You bet, our Prime Minister has put funding aside to build the “Hydrogen Highway” for the 2010 Olympics. If our city is to double its population in ten years imagine the amount of cars filling our streets.

We are nearing the moment of being introduced to a disruptive technology which will change our world significantly for the better. Well imagine what the lineups were like just some 15 years ago at the bank to do any transaction, imagine what those lineups would be like now. Well recent breakthroughs at UBC have us now wondering if we’ll need fueling stations at all. Imagine having a shoe box in your car that you simply replace or recharge at the end of a trip. Imagine the savings as compared to paying the 4 dollars a gallon for gas which is what you’re paying for right now. Who or what will drive this change?
I suggest that it will be people like you and I who will vote with their wallets and make choices for healthier living.
Remember these are the children who were in our arms as we stood in the grocery store lineups while we lit up a cigarette. Remember what Einstein said “the mind that solves a problem isn’t the same one that created it.” What will the changes be? Well I believe much of this lies in our imaginations though if you’re working at a gas station today, don’t expect to be working there into your retirement because a major shift is taking place. Many jobs will be lost though it’s likely even more new ones will appear just as in the computer industry.

David Suzuki reports as do others that our planet will double in population from 6 billion to 12 in a short 35 years. Well for example it will take a net new land mass the size of Canada as food producing fields to feed these additional people. I’m of the mind that you can create the career of your dreams in a whole new budding industry. Right now the jobs are mostly in research and development though more jobs will open up very soon. If you’re looking for a new career you might consider getting on your surf board and riding this exciting wave of change. As I offer insights, stories, tips and career information, please contact me to share your stories, opinions and comments to Don Campbell Don Campbell is a Certified Executive Coach who believes each of us are the “CEO’s” of our own lives.

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certified career coach vancouver airport

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