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Opening just a year after the first Potter film, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets was a definite improvement over The Sorcerer's Stone. At the same time, Harry discovers he has the ability to speak to snakes – a skill few possess, with infamous dark wizard Voldemort among the most notable fellow "Parseltongue", causing many to wonder just how similar Harry is to the wizard who killed his parents.
Branagh is very funny as Lockhart, perfectly capturing the character's mixture of smugness and cowardice. While Columbus lacks any real artistic flair, he does a notably better job on this movie than he did on the first. While we're still far from the realistic tone Alfonso Cauron and David Yates would bring to subsequent sequels, Chamber of Secrets does have more atmosphere and character than The Sorcerer's Stone, and there are some effective and exciting moments, such as Harry and Ron's encounter (and subsequent race away from) a horde of giant spiders. The final battle between Harry and the Basilisk is very cool and tense, and begins to hint at the darkness later films in the series would more fully embrace.

Overall though, it's a satisfying film for Potter fans and a nice bridge from the Chris Columbus era to the series being turned over to more imaginative hands with Prisoner of Azkaban. One thing that Chamber of Secrets didn't need was to be longer – it's already the longest of the Potter films and definitely is bogged down at times by Kloves and Columbus' overly literal adaptation techniques. All in all though, none of these scenes adds anything of great importance and only serves to make the film's middle section drag a bit more. On the second film, the cinematography was a bit different than in Sorcerer's Stone, featuring a purposely more subdued look that was less bright and cheery, to subtly show the series beginning its gradual shift to a darker tone.
However, there are some inconsistencies, with occasional shots containing some grain or fuzziness. This is especially notable in some of the previously deleted scenes edited into the Extended Version, where certain objects and characters show some notable blemishes in the images that aren't in the majority of the film.

It seems as though these extra scenes may have come from lesser source material than the theatrical version, or simply weren't transferred as well. A sequence like the climatic battle against the Basilisk really stands out, with the roar of the basilisk giving your speakers a workout.

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chamber of secrets review

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