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Christian Coach Institute is your ICF (International Coach Federation) officially approved training provider.
You want to use your abilities, passions, gifts, talents, and experiences to help others in a bigger way.
You want to be trained and fully equipped with tools to launch a successful professional coaching business or ministry. You want to select the right coach training program so you are well equipped to do all that God is calling you to do as a coach. This course is an intensive program designed especially for individuals who want to become well trained, competent, and confident professional life coaches. There are homework assignments outside the classroom that require at least 10 hours per week. The course is a structured, blended delivery of curriculum via webinars, teleconferences, social media, buddy, and one-on-one coaching. Most coach training programs require you to hire a coach and pay separately so that you can experience coaching as part of the coach training. At Christian Coach Institute, we include 4 private coaching sessions with a certified coach. We are pleased to offer convenient monthly payment plans for our students that meet most budget needs.
A non-refundable Registration Fee of $195 will be required to reserve your seat once you are accepted into the program. Subscribe for Instant AccessJoin the "Christian Coach Newsletter" and Receive 7 Basic Coaching Forms Every Coach Needs In Their Toolkit! At Christian Coach Institute, we make sure our students are well equipped to be effective, successful and credible in professional coaching careers and coaching ministries.
Staci Witten is a certified professional life coach (CPLC) specializing in the areas of career, executive, leadership, and achieving life and work balance. Through her coaching, consulting and talent search business, SWP Associates, Inc., dba SWPcareers, Coach Staci helps people accelerate their career goals by integrating a transformational experience strategy rather than a status quo transactional process.
In addition, her experience also includes successfully creating businesses, conducting national executive talent searches, strategic planning, business development consulting, training and development, and developing media and marketing campaigns. Es ist uns sehr wichtig, dass unser Sohn keine zeitaufwandigen Distanzen zum Unterrichtsort zurucklegen muss.
Im Maerz 2014 trat ich in Verhandlungen mit dem Sheriff’s Department von San Diego County bezueglich eines Forschungsprojekts im Frauengefaengnis Las Colinas in Santee, Kalifornien. Zu Januar 2013 trat ich meine neue Stelle als Managing Editor bei Versita an, einem jungen Verlag, der mit dem sehr bekannten Verlag de Gruyter zusammenarbeitet…. Im August 2012 erscheint meine Dissertation im Verlag Budrich unipress.Werfen Sie einen Blick auf den Waschzettel, um mehr uber die Studie zu erfahren.
Zwei Wissenschaftlerinnen der Stanford University School of Education haben die Ergebnisse ihrer Studie veroffentlicht, in der sie die Daten von mehr als 13.500 BA-Studenten verglichen und zu dem Ergebnis kamen, dass Studenten, die gecoacht wurden und einen Mentor oder eine Mentorin hatten, eine hohere Wahrscheinlichkeit hatten, das Studium zu beenden. Just zu Beginn des neuen Jahres bot sich mir die Moglichkeit, an der University of California, San Diego, zwei Lehrauftrage fur das laufende Semester zu ubernehmen. In diesem Projekt, mit dem ich mich zurzeit eher sporadisch und auch nur in meiner Freizeit beschaftige, mache ich mir Gedanken zu der Frage, warum Serientater uberwiegend mannlich sind und warum Frauen, wenn sie als Serientaterinnen auftreten, anders toten als Manner. Schon gar nicht ist man sich im Klaren daruber, wie man sich die notwendigen Freiraume schafft, um am Thema dranzubleiben. Als zertifizierter Karriere-Coach und Wissenschaftlerin habe ich es mir zur Aufgabe gemacht, jeden Kunden und jede Kundin individuell zu betreuen.
Wenn nichts anderes angegeben ist, ist der Inhalt dieser Seite lizenziert unter einer Creative Commons Licence. As a very curious and highly intuitive person, this enables him to quickly tune into the emotional frequency of others. If you would like an accountability partner, we can co-create action steps that will bring you closer to your stated goal(s).
If, on the other hand, you prefer to take it one step at a time and have me use more traditional coaching skills to guide you towards your own ideas and solutions, I will let you have the space you need and will be your guide with powerful and direct questions.
I assist in startup business issues as well as cash flow, management, customer service, leadership and business retention.
My enthusiasm and positive outlook is an asset when clients are unable to see the glass half full. As a seasoned coach, I will guide you through the fascinating and enjoyable journey of building your practice making certain that your individual coaching style is honored and respected.
I am a certified mentor coach listed on the International Coach Federation (ICF) website, offer mentoring to coaches at all levels of experience. As your mentor coach, I will reinforce the ICF 11 Core Competencies so if your intention is to earn an ICF credential, when the time is right, you will be poised to succeed. Our sessions will include but are not limited to the nuts and bolts of starting and building your coaching practice as well as practical consultation work to make the job as smooth, easy, fun and quick as possible. For more information or to set up a 55 minute complimentary session, please contact me to discuss your specific needs or to experience coaching together. For more information please contact me for a one hour complimentary session to discuss your specific needs or to experience coaching together.
The Coach Training Program is delivered in 36 sessions over a 52 week period, and is conducted one on one via phone, Skype or in person. All of my intellectual property becomes yours and I do provide you with a document that says you can use everything I send you and call it your own. You can either add coaching to your existing business model, making you that much more effective in your current role, or have the option in the future to offer coaching as your career. The Leadership Development Program is delivered in 36 sessions over a 52 week period, one on one via phone, Skype or in person. Included in the program are a needs assessment, individual or group coaching sessions and an array of assessment tools that become yours to keep for future use. For more information and please contact me for a one hour complimentary session to discuss your specific needs or to request copy of the Leadership Development Program syllabus. You can add "laser coaching" to your existing business model, enhancing your current skill set, and hence making you that much more effective in your current role as a coach.
Also provided in this Laser coaching program at no additional cost are a number of assessments that can be saved and used for your future clients. For more information, you can request the Laser Coaching Syllabus or contact me to set up a 55 minute complimentary session to discuss your specific needs or better yet to experience laser coaching together. Stew was completely invested in my personal growth and provided me with invaluable insight, support, and self coaching tools which will serve me for the entirety of my life. Since coaching with Stew, I have a higher awareness of self and now operate from a higher level of personal integrity. As a direct result of coaching with Stew, all of my relationships have dramatically improved. From the very first session with Stew, I felt as though I had known him for a very long time.
Stewa€™s ability to listen and help me reframe the situation I was in helped me to rethink my position at work. We all need a touchstone, a place, way or person to go to, to remind us of what we have forgotten.
After just three sessions of working with Stewart, I was amazed as to how I was able to shift my thinking about my current dilemma. Contact me to set up a time for your complimentary session to experience coaching first hand.
We train our coaches on the International Coach Federation (ICF) Core Competencies, and how to develop a successful and thriving coaching business or ministry.
These sessions are for students to experience a real coaching relationship to enrich the classroom learning.
When we receive your application, it will be reviewed and you will be notified of your approval status within 5 business days.
Coach Staci works with experienced professionals, recent college graduates, and those re-entering the workforce or preparing for their next career. She is the author of  “Transform Your Resume From Ordinary to Extraordinary” (ebook) as well as various assessments and online training programs. Coach Staci has assisted various companies and individuals with developing online and searchable professional identities. She tailors each lesson specifically to her students needs and understands how important it is not only to explain complex subject matter in simple terms but also motivate the students and boost their confidence. Es gibt dort ein Programm, welches die Rueckfallkriminalitaet von Frauen nach ihrer Entlassung verringern soll. September 2011 halte ich erneut einen Vortrag, dieses Mal zum Thema Serientaeterinnen (female serial killers). Ich war regelrecht besturzt uber die vielen unterschiedlichen Wege und die damit verbundenen Stolperfallen, eine Promotion zu bewaltigen. Da ist der Doktorvater oder die Doktormutter, die Anspruche stellen, die man erfullen mochte; da ist der Freundeskreis, der moglicherweise nur wenig Verstandnis hat fur die vielen Abende und Wochenenden, die man keine Zeit hat. The basis of my practice is to actively listen to my clients, providing the ideal environment to get to the heart of the matter.
I am highly knowledgeable in small business and can offer a large contribution in this arena. I have learned how to help people empower themselves, be their best, and transform into their authentic selves. He is currently an internal coach delivering leadership development and business coaching with the Flatbread Company.

Since 2003 I have trained and mentored coaches from Coach U, Coach Training Alliance, Coachville, Coach Training Institute, Newfield Institute, Concordia University as well as many other coach training programs. Also offering you sessions for the purpose of refining your coaching skills so that you will build your skill set and hence your confidence as a coach.
I am well suited to assist and support you in adopting a healthy lifestyle that is sustainable. This program is highly interactive and you will learn the skills you need to become an outstanding and masterful coach. In total, you will receive everything you need to open and run your coaching practice as soon as you are ready. This interactive approach to leadership development helps you and your team of leaders develop new insights that are highly relevant and transferable to the workplace. Collectively these three components will support your organization in creating a coaching culture. The idea of laser coaching is to get to the heart of the matter in a shorter period of time (15-20 minutes) than a traditional 30-55 minute coaching session.
These are a very valuable set of tools for any coach to help determine many qualities and strengths of their clients. Equal parts spiritual guide, leadership coach, and personal mentor, Stew is helping me become the best possible version of myself.
In a short time, he assisted me in identifying my core values, which paved the way to clarity of purpose and a plan for change.
I have recommended him to everyone I know that wants to be the best version of themselves they can be. After just one complimentary session with Stew, I experienced a shift and knew in my heart that he was a gifted life coach and that I was in good hands.
I have retrained my patterns of thinking as a result of coaching with Stew and now I am much more keenly self-aware. As my coach, he consistently delivered excellent support, insight, caring and coaching expertise on every coaching call I had with him.
The experience I have had with Stew places him, in my view, as a world class coach and the benefits of our partnership continue to pay dividends every day of my life.
Stew's coaching has helped me be more focused and on purpose and I now see the world in a completely different (better) way. Most importantly, the relationship I have with myself is significantly different and most assuredly healthier. I was able to slip into a comfortable groove and let down all defenses, pretenses and spoke what I was really experiencing.
His ability to listen and keep me on track is phenomenal and he does it with empathy and humor.
To remind us of our strengths, to remind us to live out those strengths, and to remind us of the beauty way, to walk in beauty as the Native Americans say. Stew has a unique ability to get right to the heart of the matter and really make you think. Our commitment to excellence and personalized attention ensures that each and every coaching student is equipped to be effective, successful and credible in professional coaching careers and coaching ministries.
Once approved, you will receive a link to complete your registration with a selection of payment options to choose from. She is a former HR executive with over 17 years experience, including creating and rebuilding HR departments in various industries such as technology, healthcare, and hospitality. She has her CPLC credentials and is International Coach Federation (ICF) trained by the Christian Coach Institute.
Das Thema dieses Kurses lautete “Small Talking & Networking – Meilensteine fur die Karriere”. Sie erkennt Probleme noch bevor sie einem selbst auffallen und bringt diese dem Betroffenen sehr behutsam und humorvoll bei, was dazu fuhrt, dass man sich der Bewaltigung dieser Dinge stellen mochte.
Ich habe in Englisch und Deutsch dank Ihres Coachings positiv bestanden, was vorher undenkbar gewesen ware. Eigentlich hatte ich nicht damit gerechnet, dass das Abstract angenommen wird, aber jetzt, da es angenommen wurde, nehme ich die Chance natuerlich wahr. Da ist die Familie, die ihre Aufmerksamkeit fordert, ganz zu schweigen vom Partner oder der Partnerin, die fortan alle Hohen und Tiefen, die man durchschreitet, miterleben mussen.
Coaching is an effective approach to uncover belief systems, then focus on the transformation of your thoughts into action and measurable results.
If you decide you would like my suggestions in a particular situation, I am happy to provide them. Either way, I will be on your side, on your team, and you can decide to change our approach at anytime. It is a great option for you should decide to move anywhere in the world as coaching is a very portable career.
This program is customized to meet your or your companies specific needs and is currently being delivered to multiple Fortune 500 companies, medium size organizations, small businesses and individuals interested in developing their leadership skills. Coaching is a powerful tool to help people articulate their vision, identify their values, set goals and create compelling plans for their own development. Your prospective client(s) or existing client(s) will experience the distinction between you and others they may have shared their challenge(s) with and this results with a further engagement with you. A generous, wonderful, and extremely talented human being, I am so grateful to have him in my life. Stew was so open and caring that I instantly felt so comfortable that I opened right up and was able to talk about difficult situations.
After 9 sessions with Stew, I have a refreshed view of my career, and as a result am happier, more productive and do not feel like I want to switch careers. I am seeing just about everything differently, more positively, and am now excited about my future. Through and by his coaching, I have achieved my goals and the change in lifestyle is sustainable. As a result, I am growing in my ability to challenge myself to be confident and effective in every aspect of my life.
After just 5 months of working with Stew, I have been able to switch careers, increased my income and feel better about all aspects of my life. I chose to have Stew coach me personally as a training tool so I could have the full coaching experience. Through and by the specialized relationship we created, I have become empowered like never before. Coach Staci has expertise partnering with professionals and helping them find the right career opportunities as well as advancing to the next level. I found her to be skillful and innately sensitive in her ability to Coach both within her niche and outside of it.
He is well read in nutrition and fitness and can assist people in making healthy choices in their dietary intake and lifestyle. I will show up every session with no agenda or judgment to listen and guide you through your own journey at your pace. Coach training helps organizations develop positive, empowering interactions with employees, who take responsibility for their success, understand clearly what they want and develop action plans that they are motivated to implement.
In the absence of this distinction, the probability of a continuation of the partnership goes down. Stew helped me recognize my blind spots as a manager and helped me improve my awareness of my surroundings and self. He has provided me with new tools to navigate my life and I am forever grateful that I chose Stew to partner with me. Prior to coaching with Stew I saw little or no possibilities and now have an attitude of gratitude everyday. This listening prompted his very insightful questions that really made me look inward for the answers.
Stewis always warm, insightful, upbeat, and nurturing while challenging me to do more, and be my true self.
Through his wisdom and work he had held up a mirror so that I can see and remember all the good, positive, energy that I carry. I sought out a therapist but quickly realized that I was not depressed but instead in need of a new perspective. You helped us take responsibility for some of our choices while providing acknowledgment of and compassionate for our circumstances.
Stew asked incredibly poignant questions that cut through the facades and helped me to identify behaviors and patterns in my life that were causing me distress. Experienced and committed professionals who follow her job search and career strategies on average find a new position within three months. Dauber kompetent und unterhaltsam die Inhalte, welche weiterhin durch Rollenspiele vertieft wurden.
Mit ihren Kompetenzen verstand sie es daruber hinaus, mich immer wieder zu motivieren. Allen Personen, die einen kompetenten und zugleich einfuhlsamen und auch zielstrebigen Coach benotigen, kann ich Frau Dr. Sie half mir nicht nur, meine Englischkenntnisse zu verbessern, sondern auch im Wissensbereich der Sozialwissenschaften neue Kenntnisse zu erlangen und schon vorhandenes Wissen zu erweitern. Basis dieses Erfolgs sind ihre Qualifikation und soziale Kompetenz, die sie sehr uberzeugend in den Unterricht einbringt. He is always enrolled in a course or program to further his expertise of coaching & knowledge of health & fitness.
Working full-time as a coach, his clients are from all walks of life and include doctors, attorneys, accountants, chiropractors, realtors, real estate investors, CEO's, CFO'S, COO'S, coaches, small business owners and homemakers.

We then will take the co-creative relationship to the next level where we collaborate in determining the next best step to take to solve the situation.
You will become the coach who can help and support any client with issues ranging from career challenges, relationships, weight loss, low self-worth and a host of personal or business challenges.
Instead of using classic rewards and punishment to motivate employees, imagine every employee easily tapping into their inner strength and wisdom.
As the impact and efficacy of your coaching goes up, the likelihood of referrals of your past, current and future clients will as well. Everyday I think about the tools I learned in sessions with Stew, these tools help me handle situations in a more effective way with my role as a manger and role as a mother.
My decision to invest in myself via this coaching relationship has been the best move I have made to date.
I have accomplished uncountable goals because of this continuous gift in perception of myself. I am calmer, making better choices about everything, and have profited in all areas of my life since entering this coaching relationship. She believes faith is important in a job search as well as a strong resume, searchable LinkedIn profile, and networking.
Ihr Fachwissen und freundlicher Umgang mit den Kursteilnehmern haben mich nachhaltig beeindruckt und ich freue mich, das erworbene Wissen nun im Alltag anwenden und vertiefen zu konnen. I feel confident her future clients will be well served by entering into a professional coaching relationship with Dr. Free time is spent scuba diving, artifact hunting, reading, exercising, taking long walks, playing guitar, or spending time alone or with friends. Thus, we will explore your mind and then together we will design a program that specifically matches your individual needs.
The intent of this program is to sharpen your current coaching skills and bring you to a higher level of mastery. Stew Berman is a great coach and mentor and without his support, I do not think I would be doing so well right in all these areas of my life as I am now. I was nurtured and pushed, he was gentle but firm, and put together a perfect recipe for a perfect outcome. He has profoundly impacted me and has guided me through a most challenging time of my life.
Through this process, Stew helped me breakthrough an obstacle in my life that has been life changing. Stew was instrumental in helping us to reframe our relationship and helped us to enhance our true appreciation for each other. Insbesondere der Aspekt des Networkings hat fur mich personlich einen neuen Stellenwert gewonnen und ich bin Fr.
Living on the Seacoast of New Hampshire gives him easy access to the ocean, mountains and wooded areas to explore.
I listen for your greatness, your blocks, your beliefs, your wants, needs, unmet needs, goals and aspirations.
I am now more focused, feeling a deeper sense of self and much more positive about my life and outlook. At 47 years old, I was facing job burnout and other personal issues that had been with me for a long while. His questions helped me to probe my inner truth, revealing what I was really thinking and hence experiencing. I think what makes Stew's work so powerful is that he truly sees the beauty in people and helps them to see it in them selves. Without reservation I recommend Stew to anyone that can use an objective, nonjudgmental, caring soul (with a great sense of humor) that can partner with you and move you in a forward and more positive direction.
The effort he put into his presentation to customize it for our very unique and diverse audience was greatly appreciated. He really 'hit the mark' and gave our attendees lots of great ideas to consider as they face the challenges with this disease in the future. I have been empowered now to make decisions that reflect my authentic self and have mobilized in to a more positive direction. His messages about the “Five P’s of Life”  was timeless, and he delivered his message in a way that left our audiences standing on their feet and asking for more."    Mrs. He speaks to people from experience, very directly, and from the heart, and people truly listen to him”. James Allen, Director of Marketing, Nestle-Purina Corporation  “John Parker has one of the best and brightest minds in the country,  and he truly enjoys speaking to people about true life issues.
I am in deep gratitude for our relationship which I know will continue to impact me forever. The kind of issues that text book don't teach you how to deal with when life deals them to you.  I told him once that he should have a radio talk show, because of what he has the ability to do, which is speak to people in a frank, and direct manner. By encompassing many controversial issues of life together, while at the same time keeping it funny, it is inevitable that people all over the country will discover this man, his un-canny inspiring talents, and the fact that he does it off the cuff, with minimal resources required. Using humor in dealing with daily stress is not a new concept, but your presentation and delivery was exceptional and really brought the message home.  Keith Tolbert, Asst. VP-Budgets-BellSouth  I saw you speak at Indiana University last years, and I could not wait to book you for our company. You truly added a huge hunk of the fun to our theme of "The Power, The Fun and The Responsibility of Leadership"!
Honestly, after two days of intense learning, you provided just the direction we were hoping for. Wendy Todd , Chapter Service Manager, International Association for Financial Planning "Right on the mark!" Your presentation was right on the mark! Our management leadership team meeting needed to address the stress issue in an informative, uplifting manner. I look forward to seeing you in the future.  Alan Martin, VP Human Resources, Southern Company "The Coach" John Parker and Hall of Fame Runningback, Marshall Faulk After I saw  you at the University of Iowa, all I could say was "WOW!"  You came here and did eight presentations, repeated over two days and each one was as outstanding as the first! Who would imagine when our country is going through so much pain and anxiety someone could come in and add laughter at our customer service-focused “Be the Best” meetings?
Most of all, you met the needs of all our employees, from the executive level to the new employee.Our employees are already asking, ‘When can we have "The Coach" back?'" Denise Kerr-Coborn's "Thank you!" Rarely does a speaker that we hire for the ‘Million Dollar Roundtable’ exceed our expectations, but that’s exactly what you have done. Lou Pierce, in charge of Special Session Speakers for The Million Dollar Roundtable  "It was a home run! I have received faxes, calls and personal comments, all voicing that this was among the very best programs GSAEE has ever presented. As one participant commented, You can not attend an event where "The Coach" is speaking without being both entertained and educated; you'll be glad you attended. Another executive commented to me that his colleague who attended said it was the best event she had ever attended.
I'd recommendyou to anyone!  Laura Wilmerth Tyna, Elmhurst College  "The best luncheon we've ever had!" What an incredible FIND you are! We are all convinced it's the best luncheon we've ever had.  Sue Mushock, Account Executive, Atlanta Convention and Visitors Bureau  "Unbelievable!" The response to the presentation you made at the AMC, Inc. My computer was flooded with e-mails from employees who loved your message and your delivery of it. Gardner, VP Human Resources, AMC, Inc. "Coach John Parker is a captivating speaker and where possible, he uses a powerful PowerPoint presentation with evidence and testimonies that keep you sitting on the edge of your seat. Audiences will find themselves both breathless and laughing through John’s exciting and charismatic style of sharing profound insights from both his life and career experiences that will truly inspire audiences." Harold Lewis, President,National Sports Agency  "On behalf of the National Claims Association, thank you so much for spending time with our group and sharing your life experiences with us. Your warm and vibrant personality and the easy manner in which you relayed your stories  helped make your presentation one of the best our organization has ever had. You truly added a huge hunk of the fun to our theme of "The Power, The Fun and The Responsibility of Leadership"!
Lou Pierce, in charge of Special Session Speakers for The Million Dollar Roundtable  "It was a home run!
A smash hit!" On behalf of the GSAEE Board and members, thank you for a fantastic program. The effort you put into your duties to customize it for our very unique and diverse audience was greatly appreciated.
You spoke to people from experience, very directly, and from the heart, and people truly listened to you and enjoyed the handling of our evening”. James Allen, Director of Marketing, Nestle-Purina Corporation? “You have one of the best and brightest minds in both sports and business, and you are a phenominal speaker.
You speak to people in a frank, and direct manner, by encompassing the controversial issues, and the experiences of life, while at the same time keeping it very funny. We discovered a speker, and his un-canny inspiring talents, and the fact that you do it off the cuff, with minimal resources required.”  Mark Blaudschum, Writer, The Sporting News "You were a huge hit at OPCON! I had countless people come up to me throughout the day Wednesday and compliment on your presentation. We were truly blessed with an inspiring speaker and a perfect place for our annual “Top Gun” event. We are so glad you got to experience what differentiates us from other resorts including our team.
More over, he is a team player and interacts effectively with various types of people.” Bruce Baum, Professor and Humor Consultant, Buffalo State College “As President of the Global Speakers federation, I have had the pleasure of seeing many motivational speakers around the world. John is one of the most dynamic motivational speakers I saw in Chicago and has the ability to entertain, whilst imparting solid useful information.

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